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Since going plant-based in 2015, we’ve made it our mission to discover the best food, travel destinations, sustainable fashion, and experiences available for vegans.

Living nomadically has been incredible but it’s certainly presented some challenges (e.g. surviving off a diet of rum and rice for 2 weeks in Cuba with no WiFi access for work). Nevertheless, we made these…er sacrifices(?) so that we could make it easier for future vegan explorers.

We hope our journeys motivate and inspire you to embark on your own adventures! Happy wandering 🙂

Alice and Lucy x

the vegan sisters
about the vegan sisters: our journey
Vegan Sisters Online Writing and Travel Community
alice vegan sisters about our vegan journey


Alice wanders around with her head in the clouds most of the time. In fact, we’re not sure how she has survived travelling solo for this long! But her seemingly disorganised and spontaneous approach has compelled her to fall down many rabbit holes and lead subsequent amazing adventures.

Best destinations so far: Japan, Cuba, Zimbabwe, South Korea.

Dream destinations: New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, the Arctic, everywhere!

Favourite vegan food destinations: Vietnam, Japan, and the UK (London).

Dreams and aspirations: Alice’s head is full of dreams! Some of them include founding her own rewilding project, animal sanctuary, community choir, cashew cheese business, and magic tea house in the mountains…oh, and to write a book!

Personal ventures: Alice’s Cerebrum; guest singer for The One Beneath.

Vegan Sisters Travel Community
about the vegan sisters: our journey
about the vegan sisters: our journey


Already well on her way to creating her own vegan empire, Lucy is the sister with a plan. She has a much more organised approach to travelling and, as such, is often mistaken for the eldest. In her spare time, Lucy also acts as Alice’s memory and all-round carer.

Best destinations so far: Cuba, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Borneo.

Dream destinations: Chile, New Zealand, Nepal.

Favourite vegan food destinations: Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico (because of the avocados).

Dreams and aspirations: Lucy wants to build a global vegan empire and to run her own plant-based food and hotel chain in Asia, and beyond! Watch this space for many more exciting vegan developments.

Personal ventures: Edible Ethics, SHiDO (Vegan Digital Marketing Agency)

Vegan Sisters Online Vegan Content Hub
about the vegan sisters: our journey


Lucy one half of the vegan sisters
about the vegan sisters: our journey
about the vegan sisters: our journey
Alice one half of the vegan sisters
about the vegan sisters: our journey



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