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It all started when my sister Lucy and I set off on our adventures in 2015. We’d both travelled extensively before but this was our first time doing so as vegans.

It wasn’t long before we realised how few resources there were to help us thrive, both while at home and abroad.

That’s when we decided to create our own.

We believe in a world where individuals have the choice to pursue their passions whilst upholding their values.

And you know what they say…knowledge is power!

Together, Lucy and I grew Vegan Sisters from a small blog to the world’s biggest community of plant-based explorers.

Although Lucy has now moved on to pastures new (check out Edible Ethics for some tasty plant-based grub and My Vegan Travels for more great travel advice!), I, along with the rest of the Vegan Sisterhood, continue to provide you with comprehensive resources.

From our latest reviews of vegan products and restaurants to sharing our travel experiences and handy phrases to help you navigate plant-based cuisine worldwide, we’re here to keep you informed and inspired.

Happy vegan wandering!

Alice x

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About Alice


I wander around with my head in the clouds most of the time. But my seemingly disorganised and spontaneous approach compelled me to fall down many rabbit holes and lead subsequent amazing adventures.

Fave destinations so far: Montenegro, Japan, Cuba

Essential vegan products: Dr Vegan supplements, Suri toothbrush, refillable Body Shop hair products

Favourite restaurants serving vegan food: Alter (London), Kopps (Berlin), Shizen (San Francisco)

Dreams and aspirations: My head is full of dreams! Most of them are fungi-related 🍄 I’d love to start my own fungi/fermentation business one day but, until then, I aim to visit as many countries as I can.

Personal ventures: I’m a PhD science studying cultivated meat and I write about alternative proteins for a living – you can learn more about this side of my life over at Alice’s Cerebrum. I also dabble as a singer, usually for my stepdad’s band The One Beneath – check me out on Spotify!

About the sisterhood

My journey as a vegan started with my sister Lucy but, as I explored more corners of this beautiful planet we call home, my vegan family expanded.

What’s more, thanks to this website, my online vegan community continues to grow! Below are just a few of the wonderful veg enthusiasts and animal lovers that have contributed their voices to the Vegan Sisters platform.

Why not join them?

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At this time, we are specifically seeking travel-related content, such as destination guides, travel phrases and vegan-friendly restaurant listicles.

If your work gets published, we’ll provide you with your very own author profile to showcase your articles. You can add links to your own website and/or social media accounts and you’ll even get the chance to be chosen as one of our Featured Authors, where we highlight your articles on our homepage.

We aim to promote diversity, therefore, we welcome writers who represent a variety of perspectives, ethnicities, ages, genders and sexual orientations.

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