Hello! We are Alice and Lucy – the sisters with a love for travel and all things vegan!

We have been vegan for over 4 years and vegetarian for a while before that. We are deeply passionate about veganism and travel and we love to motivate and inspire others to find their way.

So, a little bit about the sisters…


Alice is a freelance vegan content writer with a diverse background in research science, microbiology, public health, communication, conservation and international development. She is a pro-editor and an amazing written story teller.

Since turning vegan, Alice travelled as a TEFL teacher to a small island off the coast of South Korea and discovered how difficult it can be to live a plant-based lifestyle abroad. Through her own experience, she hopes to aid people in their own difficult journeys travelling as a vegan.

Having tried a number of online jobs, including online teaching and lead generating, Alice finally found something she could actually enjoy and travel with at the same time – content writing.

Alice’s dream is to adopt as many rescue animals as she can and to manage her own conservation project in the wild!


Lucy is a professional vegan chef who works under the name Edible Ethics. She is also an online business owner, providing digital marketing support for vegan and ethical businesses. She has heaps of experience helping build content and websites for vegan businesses.

Lucy discovered her passion for travel a few years ago when she moved to Phu Quoc, an island in Vietnam, to help start up a vegan restaurant by the beach. Since then, she has travelled all round Asia, sampling all the local vegan delicacies and reinventing them in her own kitchen.

She is the queen of remote working, having built her digital marketing business from scratch whilst travelling the world.

Lucy’s dream is to one day run her own vegan food and hotel chain in Asia.


The Vegan Sisters are lucky enough to have a vegan family and get to enjoy both home-cooked vegan dinners back in the UK and also amazing vegan food whilst we go out on our respective travels. Having a vegan family has made our lives much easier, but we also understand how others may struggle (both of us have lived with non-vegans).

So we are on a mission to create a community of like-minded individuals who all care about being kinder to this planet. The Vegan Sisters’ Community provides a platform where people can share their plant-based stories and adventures with others. We hope to inspire people to eat vegan food; travel sustainably; open their minds to other cultures, flavours, and new experiences; and to have a positive impact on the planet we live on.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to have your very own vegan family – one that spans the whole world!


“Creating a plant-based world with empowered plant-friendly people.”

This is an online vegan community that will inspire, guide and support you to follow your dreams and to inspire others with your own journey. Whether you’re looking for in-depth travel advice, food suggestions or even just plain old motivation, then you’re at the right place.

Not only will we provide our own content but we also love providing a space for others to publish their own. The Vegan Sisters’ Community will thrive off your contributions.

Please contact the Vegan Sisters here to find out more about how you can contribute.


It took the Vegan Sisters years of experimenting with different careers and attempting to find jobs as we travelled before we finally became true digital nomads. Now that we’ve got there, we want to help others to reach their dreams straight away. That means:

No more scraping change together for your next trip! No need to worry about whether you can afford to stay abroad for another week! No more depending upon your parents to bail you out!

Now you can have full financial independence and just keep on exploring! Let us show you how by signing up as an Aspiring or Pro Writer. And no, this isn’t a pyramid scheme…we teach you genuine skills with educational resources and coursework. Plus, we work with you to actively monitor your progress as a content writer.


Both Alice and Lucy have had experience starting new and successful businesses, managing and leading volunteers, training and educating, and writing great content that sells! Digital marketing, SEO, and backlink building come second nature to them, helping them to travel the world as digital nomads without worrying about how they are going to afford their next bus journey.

For more information about their work experience, check out their LinkedIn profiles:

Alice’s LinkedIn Profile

Lucy’s LinkedIn Profile


We regularly travel around the world finding the best vegan restaurants and locations.

Along with our amazing vegan contributors, we will provide world-wide coverage to help assist you to live vegan no matter where you are!

Also make sure you to sign up to our online vegan community here and check out our vegan forum for more personal travel advice and contribute your own stories!

Even if our travel category doesn’t interest you, we have you covered with our food and lifestyle topics, anything from vegan childcare to the history of veganism, picnic recipes, skincare and sustainability tips.

Let’s build the Vegan Sisters’ Community together!

We can’t wait to welcome you 🙂