Is the ‘Hormone Infiltrating’, ‘Forest Devastating’ Soy Really Vegan?

Soy (or soya) is a high protein alternative to meat, which is commonly associated with vegetarians. With more and more… Read More


Make the Switch From Trees to Hemp (and Save the Planet)

Have you heard of hemp? A lot of people haven't, but it’s not too late to learn about it!  Hemp… Read More

Xitlali Gonzalez

Platewell Live Plant-Based Cooking Classes: a Window Into a Chef’s Kitchen.

As the demand for vegan cuisine has rocketed over the last few years, so have we seen a similar rise… Read More

Vegan Sisters

Meet the Green Gazelles: The World’s First Vegan Rugby Team

“Kicking Animal Abuse Into Touch!”Brendon Bale  The common misconception that rugby is a brutal game played by a bunch of… Read More

Archie Edwards

SafetyWing or World Nomads? Which digital nomad insurance is right for you?

Travel insurance for digital nomads can be a bit tricky... This is because of the nature of being a digital… Read More

Isabel Putinja

Can Your Dog Survive and Even Thrive on a Vegan Diet?

Can dogs go vegan ? Short answer, yes.  A vegan dog… but they descended from wolves, right? Many assume that… Read More

Milena Novovitch

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worm Your Way Out of Composting

Tons of people these days avoid composting because they think it’s too time-consuming, or that it brings pests to their… Read More

Xitlali Gonzalez

Forest Green Rovers – The “Incredible”, “One and Only”, Vegan Football Club

Meet Forest Green Rovers, the first-ever vegan football club! And you thought football was just excessive testosterone, decadence and frail… Read More

Archie Edwards

Flourishing as a Vegan at Non-Vegan Retreats & Events

Gone are the days when being “vegan” would mean a rather odd label, somewhere between a crazy one who only… Read More

Cris Puscas

Our favourite vegan destinations for digital nomads in Asia

The snowy weather in the UK has us longing for the sunny days we spent in Asia last winter. It's… Read More

Vegan Sisters

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