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Welcome to the Vegan Sisters’ Community of Writers! We’re always on the lookout for new talent and content.

Pitch us your content ideas and join our pool of plant-powered writers.

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Find out if you are a perfect fit for our online vegan community of writers

Hey Gorgeous, You’re Already Perfect!

As long as you enjoy writing about anything related to vegan food, travel, lifestyle, and/or empowerment, then you’re the perfect content writer!

At Vegan Sisters, we believe that promoting diversity is the key to shaping a more positive future and what better way to empower people than by giving them the opportunity to contribute their voices and be heard?

Or in this case, be read.

That’s why we have created a platform from which you can share your stories and experiences. We endeavour to respond to every pitch we receive and, as long as we feel the subject is relevant to our editorial and you can write relatively fluently in English, we will support your efforts by publishing your work.

Let’s re-write history together and contribute our voices towards positive change!

Discover our online content writing courses here or pitch us your content ideas here.

Training Courses for Writers

When Lucy and I set out to travel the world, we had no idea what we were doing and how to make a living as freelancers. We’ve had our ups and we’ve most certainly had our downs…but now we’re exploring the world as vegan digital nomads and feel the satisfaction of contributing towards a plant-based world!

It wasn’t easy and we had to teach ourselves everything we know, so it took a lot longer than it should have. Nevertheless, it’s been an incredibly insightful experience and we’re now fully prepared to help others embark on their own journeys.

Whether you desire the life of a nomadic writer or simply want the freedom to create vegan content from the comfort of your own bed, then our Fundamentals of Content Writing course is for you.

Training to be a content writer will help you to forge your own career; one that aligns with your values and gives you the option to work wherever, whenever, and for whoever you want.