Fizz your socks off with the best kombucha in the UK


Fizz your socks off with the best kombucha in the UK


If – like me – you enjoy the thought of millions of friendly bacteria swimming down your gullet, then you’ll love this guide to the most amazing UK-based kombucha brands!

Consuming microbially diverse foods and beverages is one of the essential steps to a healthy gut.

But whether or not kombucha is as healthy as people say doesn’t really matter because these beverages are super delicious.

Plus, they make great alcohol alternatives and substitutes for sugary fizzy drinks (which pretty much all come with additional nasty sweeteners nowadays…yuck)! 

I’ve tried a whole bunch of the best kombuchas in the UK and narrowed down my faves to the following 6.

To be included, the kombuchas had to be non-pasteurised to preserve the bacterial cultures, vegan (of course), and exclude sweeteners.

Here are the 6 best kombuchas

A statue of Buddha with a can of apple and elderflower kombucha in front of him. The kombucha is made by Hip Pop, who are based in the UK. Buddha looks pretty happy.

Hip Pop

This kombucha brand came out top because of their exciting flavour combinations that really pack a punch! 

Each flavour is brewed using traditional methods at the brand’s family-run farm. What’s more, Hip Pop is one of the only kombucha brands in the world that harnesses the power of Bacillus coagulans, a bacteria that is able to survive extreme environments such as an acidic stomach.

Their branding is super funky and cute, they use recyclable aluminium cans (more eco-friendly than glass) and cardboard packaging, and donate one meal to Lifeshare for every crate sold.

Click the link above to save 20% when you buy Hip Pop’s 6-bottle taster case of kombucha and get free UK delivery (discount should be applied automatically)

Immune Swash Fizz your socks off with the best kombucha in the UK
Photo credit: No.1 Living

No.1 living

A kombucha brand founded by Jonny Wilkinson, the English rugby legend…who would have thought it?

And he’s onto a winner with this one!

The combination of fresh and naturally sourced ingredients delivers subtly sweet yet spicy notes, whilst the tang from the slowly fermented brew ensures each can of kombucha is perfectly balanced.

They even have adaptogenic blends, which include ingredients such as reishi mushrooms, ginseng, and ashwagandha.

A hand emerging from a green coat sleeve. The hand is holding a glass bottle of HOLOS kombucha made in the UK


HOLOS works in partnership with two UK charities, employs modern slavery survivors, and provides beneficial career training for those who require it most, which makes them a fantastically ethical choice. Oh, and their kombucha is awesome too!

If you’re a beer drinker, then you’ll love their Citra Hops (which has earned three stars from the Great Taste Awards) due to its zingy and refreshing taste.

Pick one up in your nearest M&S store or buy some online:

A hand with a baby fern tattoo curling around the thumb and wrist. The hand is holding a can of Nix & Kix, one of the best kombuchas. In the background you can see a half-naked marble torso on a blue shelf and a green leafy plant on the shelf below.

Nix & Kix

Some kombuchas can seem a little bland to me but Nix & Kix is certainly not among those brands.

Anyone who adds chillies to their kombucha wins my vote. I LOVE that spicy heat that accompanies the fermented tartness…yum! And the resulting endorphins never fail to make me happy.

Nix & Kix are also caffeine-free and use BPA-free cans!

image kombucha Fizz your socks off with the best kombucha in the UK
Photo credit: FIX8


FIX8 create kombuchas that are incredibly complex, yet light and refreshing.

Although it was hard to pick the best of the bunch, the Sicilian Citrus really surprised me with its layers of flavour, stimulating my tongue with the sweet tartness of orange and the subtle earthy notes of saffron.

Vitamin C is also added to each kombucha to give your immune system that extra boost!

Ginger Lemon Fizz your socks off with the best kombucha in the UK
Photo credit: Momo


Certified organic, unfiltered, and fermented in small jars, MOMO Kombucha has great depth of flavour.

Packaged in glass bottles with tin ring pull lids, MOMO achieved a score of 94.4 points when they became B Corp certified, which makes them the highest-scoring kombucha company in Europe.



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