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Our Favourite Vegan Chicken Alternatives (UK, US, & Recipes to Try at Home)

Our Favourite Vegan Chicken Alternatives (UK, US, & Recipes to Try at Home)

best vegan chicken alternatives

It is estimated that over 60 billion chickens are slaughtered each year and over 70% of them are raised in intensive industrial farming systems.

Fortunately, chicken is one of the easiest meats to replicate and there are now plenty of amazing plant-based alternatives.

Here are some of our favourite vegan chicken substitutes:

UK Vegan Chicken Brands


This may not be chicken, but it IS a gamechanger! Oh my days, the taste and texture of these soy and garlic pieces are insanely good. Perfect in every single way, you will never know that these aren’t chicken.

They also do vegan chicken nuggets, tikka pieces, and sea salt and cracked black pepper pieces (and the bacon we mentioned earlier, of course).

2. Vivera Plant Chicken Pieces

Made from soy protein and pea fibres, this brand is a little bit blander than the other alternatives but animal-based chicken isn’t exactly bursting with flavour anyway.

The texture of Vivera Plant Chicken Pieces are great and they taste amazing when paired with a good sauce.

As part of their vegan chicken range, Vivera also makes plant-based versions of chicken tenders, escalopes, and BBQ goujons.

3. The Vegetarian Butcher’s What The Cluck

A Southampton-based vegetarian butcher making plant-based chicken…who would have thought it?

4. Fry’s Chicken-Style Strips

Did someone say vegan chicken waffles?

Lucy and I LOVE Fry’s products. Their chicken strips are divine, high in protein, and are available in Australia, the UK, South Africa, and the US! Pretty sure they’re also exporting to Asia as well now. 

They also make THE BEST vegan chicken burgers!

5. Quorn Vegan Fillets

There are definitely better chicken alternatives for taste and texture…we’re not really selling these, are we? However, they are really high in protein, are great to store in the freezer for a quick mid-week dinner, and taste good in a sauce.

Plus, they also make vegan chicken pieces, nuggets, escalopes, chicken-free slices, tex-mex nuggets.

US Vegan Chicken Brands

We’ve spoken to our friends across the pond and they’ve recommended these as the best vegan chicken brands in the US:

1. Gardein’s Chick’n Scallopini


We don’t have this one in the UK unfortunately, as it’s an American meat alternative brand, but it looks amazing…let us know your thoughts if you’ve tried it!

2. Tofurky’s Plant-Based Lightly Seasoned Chick’n

Tofurky can be found in Whole Foods and other popular stores across the US.

In addition to the lightly seasoned, they also make Thai basil, sesame garlic, and barbecue flavoured chicken alternatives.

3. Quorn Meatless Chicken Tenders

Quorn’s vegan chicken is available in the US too!

Vegan Chicken Alternative Recipes

Nowadays, you can make plant-based chicken out of pretty much anything…from mushrooms to vital wheat gluten and good old tofu , here are our favourite recipes to try at home:

1. Easy Seitan Chicken – Chick Wheat Style

Vital wheat gluten (seitan) is the secret to the shredded texture of this vegan alternative to chicken. Seitan recipes can be long and bothersome but this one is relatively simple to make and really tasty!

2. Easy Seitan Chicken – Chunkier Style

More delicious seitan. You can eat this one in thick cuts, thin slices, or chunks.

3. Vegan KFC Tofu Fried ‘Chicken’

Want to learn how to turn the humble tofu into the crispiest, tastiest, vegan fried chicken?

You’re welcome 😉

4. Fried Oyster Mushroom Chick’n

Anyone who knows me knows that I love mushrooms.

I’m a bit obsessed with them actually and deep-fried mushroom chicken is the ultimate comfort food.

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