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The 8 Best Vegan Festivals to Boost Your Life (in 2021)

The 8 Best Vegan Festivals to Boost Your Life (in 2021)

Merve Atilla
The 8 Best Vegan Festivals to Boost Your Life (in 2021)

Are you excited to travel again next year?

Looking for the best vegan festivals in 2021?

There will be a lot of places to visit and events to join after the pandemic. We can’t wait to restart exploring the world in 2021. You may first read our article to get some tips to travel safely.

The 8 Best Vegan Festivals to Boost Your Life (in 2021)

Our Top International Plant-Based Festivals 

Here are top vegan festivals not to miss. Not every plant-based event can be listed here, though we have chosen the top plant-based festivals from all around the world for you. 

1. MiVEG Vegan Festival – Milano, Italy

Legendary Italian cuisine now offers delicious healthy and sustainable plant-based food. Imagine countless types of vegan pizza and pasta! At MiVEG Festival, you will enjoy the best vegan Italian food and drinks while joining various events like workshops, lectures, and movies on veganism, healthy cooking and animal rights activism. 

13-14 March 2021

Free entry – visit 

2. Veganes Sommerfest Berlin – Germany

This is one of the most fun plant-based festivals in Europe. The famous square of Berlin, Alexanderplatz turns into a colorful vegan festival area for all generations for two days. Veganes Sommerfest brings a huge variety of activities ranging from vegan fashion shows to tattoo tents. You can buy tasty plant-based kebabs, organic plant-based cosmetics, sustainable and eco-friendly clothes and much more during this festival.

The 2021 festival has been canceled due to coronavirus

For updates on dates and tickets, visit 

3. International Vegan Festival (IVF) – Karnataka, India 

One of the oldest vegan festivals in the world, IVF will be held in India in 2021. This plant-based festival offers a 7-day retreat with fun activities, yoga (of course), meditation, healthy vegan food, music, dance and village visits. IVF focuses on showing how to live a simple & stress-free life, without targets and expectations.

8-14 August 2021

For more information on how to register, visit 

4. Vegan Street Fair & Nights – Los Angeles, US

This is a great vegan food celebration that happens twice a year in March (during the day) and September (at night). Many local plant-based and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors gather to serve everyone healthy and tasty vegan food as well as cruelty-free and sustainable plant-based wares. Vegan Street Fair combines music, food, beer, apparel, games and rides.

March 20-21, 2021 and September 4-5, 2021

Free entry – for more info, visit 

5. Vegan Camp Out 2021 – Nottinghamshire, UK

Hopefully after the pandemic, the worlds’ largest and most international vegan festival will take place in Nottinghamshire, England. Featuring world-famous stars like Russell Brand, Benjamin Zephaniah, Genesis Butler and Fiona Oakes, Vegan Camp Out will offer live music, camping, talks, yoga and fitness classes, activism workshops and after-party events. 

20-22 August 2021

Tickets are on sale now from

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6. Balance Festival – London, UK

Is one of your New Year resolutions to have a healthy balanced life? Then you shouldn’t miss this festival. In this plant-based event, you will meet vegan fitness experts, try delicious healthy foods and discover many forward-thinking brands. Balance Festival will help you to boost your health and well-being while having fun over a weekend.

7-9 May 2021

For updates on ticket sales visit 

7. Vegan Festival Adelaide – Australia

Celebrate your healthy and vegan lifestyle through this 2-day vegan festival in Australia. It is a fun-filled event with live music, plant-based cooking classes, guest speakers and a huge variety of vegan foods and beverages. It is a family and animal-friendly event where you will find activities for your kids and animal care services for your furry friends.

Follow their website for vegan festival 2021 announcements:  

8. Vegan Gourmet Festival – Japan

I know, Japan doesn’t sound like a vegan-friendly country at first. However, here is the biggest vegan festival for the foodie community in Japan. This plant-based event is held five times a year in three cities, namely, Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya. It serves tasty organic, healthy and raw vegan food and drinks on more than 70 stalls in each city.

In 2019, more than 24,000 people joined Vegan Gourmet Festival and they are expecting even more attendees next year. 

For a full list of festival dates, locations, and prices, visit:

Also, check out this vegan festival in Okinawa:

With all these vegan festivals, not to mention the countless delicious plant-based ramens, Japan can be an incredible country to visit as a vegan!

Know of any more plant-based events or festivals?

Lastly, check out our vegan travel tips and experiences for all your travel plans and let us know your recommendations.

If you have any plant-based events near you, feel free to add them in the comments below.

The 8 Best Vegan Festivals to Boost Your Life (in 2021)
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