Vegan Sisters Unwrap…Veecoco (An Online Vegan Cooking School Review)

Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school

Tired of living off a diet of baked beans on toast?

Want to level up your cooking skills after last year’s Christmas dinner fiasco?

Need to learn how to bake so you can impress your vegan date?

Then perhaps you should consider an online vegan cooking course…

But where can you find one of those?

Luckily, there are now plenty to choose from!

If you’ve read our blog on the Best Online Vegan Cooking Courses, then you’ll know that Veecoco is our absolute favourite online vegan cooking school.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Watch our video of our vegan cooking school review or check out our full analysis below!

Watch the full Veecoco review

Why take an online vegan cooking course?

Whether you are working on your cooking repertoire, hoping to impress your friends with tasty vegan food, expanding your vegan recipe portfolio, or simply wanting to get more inventive at dinner time, the Veecoco online vegan cooking school has you covered!

You can learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with no pressure from other people, and you can even do it all in your pyjamas!

Big tick from us!

What is Veecoco?

The first of its kind, Veecoco is a virtual vegan cooking school founded by fraternal twins, Samuel and Lukas.

After both turning vegan separately and unbeknownst to each other – twin thing 😉 – they decided to create a hub for individuals to discover creative and delicious plant-based recipes to prepare at home.

Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school
One of the chefs featured on Veecoco Online Vegan Cookery School

Also born from the desire to prove to omnivorous friends and family that vegan food tastes amazing, the Veecoco platform showcases an array of impressive recipes from around the world.

Features of Veecoco

With Veecoco you’ll have access to:

  • 15 courses (and they are always adding more!)
  • 400+ lessons
  • A wide range of cuisines taught by expert chefs who specialise in them
  • Video tutorials, written recipes, shopping lists, coursebooks, and even in-depth history on the cuisines
  • Exclusive online community
  • Personalised guided path (an initial assessment will help you decide where to begin)
  • Mobile app
  • Long-term access (12-month memberships)
  • Personal feedback
  • Printout vegan certificates

Veecoco is so much more than just a vegan cooking course…

It is an online vegan cooking hub with an extensive library of plant-based recipes and tutorials!

Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school

Using the Veecoco platform

From the moment you log in, Veecoco is easy to navigate.

The first course you see tells you to ‘Start Here’ and you are led to a personalised guided path assessment.

After taking the assessment, members will be advised where to start based on their experience, skill level, and reasons for joining Veecoco.

The layout of the platform is fresh and intuitive.

Each course has extremely high-quality video tutorials and clear sound – not at all like our review video…

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woman opening up a tub of vegan protein powder

Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school
Chef Alberto from the Veecoco Italian Cooking Courses

There are plenty of downloadables, including shopping lists, coursebooks, written recipes, and course certificates.

The tutorials are easy to follow and designed in a way where you really feel like you’re in the kitchen with the expert chefs!

Our review: why we love Veecoco

The biggest reason Veecoco stands out for us is because of the sheer amount of vegan cookery courses they have on offer.

From Italian to Thai, vegan pastry to raw food essentials, and dairy-free cheese to healthy & easy plant-based cooking, there is a class to suit everyone’s tastes and skill levels.

And, just like veganism in general, Veecoco is a growing community!

Where to buy and how much?

A 12-month membership will cost you only $297. With this, you’ll get full access to all the vegan cooking courses, their private community, coursebooks, shopping lists, a mobile app, personalised feedback, and much more!

You can also pay in instalments of just $35 per month.

Buy your Veecoco membership here:

Want to buy a Veecoco membership as a gift? Buy a Veecoco gift card here.

Get 10% off for Christmas gift cards – just use code GIFT10OFF at checkout!

Not convinced?

Why not try their 7-day free trial? No credit card required!

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