Form Nutrition Review – Vegan Protein & Supplements


Form Nutrition Review – Vegan Protein & Supplements


Where do vegans get their nutrients from? Well, I’m sure no one really needs a serious answer to this question anymore, because we all know that plants have plenty of macro- (protein included) and micronutrients.

So the big question now then is which vegan nutrition brand is the best?

Form Nutrition Review

A nutrition company that is both eco-friendly and 100% vegan.


Our Verdict

Form creates plant-based protein powders and meal replacement shakes that not only taste great and blend well, but also come inside compostable packaging with no plastic spoons in sight! They also create some of our favourite vegan multivitamins, nootropics and supplements.



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What is Form Nutrition?

Form Nutrition is a plant-based nutrition company selling vegan protein powders, nootropics, and plant-based supplements within the UK, Europe, and the US.

They are on a mission to create products that are good for us and the planet. Mindfulness is at the core of everything they do. Not only do they give free meals to those in need, they are also a certified B Corp.

And Form Nutrition are undoubtedly one of the best 100% vegan nutrition companies supplying sustainable, tasty, and healthy protein powders. Find out why we think so by reading on!

form vegan protein powder and nootropics review
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What plant-based protein sources do Form use?

They use a specially formulated blend of organic pea protein, rice, hemp and AlgaVia proteins.

These plant-based proteins ensure you get a complete range of amino acids every time you enjoy their protein powder. 

Not only are these plant-based protein sources packed full of nutritious benefits, they are also more sustainable than many non-vegan alternatives.

How much protein is in Form Nutrition's powder?

Form has three different protein powders to choose from depending on your needs.

Pureblend is great for adding to savoury food because it has no sweeteners. You get 15.4g of protein per serving.

Performance is the perfect post-workout vegan protein powder as it comes packed full of 30g of protein per serving.

Superblend is a mix of protein powder and nutritious greens and superfoods, meaning you can get your intake of protein and much needed vitamins all at the same time. Including iron, B12, & iodine. You get 20g of protein per serving.

Do Form use sweeteners?

Their pureblend range of protein powders do not contain any sweeteners, but their superblend and performance protein blends do. They only use natural sweeteners, Stevia and Thaumatin.

We aren’t big fans of sweeteners normally, especially when you can taste them in the powder, but we really enjoy the taste of all of Form’s sweetened protein powders. No artificial tastes round here!

form nutrition banoffee vegan protein powder review

Is Form Eco-Friendly?

One of the many reasons we love Form is that they are championing eco-friendly products in a very plastic-heavy marketplace.

All of their protein powders come in home compostable packaging, without those pesky plastic spoons that fill up your cutlery drawer. Instead, Form provide you with the required tablespoon measurements on the back of the pack. All protein powder companies should be doing this!

On top of this, they have a recycling program in place for their vegan nootropics jars. Send back 5 jars for them to reuse and you’ll get a free jar of nootropics. Amazing!

Where can you buy Form Nutrition?

You can buy Form Nutrition vegan protein powders and nootropics online from their website. Shipping is free over £40 ($50) and if you order by 4pm Mon-Fri you can get next day delivery in the UK.

Their protein powders are also popping up in many different physical stores around the UK, including Planet Organic, Selfridges, & Harrods.

form nutrition vegan protein powder shaker
We love their handy insulated protein shaker

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Vegan Sisters Verdict

Is Form Nutrition any good?

You’ve read all about how sustainable Form is, how much protein is in their vegan powders, and what sources of protein they use. But most importantly, you’ll want to know how it tastes and feels…

Well, Form definitely does not disappoint. We believe that they have created the best, most tasty, vegan protein powder that can be found on the market today.

And, we’d even go as far to say that it is better than any protein powder we’ve had EVER, even before our vegan days. 

The flavours are realistic and not at all artificial tasting, the powder blends smoothly, leaving little to no clumps in our smoothies, and the blend of nutrients leaves us feeling great after our workouts.

Our favourite flavour is without a doubt the Toffee Superblend and in close second comes the Chocolate Peanut Performance Protein.

Moreover, I am a regular user of their vegan supplements, including both their multivitamin and Radiant. They leave me feeling energised and my skin is glowing!

Form Nutrition Review

Product Range

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If you are in the US, fear not, you can also enjoy Form! Just follow this link to Form’s US site instead.

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