Is oat milk powder the answer to vegan nomads’ woes?


Is oat milk powder the answer to vegan nomads’ woes?


Attention all vegan globetrotters!

Tired of feeling like you’re stuck with bland, dairy-free options whilst travelling?

 Say goodbye to bland and hello to creamy, delicious oat milk with a twist. Introducing the new must-have travel accessory for all oat milk enthusiasts: oat milk powder!

No more struggling to find a decent plant-based milk option while on the road, with oat milk powder, you can have your oats and drink them too! From the comfort of your hotel room, or wherever your adventures may take you.

What is oat milk powder?

Oat milk powder is basically concentrated oat milk. It can be reconstituted with water to make a creamy, non-dairy milk alternative, making it a convenient and portable option for those who enjoy oat milk.

Is oat milk powder healthy?

As we’re sure you know, oat milk is an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. But you may be wondering if the process of turning it into oat milk powder reduces these health benefits…

Well, I can tell you that oat milk powder is just as healthy as oat milk, if not more since there are no inflammatory oils required for emulsification and no gums or other preservatives.

The oats still provide fibre, vitamins, and minerals, even in their concentrated form.

Just make sure you opt for a fortified oat milk powder, since you’ll still want minerals such as calcium and vitamin B12 for a healthy plant-based diet.

Is oat milk powder more sustainable?

In much the same way as waterless beauty products, oat milk powder can be more sustainable.

For example, opting for oat milk powder instead of pre-made plant milk can help reduce your:

Packaging waste

Unfortunately, no one seems to have solved the problem of tetra paks just yet. Many councils don’t offer curbside recycling and require special recycling techniques since they are made using a blend of materials.

If you’re in the UK, check where you can get tetra paks recycled here.

Therefore, choosing an oat milk powder can significantly reduce packaging waste. For example, Overherd comes in a recyclable pouch and makes 8 cartons worth of oat milk, which is equal to a 91% reduction in packaging weight!

Carbon footprint

Removing water from the equation makes oat milk powder much lighter than conventional oat milk, which can reduce transport emissions.

Food waste

I get through loads of oat milk (avid tea and coffee drinker over here 👋) but many people only use it occasionally. Oat milk powder gives you the power to make only what you need, when you need it. That means no more out-of-date milk!

How do you use powdered oat milk?

A diagram demonstrating how to use oat milk powder. The first image is a spoon about to put oat milk powder in a bottle of water. The second shows the powder and water being mixed by a shaking bottle and the third image shows a bottle of prepared oat milk.
  1. Spoon some oat milk powder into a bottle of water. According to Sandy, Founder of Overherd (an oat milk powder brand), the standard is 10g for every 100ml of water but, if you like it creamier (I do), then 15-20g for every 100ml works.
  2. Shakey-jake!
  3. Ta-da!

Simples. Just like a vegan protein shake.

Don’t forget to give it another shake before you use it.

Oh, and you can use oat milk powder for more than just the milk. Chia puddings, vegan cereal, smoothies, baking, hot drinks, overnight oats…you name it!

Additional benefits of oat milk powder

Asides from being sustainable, versatile, and easy to use?

Oat milk powder is also a lifesaver for travelling vegans for several reasons:

It’s convenient

It takes up less space in your luggage than dozens of heavy cartons of oat milk and does not require refrigeration. It’s also there for you when you need it, particularly when there are no vegan or lactose-free options whilst you’re abroad.

It has a longer shelf life

For all those vegan digital nomads or long-term travellers, oat milk powder has a much longer shelf life than liquid oat milk, so no need to worry about your milk going bad while you’re away.

It’s versatile

You can add it to your tea, take it to supplement your vegan diet whilst in a non-vegan-friendly destination, use it to bake a cake for the return of your Trusted Housesitter host…heck, you could even use it as a paint alternative at a Holi Festival!

Overherd's oat milk powder: the perfect travel companion for vegans

A pink packet of Overherd's oat milk powder, next to a glass bottle in which to make oat milk.

Overherd’s oat milk powder is the plant-based adventurer’s secret weapon for all your dairy-free journeys!

Say goodbye to bulky cartons of plant-based milk and hello to a convenient, travel-friendly and oh-so-tasty companion.

Alice is awkwardly holding a bottle of liquid oat milk in one hand and a pouch of Overherd powdered oat milk in the other. She's wearing a black turtle neck thermal top and her hair is long and brown. She's smiling.
Alice looking pleased with her oat milk making efforts

Made from organic oats, this powder is a creamy and delicious alternative to dairy milk. No more worrying about lactose intolerance, dairy allergies, or finding a suitable alternative while on the road. And, its eco-friendly packaging means you can enjoy your oat milk with a clear conscience, knowing that you’re not only doing good for your taste buds but also for the planet.

So pack your bags, grab a packet of Overherd’s oat milk powder and let’s hit the road for a dairy-free adventure!

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