Our Ocado vegan best buys


Our Ocado vegan best buys


Type in ‘vegan’ into the Ocado website’s search bar and you’ll discover probably one of the largest offerings of vegan foods.

It is for this very reason that we have always loved Ocado, they adopted many vegan products way before other supermarkets, and they continue to pave the way.

Not only do they supply M&S products, they also have a huge range of other vegan-friendly brands.

Expect to see the likes of This, Quorn, Vivera, Meatless Farm, Oatly, and much more.

We are going to take you through our Ocado vegan best buys, the very products that we use and love.

Our Ocado vegan best buy guide is structured by food category:
Vegan Dairy
Vegan Meat Alternatives
Vegan Ready Meals
Vegan Treats

Within these you will find an overview of our vegan best buys, the cost, and a link to purchase.

Happy vegan Ocado shopping friends!

Vegan dairy

Are you looking for some vegan dairy products? Oh wait, are we even allowed to call them that anymore, who knows. You’ll find everything on here from vegan milk to vegan butter and eggs. 

Vegan butter at Ocado

Flora Plant Butter

The creamiest vegan butter alternative in sustainable packaging!

Vegan cheese at Ocado

Applewood vegan block

A deliciously smokey block of cheese, perfect for grating on top of pizzas, pastas, and salads.

Nush Almond Cream Cheese

A nicely flavoured cream cheese perfect as a dip and for sandwiches.

Vegan eggs at Ocado

OGGS egg alternative

An aquafaba based egg alternative perfect for baking.

Vegan milk at Ocado

Califia Farms Oat Barista

The creamiest and most tasty oat milk which works amazingly in coffee.

Sproud unsweetened pea milk

A high protein milk that is perfect for using in shakes.

Vegan yoghurt at Ocado

Oatly Oatgurt Plain

A plain plant based yoghurt perfect for pairing with savoury foods.

The Coconut Collaborative

A luxuriously creamy coconut yoghurt perfect for sweet food.

Vegan meat alternatives

There is now a vegan meat alternative for pretty much everything, and Ocado stocks near enough all of them!

Vegan bacon at Ocado

THIS Isn't Bacon

The best vegan bacon out there, it crisps up perfectly and tastes amazing.

Vegan beef at Ocado

Squeaky Bean Pastrami Slices

Handsdown, THE best vegan sandwich filler.

Beyond Meat Burger

A pricier product, but just so bloomin’ tasty.

Vegan chicken at Ocado

THIS Isn't Chicken

Tasty pieces of vegan chicken perfect for pastas, curries, and more.

Plant Kitchen Chicken Kiev

Our favourite vegan alternative to a chicken kiev, nom.

Vegan fish at Ocado

Quorn Fishless Fingers

A vegan take on the classic, Quorn have really bossed this one.

Zeastar Lemon Shrimpz

The perfect crispy fish-like treat. They go great with a zesty vegan mayo.

Vegan sausages at Ocado

Jack & Bry Jackfruit Sausages

Bored of processed fake meats? Try this tasty plant-based sausage alternative!

Taifun Tofu Frankfurter

Our Stepdad eats these straight out the pack, sometimes in a sandwich with mustard.

Moving Mountains Sausage Burger

Recreating a McMuffin? These vegan sausage patties work perfectly.

Vegan tofu & tempeh at Ocado

Tofoo Smoked Tofu block

Quite easily the best tofu brand on the market, fry it, bake it, put it in a stew. 

Clearspring Silken Tofu

A great cupboard staple, perfect for scrambles, baking and vegan quiche.

Tiba Tempeh

A high protein ingredient, perfect for stir fries, curries, and more.

Vegan ready meals

Whether you are working late or simply feeling a little bit lazy, Ocado has plenty of vegan ready meal options for you.

Vegan curries and stews at Ocado

Tanpopo Vegan Gyoza & Curry

Who doesn’t love gyoza? These come as a meal with a tasty vegan curry and rice.

Plant Kitchen Sweet & Sour

A classic ready meal made vegan, perfect for those lazy evenings.

Vegan Pasta at Ocado

White Rabbit Mushroom ravioli

A vegan and gluten free ravioli, ready to eat in just a few minutes!

Pasta Evangelists Strozzapeti

A fresh pasta dinner kit for 2 people, perfect for that next date night.

Vegan Pies at Ocado

Pieminister Mooless Pie

A rich meaty pie made using jackfruit. Great for those colder evenings!

Higgidy Creamy Mushroom Pie

Creamy mushroomy goodness encased in  a perfectly crispy pastry case.

Vegan Pizza at Ocado

One Planet Pizza

A fully vegan pizza company with deliciously cheesy offerings.

Chicago Town BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

A vegan version of the classic deep dish pizza with a vegan cheese stuffed crust.

Sourdough pizza base

This ready to top pizza base is the best quality pre-made dough we’ve found in a supermarket. Top with your favourite foods.

Vegan treats

Because sweet treats aren’t just for non-vegans, we can have our cake and eat it too.

Vegan cakes at Ocado

Oggs Chocolate Cupcakes

Rich and fluffy cupcakes that no one will know are vegan, seriously.

Just Love Caterpillar Cake

A vegan take on the classic birthday caterpillar cake.

Vegan chocolate at Ocado

NOMO caramel chocolate bar

The perfect lunchtime treat, NOMO have perfected the oozy caramel and made it suitable for most allergens!

Booja Booja truffles

A luxurious chocolatey treat perfect for occasions and gifting, or not 😉

HIP Oat Milk Chocolate

Perfect for all the oat milk lovers out there, this bar is super creamy.

Vegan ice cream at Ocado

Magnum almond ice cream

Just as good as the originals, these ice cream sticks are perfect for warmer days.

Oatly Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Quite easily the best tasting vegan ice cream on the market.

Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream

One of our favourite recent finds, these are like little balls of heaven that explode in your mouth.

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