Platewell Live Plant-Based Cooking Classes: a Window Into a Chef’s Kitchen.


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Platewell Live Plant-Based Cooking Classes: a Window Into a Chef’s Kitchen.

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As the demand for vegan cuisine has rocketed over the last few years, so have we seen a similar rise in online chefs ready to tell you how to prepare it. One of the most exciting emerging names in the plant-based cooking arena has been Platewell.

In this article, we’ll discuss how plant-based cooking differs from a vegan diet, the benefits of eating more plants, and why learning how to cook plant-based with Platewell is something you MUST try!

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What is plant-based cooking?

Cooking plant-based food means putting plants at the forefront of your dishes. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be living off a diet of patchoulis and dandelions. 

Instead, think of a plant-based diet as consisting of a huge variety of all-natural ingredients and avoiding the use of animals and animal by-products such as meat, eggs, and dairy.

In comparison to ‘vegan’, plant-based often suggests that someone’s diet is also full of nutritious and healthy whole foods.

A typical plant-based diet consists of fruit, vegetables, legumes (including tofu), grains, and beans, with the occasional dose of fermented foods tossed in for good luck.

Why cook more plant-based?

Plant-based diets are on the rise, with stats suggesting that as many as 1.5 million people in Britain went vegan after Veganuary 2021.

But why, what’s all this fuss about plants?

Plants taste great. It’s as simple as that.

Oh, and they are pretty amazing at helping us to save the planet and your personal health and well-being. By ditching meat and dairy, we can help combat the potential risk of climate change and also reverse the effects of many terrible diseases

Not bad plants, not bad.

How can I cook more plant-based?

The world has slowly been turning that bit more plant-based. Most restaurants and cafes now have full-blown vegan menus and even celebrity chefs have brought out their own vegan cookbooks. 

You’ll find gazillions of plant-based recipes online; you really won’t have to look far.

But, with all this wealth of vegan recipes, how do we sieve out the good from the bad?

That’s where plant-based cooking courses come in.

Read our guide: how to learn to cook vegan food.

platewell plant-based dish made by plant-based chefs online cooking class
a beautiful plant-based soup dish made on Platewell

Can you learn how to cook plant-based food online?

Yes, many incredible chefs have taken to the internet to share their experience and knowledge so that you can learn how to cook tasty plant-based food from the comfort of your own home.

However, as with many things online, all of this can seem very impersonal.

In comes Platewell.

Platewell: a live cooking experience

Are you tired of the same old recipes?

Finding plant-based food restrictive?

Looking for a plant-based cooking class that will inspire you to eat delicious seasonal food?

Then Platewell is a great place to start. The new kids on the block, Platewell is an online vegan cooking school that provides live cookalongs led by a diverse team of London-based chefs streaming from their home kitchens.

What makes Platewell special?

Platewell provides an entirely unique experience from the other online vegan academies we’ve come across. Rather than focus on cuisines or specific kitchen skills, the Platewell chefs curate a range of plant-centric, nutritious, and mouth-wateringly delicious recipes and teach them via live webinars.

Here are 4 reasons we think Platewell are a carrot top above the rest of the plant-based cooking schools:

1. Platewell helps to banish the creative block that home cooks may experience by demonstrating how plant-based cooking is far from restrictive or boring.

2. The chefs curate 4 recipes each week so they solve the problem of endless scrolling and filtering through online blogs or cookbooks full of recipes that don’t match the season.

3. The live cooking classes offer a lot of information suitable for all skill levels, from cooking technique to nutritional notes, and food history.

4. The dishes are exciting yet simple enough to make for a weeknight dinner or lunch and only take 1 hour long, so they’re designed to fit into your cooking routine – perfect for busy schedules!

The refreshing thing about Platewell is that it’s not just a database of video lessons. Instead, the chefs curate different dishes each week to keep your dinner menu fresh and inspired. Platewell’s vegan team have rich and diverse backgrounds, including culture, age, and personality, providing an extraordinary combination of skills. They use this experience to weave in tips on cooking techniques, personal anecdotes in relation to the food you’ll be cooking, and their advice on how to plate like a pro.

How does Platewell work?

Individuals can either buy single classes OR sign up to the platform and gain access to the member portal where they can browse the upcoming week’s classes, the schedule for which is released every Friday. At the moment, the live plant-based cooking classes run at 6.30pm GMT but the recordings are available on the portal to watch anytime, anywhere.

Simply book the classes you want to join, shop for your ingredients, and tune into their live plant-based course – webinar style. Don’t worry, your camera and mic won’t be on, so you can still cookalong in your pyjamas whilst benefitting from the live experience! You’ll relax in the comfort of your own kitchen as you watch and listen to Platewell’s chefs do their thing (whilst following along, of course).

You can still interact in the live chat though; both the chef and the invisible fairy assistant will answer any questions you might have as you cookalong.

Did we mention that you get a whole month free to try out their live cooking classes?

Just use this code at checkout: SISTERS1STMONTH

If you love it (which you will), you can sign up for one of Platewell’s super affordable packages.

Are you a sporadic person who’s struck by the sudden urge to cook something new? Then we recommend buying a single class for £10.

Or would you prefer to add plant-based cooking classes into your weekly routine? In that case, buy a month’s membership for £15 (best value on the market) – this will give you access to 16 cookalongs each month! You can tune in live or watch recorded playbacks whenever you want.

Platewell also offers private group classes, which are designed to be more interactive for online gatherings of up to 20. This option involves webcams, so you and your friends and family can see each others’ grinning faces as you cook!

A window into a chef’s kitchen (our personal Platewell review)

When Lucy and I were given the opportunity to participate in Platewell’s live cookalongs, we were immediately impressed by the variety of vegan classes they had on offer. Each chef brought their own unique twist to the table and the homely vibe made us feel like we were right there with them, learning how to cook in their kitchens.

As a retired professional vegan chef and an avid home cook, Lucy and I still felt like we learnt a lot from Platewell’s plant-based cooking classes. The chefs obviously have a lot of experience and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to their stories, which gave us a better understanding of the ingredients we were using and a real appreciation for the delicious food we were about to eat.

I think one of the best things about Platewell was that there was no pressure to perform better than anyone else. The chefs cooked at a really easy-going pace and we felt that we were given a true insight into their cooking.

If you’re thinking of giving plant-based cooking classes a try, we can’t recommend Platewell enough! 

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