The tastiest Vegan Chicken alternatives in the USA


The tastiest Vegan Chicken alternatives in the USA


More and more chicken alternatives are popping up as veganism gains popularity. The US is leading the way with it’s vegan chicken options, so we want to guide you through our favourites, as tried by us on our travels!

Here are the best US vegan chicken alternatives

1. Gardein’s Chick’n Scallopini


Look at the crispiness of that tasty vegan chicken scallopini, great work Gardein. It is available to buy from Walmart, Safeway, and Amazon Fresh.

Made from: soy protein (gluten-free)

2. Tofurky's Plant-Based Lightly Seasoned Chick'n

Tofurky can be found in Whole Foods and other popular stores across the US.

In addition to the lightly seasoned, they also make Thai basil, sesame garlic, and barbecue flavoured chicken alternatives.

Made from: wheat & soy protein and tofu (more soy)

3. Quorn's Meatless Pieces

Quorn’s vegan chicken is available in the US too!

Watch out though, as some of their products contain egg.

Made from: mycoprotein, pea fiber, and wheat protein (soy-free and non-GMO)

4. Daring's Breaded Chicken Pieces

Wok, sauté, or fry these bad boys and add your favourite sauce or seasoning for a great meat alternative.

Daring products are palm-oil free and available to buy at Costco, Sprouts, Foxtrot, Erewhon, and many more US stores. Grab yourself a bag of their non-breaded products for gluten-free options.

Made from: soy protein

Are you in the UK? Try out our favourite UK vegan chicken alternatives.

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