The Tastiest Vegan Seafood Brands in the UK


The Tastiest Vegan Seafood Brands in the UK


Over the years we have seen increasing numbers of vegan brands creating alternatives for our favourite non-vegan foods, including vegan bacon and vegan milks.

But it wasn’t until more recently that we started to see vegan seafood popping up.

Why’s this?

Well, my theory is that as vegans we are so tired of hearing ‘but, do you eat fish?’ that we’ve avoided the topic of fish altogether. It is probably more likely that there are just now more and more brands that are getting investment and the opportunity to develop amazing products.

If you are anything like me however, you may not like the idea of eating anything too ‘fishy’. But fear not, there are a mix of products here for all levels of seafood lovers.

Here is the best UK vegan seafood

vegan fish fingers uk

Quorn Fishless Fingers

I couldn’t not start with the classic, fish fingers. It was the favourite amongst parents, a great way to get kids to eat fish. Well, it is now also a great way to get kids to eat vegan 😉

These are just as tasty as I remember non-vegan fish fingers being. 

Vegan Zeastar Crispy Lemon Shrimpz

These crispy vegan lemon shrimp are a delight, cook them up and serve with a sauce as an appetiser, or serve them with a side of thick cut chips doused in salt and vinegar.

I have also tried these inside Vietnamese Spring Rolls and can confirm they work amazingly.

M&S vegan fish cakes

Plant Kitchen Fish Cakes

Fish cakes were a staple in my house in our pre-vegan years. They were a great way of disguising fish into something really tasty.

These Plant Kitchen No Fish Cakes taste amazing and make a great easy dinner. Serve them with a side of new potatoes. Yum.

vegan fish fillets uk by moving mountains

Moving Mountains Fish Fillets

Recreating the nation’s favourite fish and chips? Well, these vegan fish fillets by Moving Mountains will work perfectly.

They have a flaky texture and taste great too.

vegan tuna fish uk

Good Catch Tuna-Style Flakes

I’ve got to admit that this vegan tuna fish product isn’t for me, but then I never liked tuna. I do have family members who loved tuna and they enjoy this.

Perfect for a tuna sandwich or a tuna salad, served with veganaise

vegan fish burgers by novish

Novish Fish Burgers

If eating fish in a burger was your thing then Novish fish burgers are for you. 

You can use these to recreate McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.

vegan fish sauce by ocean's halo

Ocean's Halo Vegan Fish Sauce

Something a little bit different than the rest, this is a vegan ‘fish sauce’ made using kelp.

I love using fish sauce in my Asian recipes, including in a dip for spring rolls, or in a Pad Thai.

Lucy Johnson

Lucy Johnson

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A penny for your thoughts

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