The Tastiest US Vegan Bacon Products


The Tastiest US Vegan Bacon Products


This is one for all our friends across the pond who may have seen our favourite UK vegan bacon brands and were wondering, “but what about the US?”

Well, wonder no longer, we have been lucky enough to try out a bunch of vegan bacon brands in the US and here are our top picks.

Here are the best vegan bacon alternatives in the US

vegan bacony bits by all y'alls foods

1. All Y'Alls Foods Bacony Bits

Coming directly from the heart of Texas, All Y’Alls Foods’ Bacony Bits are the crunchiest yummiest things to stick on pretty much anything you want. We’ve been using these plant-based bacon bits on top of pasta, cookies, and pizza. Yum.

We also recommend sprinkling them on top of avocado on toast, popcorn, and salads.

Oh and they also have the best vegan jerky ever.

tofurky tempeh vegan bacon uk
Photo credit: Tofurky

2. Tofurky Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon

As big tempeh fans, we love these Tofurky bacon slices. But they don’t really taste or have the texture of bacon other than the smoky maple flavours.

Nevertheless, these are delicious and they’re a great substitute if you’re looking for a protein hit!

louisville vegan bacon in the us
Photo credit: Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

3. Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. Maple Bacon Vegan Jerky

So, not technically a direct vegan bacon replacement, but still one worth mentioning. This is maple bacon vegan jerky.

Deliciously chewy textured soy protein! Jerky + bacon, what a winning combo!

vegan bacon lightlife us
Photo credit: Lightlife

4. Lightlife Smart Plant-Based Bacon

Lucy and I tried this when we were visiting San Francisco and can confirm that it is very yummy, crispy, and realistic.

In fact, we pretty much had these for breakfast every day (with Just Egg, one of our favourite vegan egg alternatives) they were so good!

hooray vegan bacon us
Photo credit: Hooray

5. Hooray Plant-Based Bacon

Hooray have burst onto the vegan scene in the US and we must say that their product looks and tastes scrummy! Hooray for hooray!

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