Dig your spoon into these vegan cereals


Dig your spoon into these vegan cereals


This isn’t yet another guide on vegan cereals brought to you by unethical companies. Let’s support those who are really making a change and are working bloody hard to bring you little cruelty-free crunchy bits to pour your favourite plant milk over.

This guide is for the cereal lovers amongst us, the quick and easy meal fans and the fitness enthusiasts who are just eating breakfast for the plant-based protein, oh, and the leftover plant milk slurper uppers! Because who really wants to faff over their vegan breakfast first thing in the morning, right?

Discover our favourite vegan cereals below and get digging that spoon straight in.

Most of the big cereal brands you’ll find in the supermarket are fortified with vitamins and minerals, some of which come from animal-based sources. Moreover, some of them may contain milk.

It wasn’t until recent years that a lot of these cereal brands advertised whether they had any hidden animal-based ingredients inside, so you may have been unknowingly eating cereals that may look vegan on the surface, but actually aren’t.

Some Nestlé, Kellogs, and Weetabix cereals are plant-based but we recommend buying from a 100% vegan company, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your money isn’t going towards non-vegan production, and cause we should all support smaller vegan businesses!


Looking for the perfect crunch and the most slurpable leftover milk? Then look no further than this high-protein vegan cereal from Surreal. Not only is it sugar-free, but it is also high in fibre, making this one of the healthiest yet tastiest vegan cereals to buy.

We recommend buying their variety pack so you can try every flavour. Our favourites were cocoa and peanut butter.

Be careful though, you may get so distracted by their fun packaging that you forget to pour yourself a bowl (not likely).

Read our full Surreal Cereal review.

vegan cereal by misfits
Credit: Misfits


Any fellow Nesquik lovers out there? I’ve been longing for a vegan version and Misfits have truly smashed it. These little crunchy balls of vegan chocolatey goodness will take you straight back to your childhood.

Why not buy it alongside a few of their handy protein bars so you can stay healthy on the go?

yummos vegan cereal
Credit: Yummos


Feeling a bit fruity? Yummo’s is bringing colour to your daily breakfast with their strawberry flavoured vegan cereal. You can mix this up alongside their choc brownie and cinnamon cookie cereals, maybe not all in the same bowl though 😉

These are also high in protein and low in sugar and carbs, making them a much healthier breakfast option.

Credit: Whole Earth

Whole Earth

Whole Earth are much more than just a healthy peanut butter brand, they also have a range of vegan-friendly cereals that are available in most supermarkets (normally hiding away in the free-from section). 

They do a few variations of corn flakes and a few granolas. Their corn flakes have 30% less sugar than standard frosted flake cereals.

deliciously ella vegan cereal
Credit: Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Can we call granola cereal? I’m not sure, but I thought I’d add this in here just in case anyone is actually searching for granola but has accidentally stumbled across cereals instead.

These are particularly tasty though, albeit on the pricey side of things. The nutty granola goes perfectly with coconut yoghurt and fresh blueberries. 

If you are thinking that this sounds a bit too wholesome for you then just keep on scrolling…


The dons of gluten-free grains, Freee, have also created a few free-from cereals that are family-friendly and reasonably priced. I’d avoid filling up your bowl as high as they have in the picture though, that may be a little excessive (and probably half the pack).

Unlike many of the other vegan cereal brands here they do use sugar to add sweetness to the cereal, so this one is for the real diehard sugar lovers amongst us.

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Lucy Johnson

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