8 inventive ways to cook with silken tofu


8 inventive ways to cook with silken tofu


Would this even be a vegan editorial if we didn’t talk about tofu at least once or twice…?

Probably not.

But that is no surprise, tofu is incredible. Most people’s complaints about tofu are my reasons for loving it. Yes it is plain, but that means you can add your favourite flavourings to it. It is incredibly diverse and I am always discovering new ways to cook with it.

Firm tofu gets all the fun press, so we want to turn our sights to the mighty silken tofu. You’ll find it hidden away on a shelf somewhere in the supermarket (normally in the free-from or the world food aisles). 

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Our favourite silken tofu

Our go-to is this organic silken tofu by Japanese brand Clearspring

Because they are long-life you can stock up on loads of packets and work your way through all these fun and inventive ways to use silken tofu in your vegan cooking.

Do you have your own favourite silken tofu recipe that you’d like to share with us, or have you tried one of the ideas below? Well we want to hear about it! Drop it in the comments at the bottom of this post.

silken tofu eaten as it is

Serve it as it is

We couldn’t talk about silken tofu without mentioning one of the most traditional ways of eating it, simply as it comes.

This is a very popular Japanese dish called Hiyayakko and it essentially consists of a cold block of fresh silken tofu topped with soy sauce, onions, ginger and sesame seeds.

The reason this dish is so incredible is because the silken tofu will be served fresh. But you can recreate it easily with the packaged stuff. Just make sure to buy that ticket to Japan so you can also try the real thing.

I first tried this dish at Fujifuku (浅草 小料理バル 藤福) in Tokyo where it was topped with soy sauce and crispy seaweed – yum.

silken tofu creamy pasta sauce 8 inventive ways to cook with silken tofu

Blend into a creamy sauce

Attempting a quick and easy vegan creamy pasta dish? Blend up a packet of silken tofu (including the water) with your choice of herbs, spices, and plenty of seasoning. I like adding a pinch of nutmeg, or some lemon zest.

Mix the blended silken tofu into your pasta base (e.g. onions, garlic, vegan chicken), heat through before stirring in the pasta, and then serve.

You could also use this mix as you would a béchamel in a lasagna, or as a creamy topping for your vegan enchiladas.

silken tofu used as scrambled tofu

Fry as scrambled tofu

Okay this vegan dish has been popular for quite some time now, but it is still a pretty inventive way of using silken tofu and a firm favourite of mine.

I like to drain the silken tofu, fry off some onion and garlic, and then drop the whole block of tofu into the pan. I’ll gently break up the tofu using my spatula, keeping it quite chunky. Make sure to add plenty of seasoning and spices!

Top tip: if you like some texture in your scrambled tofu my vegan mum likes to mix in some chopped up firm tofu alongside the silken tofu.

silken tofu used as vegan feta cheese

Marinate it as feta cheese

Looking for a soft squidgy feta cheese alternative to stick into your favourite salads or to simply munch on throughout the day? Then you’ll love this vegan silken tofu feta hack.

Chop up the silken tofu very carefully into square chunks and add into a jar with apple cider vinegar, oil, fresh herbs, salt, lemon juice, and any of your favourite flavours. Get inventive!

Let the tofu absorb all the flavours for at least a few hours, but the longer the better!

silken tofu used for cheesecake

Blend into a cheesecake

Want to know how I get a perfectly baked vegan cheesecake? I use silken tofu. And it works a treat!

Simply blend it in with vegan cream cheese and flavourings, pour it onto your cheesecake base and bake. Okay, the process is a bit more complicated than that. You can read my baked vegan cheesecake recipe here to learn more.

silken tofu fried

Deep fat fry it

Deep fat frying is normally left to the firmer tofu blocks but I believe that if done right, silken tofu that has been deep fat fried is MUCH better.

Drain the tofu and pat it down on a kitchen towel. You’ll then want to be extra careful when slicing the tofu into chunks, making sure it doesn’t break apart. 

Lightly coat the tofu in flour, or use your favourite batter mix, and then plop them into the fryer (or lots of oil in a pan).

They’ll puff up and go nice and golden brown. Serve with a spicy mayo for extra perfection.

vegan quiche recipe using silken tofu

Bake it into a quiche

This was probably one of my best discoveries to date, silken tofu makes the most amazing vegan quiches.

You blend up the silken tofu with your choice of seasoning and flavourings, I pack mine full of nooch, a little bit of black salt (to imitate egg flavours), and turmeric.

Stir in a mix of veg, vegan meats (like vegan bacon), and top with some pretty foods like halved cherry tomatoes. Pour onto your quiche base and bake in the oven for at least 1 hour. Take it out, leave it to cool completely, and then cut yourself a generous slice. You can thank me later!

Check out my full vegan quiche recipe.

silken tofu used in soup

Cook it in a soup

I love a good soup. Whether it’s thick and creamy, like a Laksa, or thin and bold, like a Phở (pronounced ‘fuh-h’ for any of those wondering – learn more Vietnamese words/phrases here).

Adding cubed silken tofu into any Asian-esque soup is a must. You can either drop it into the soup a few minutes before serving so that it soaks up all the flavour, or you can add it straight into your serving bowl and pour the soup ontop.

Even better, deep fry the silken tofu first and then drop that in 😉

You’ll also find silken tofu is used a lot in vegan Korean soups.

Our favourite silken tofu

Our go-to is this organic silken tofu by Japanese brand Clearspring
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