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Updated August 2021

our vegan food journey

Back in the day, most of the plant-based options left a lot to be desired.

Fast forward to 2021…

Anything non-vegans can do vegans can do better!

Nevertheless, if you’re new to veganism, working out how to cook, understanding plant-based nutrition, and knowing the best substitutes to use can be confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together this mammoth guide to everything vegan food. 

This will be updated regularly as we discover new products and write new vegan food articles.

You’ll learn which plant-based grub is the tastiest, where to find the best cruelty-free restaurants, which food supplements you should or shouldn’t be taking, how to improve your confidence in your own cooking, and much much more.

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why our vegan food guide

Because we (Alice and Lucy) have been vegan since 2015 and have spent all these years testing all the plant-based food that this world has had to offer us.

Lucy used to be a professional vegan chef and even has her own ethical food blog.

Alice worked for a food waste non-profit and is fascinated by ferments and fungi, so you’ll often find her in the kitchen experimenting with some new bubbly idea to cook sustainably.

vegan food guide contents

vegan dumplings and asian food

vegan food faqs

What is vegan food?

Vegan food is tasty food that is also great for the planet and all of its inhabitants. It’s as simple as that really.

What vegan food isn’t?

It isn’t a non-human animal product, or a non-human animal by-product. This means that a vegan diet is free from meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and seafood. In other words, a vegan diet is free from harm and unnecessary suffering, but full of animal-friendly ingredients.

And guess what, anything you can do, we can do vegan 😉

What do vegans eat?

A vegan diet is only limited by your imagination. Vegans can eat anything from burgers, pies, and chips, to paella, linguine, and cake. All it takes is a few substitutions here and there and we can make something vegan.

Click here to see all of the amazing vegan food options you can make yourself!

Is vegan food more healthy?

In general, a vegan diet is much more healthy than a carnivorous diet as it is primarily focused on eating plant-based whole foods.

But a vegan diet doesn’t simply = a healthy diet because plants can still be fried and overly processed. Try to keep processed ready-made meals to a minimum and focus on getting as many whole foods (fruit, veg, legumes, beans and grains) in your diet as possible.

But don’t worry about having the occasional night off, we love putting our feet up whilst waiting for our M&S plant-based no-chicken kiev to cook in the oven. There are also lots of healthy vegan ready meal options available now too, just check out these awesome UK ready meal brands!

There are so many amazing nutritious vegan alternatives to your favourite meat-based products, just check them out below.

What everyday foods are vegan?

Since they’re all derived from plants, fruit, veg, legumes, beans, and grains are all vegan. You’ll also find that most bread is vegan. But do keep an eye out, some brands like to hide milk in their bread (but why?!), especially in Asia. 

Love biscuits? Oreos are vegan (in the UK & Europe), and so are Jammy Dodgers!! 

There are so many everyday foods that are accidentally vegan, just check out this list by PETA.

Where can you buy vegan food?

Nowadays, vegan food can be bought in pretty much any supermarket/store. 

We’ve travelled to many countries around the world and have seen an emergence of vegan food pretty much everywhere we’ve been!

No products labelled vegan in the supermarket? Well, you know you are safe with fruit, veg, beans, legumes, and grains!

Got any other food-related questions for the Vegan Sisters? Drop us a message!

the vegan food guide

Click through to your chosen section to discover everything you need and want to know about scrummy plant-based goodies.

Vegan Convenience Food

Looking for easy plant-based meals and snacks?

We can’t all be pros in the kitchen, nor do we all want to be. Particularly if you are a busy person, cooking a nutritious dinner isn’t going to be high up on your to-do list.

So let’s discuss vegan convenience food.

The word convenience often has negative connotations. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t easy vegan food that is also nutritious and tasty. We’ve been on a mission to discover all convenience plant-based food, which is either ready to eat, pre-made or really super easy to cook, whilst also being healthy. This includes ready meals, snacks, recipe kits, and more!

So, let’s free up your time and discover some great tasting vegan convenience food together.

Read our vegan convenience articles and resources

Cooking Vegan Food

Become a vegan cooking pro

Enjoy cooking? Love exploring the world through your food?

Well, we do too! Cooking food from across the world is great fun; we love to explore new cuisines and learn unique culinary methods. 

Let our writers take you on a vegan food adventure in the kitchen today! Whether you are looking for guidance from online courses, or some simple recipes to follow, we have something for you to digest below.

Read our vegan cooking articles and resources

Vegan Drinks

Because not all drink is vegan either!

Need something to water down that tasty vegan food of yours? We’re on a mission to discover all the best vegan drinks around the world.

Read our vegan drinks articles

Food Sustainability

Even vegan food can be bad for the planet!

Our methods of farming and the agricultural industry as a whole has had detrimental effects on the environment. So what can we do to help make our food more sustainable?

Read our food sustainability articles

Global Vegan Cuisine

What is vegan food like around the world?

Vegan food didn’t just emerge in the 20th century, the concept of eating plant-based has actually been around a lot longer and in a lot more places than you may think!

It may not have been called ‘veganism’, nor may it be recognised somewhere as a movement, but vegan food is eaten everywhere and throughout history. 

Come on a voyage of vegan discovery with us and our writers as we share how to eat vegan food all over the world. 

Read our global vegan cuisine articles

Vegan Nutrition

Because no one really wants to be an unhealthy vegan…

Whether you are interested in being vegan for health reasons or not, it is important to know what we should be putting inside our bodies! Plus, did you know that most meat eaters should also be supplementing for deficiencies? Just because you pick a diet for health reasons, doesn’t mean you are necessarily getting everything you need.

Veganism is naturally healthy as you avoid animal fats and heavily processed foods. But the latter is now becoming more of an issue for vegans looking for easy meals and snacking. Just see our convenience food section above to discover ‘healthy’ processed food alternatives.

Discover how to be a healthy vegan and ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs here:

Read our vegan nutrition articles and resources

Vegan Food Alternatives

It’s okay to miss foods you used to love! Let’s just find you the perfect alternative…

There’s no need to miss out on any of your favourite non-vegan foods

From bacon to cheese, eggs, ice cream, chocolate, and even pork, there are plenty of scrummy plant-based versions for you to try. The fantastic thing is that, now there are so many alternatives on the market, if you try one and don’t like it, you’re sure to find another one that’s better! It is trial and error when it comes to vegan alternatives.

Click on a link to discover vegan alternatives for that food or drink.

Read our vegan food alternative articles

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