Our Favourite Vegan Period Pants (International Shipping)


Our Favourite Vegan Period Pants (International Shipping)


I don’t know about you, but I used to bleed through my underwear and clothing a lot whilst on my period.

My blood flow is so heavy that it would soak through tampons almost immediately and the leaks always seemed to dodge the backup period pads that had bunched up uncomfortably in my knickers.

And, although the feminist in me screams ‘who gives a f*ck’, bleeding through my clothes caused extreme humiliation and I would rather avoid anything like that from happening again.

So when I discovered period pants, I was over the moon! Not only could I spend my period in less discomfort, but I could also rest assured that my period pants would prevent leaks and I could save the environment in the process!

Nowadays, there’s a huge range of vegan-friendly period underwear available to buy internationally, varying in price, sustainability, absorbency, and functionality, which is why I have made it my mission to discover the best value-for-money vegan period pants on the market.

Let’s dive in!

Looking for menstrual cups or dams? Discover more sustainable period products and turn your vag into an eco-warrior!

This depends on the materials that they use. Most period pants use cotton, bamboo and Tencel, which are all vegan-friendly. A few brands do use wool, such as Modibodi.

Some period pant companies are proudly 100% vegan, like WUKA who are vegan certified and PETA approved.

The most comfortable, affordable, and extensive range of vegan period pants are made by WUKA. We love that they use organic cotton and that they are vegan certified.

We are also big fans of Flux Undies, a female founded vegan-friendly period pant company. They sell this awesome menstruation hot water bottle which you wrap around your womb to ease cramps! 

The Best Vegan Period Pants


WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and, with menstrual knickers that hold up to 15ml of blood (approx. 2-3 tampons’ worth) starting from £12, they certainly are awesome!

Female-led, affordable, made from sustainable materials, registered by The Vegan Society and PETA approved! We particularly love their sexy Lace Collection, WUKA First Period Packs and School Sets. Oh, and they also make period leggings at two thirds the price of Thinx period leggings!

Features of WUKA period pants:

How much do WUKA period pants cost?

Starting out for as little as £12, WUKA is one of the most affordable reusable period product brands. There are also regular sales and many of the knickers are available as part of saver sets or starter packs, helping to keep the costs down when you buy pants for your full cycle.

Get 12% off when buying direct from using code: 2sisters

Alternatively, you can buy WUKA period pants on Ocado here.

Fluxies (previously FLUX Undies)

Female-founded, made from sustainable materials, 100% vegan, fights period poverty, and super comfy and absorbent…what’s not to like? Fluxie period pants come with a 60 day money back guarantee! They also sell a special menstruation hot water bottle, which you can wrap around your womb to ease cramps!

Features of Fluxie period pants:

How much do Fluxies period pants cost?

Knickers range from £16.95 to £32.95 but many pairs of knickers regularly go on sale, so keep your eye out for bargains! Fluxies also sell mix and match saver sets to make buying for your full cycle more budget-friendly.


Thinx was founded by 3 friends who wanted to break the great menstrual taboo after experiencing gnarly period accidents. Not only do they campaign for menstrual equity, but they also champion a giveback project that promotes period education. Thinx is very inclusive with their underwear models and actively promote body positivity on their social media accounts. The only thing I don’t like about Thinx is that they use eggs in their brand messaging…although the pants themselves are vegan.

Features of Thinx period pants:

How much do Thinx period pants cost?

Thinx undies range from £18.98 to £72.11, with the cycle shorts and leggings costing considerably more than the knickers. They do offer some great bundle sets though, including a postpartum set with 5 pairs at just £112.33! A long-term investment but considering the money you’d save on tampons and pads, it’s probably worth it!


They do the best selection of vegan period-proof swimwear, including a funky little animal print number that’s reversible so you can wear it in two styles! If you’re located in Australia or on that side of the world, Modibodi is your most local period pants brand (although they moved production offshore in 2016).

Just watch out because not all of their period pants are vegan – the main range contains Merino wool!

Features of Modibodi period pants:

How much do Modibodi period pants cost?

Modibodi undies start at £21.50 for a light-moderate flow bikini brief and go up to around £31.50 for the recycled bikini briefs (you can buy the crop top separately or buy them as part of a set starting from £68).

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