Get a Kick Outta These Vegan Shoes


Get a Kick Outta These Vegan Shoes


When we turned vegan back in 2015, sourcing a good pair of vegan shoes was difficult. And finding different kinds of vegan shoes for different occasions was near impossible. Canvas shoes it was then, for everything.

Fortunately, vegan shoes have come a LONG way since then. We can even safely say that we are spoilt for choice now!

There are a bunch of incredible 100% vegan shoe brands making anything from sandals, to trainers, and high heels. And there are also plenty of non-vegan companies bringing out vegan versions of their popular footwear.

We are going to take you through our favourite brands, vegan and vegan-friendly. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any unethical ‘vegan-friendly’ brands here (naming no names)!

A vegan shoe is one which isn’t made of any animal-based materials, nor are any animal by-products used in the manufacturing of them.

Many shoe brands still rely heavily upon animal products like leather and suede to create their footwear. Moreover, some companies still even use animal-based glues to build their shoes.

There are now also loads of 100% vegan shoes brands. Here are some of the top vegan shoe brands: 8000Kicks, Koi Footwear, Matt & Nat, & Hylo.

Read on to discover even more amazing vegan shoe brands.

The Best Vegan Trainers


Price range | £91 ($129)
Shipping | free to USA & EU
Perfect for | active people
Discount | 10% off with code: VEGANSISTERS

These super flexible and seriously strong sneakers are made using hemp. And they are waterproof! Meaning you can protect your toes from any unsuspecting puddles.

And they look great too!

Matt & Nat

Price range | £80+ ($80+)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | smart casual

Matt & Nat do more than just vegan sneakers but we love their range of vegan leather trainers so much that we had to put them in this section.

They are a great mix of comfortable and stylish. Particularly great for anyone looking to mix up their look – smart casual style.

sporty person wearing hylo vegan shoes


Price range | £100 ($130)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | runners & athletes

These lightweight natural trainers are perfect for the athletes and runners amongst us. 

We love that they are using corn fibres to make their shoes, who’d have thought?!


Price range | £80-145 ($100+)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | stylish city goers

When we first saw the Veja trainers we actually assumed they were 100% vegan, probably because of the big V logo on the side of their shoes!

But they have non-vegan shoes also, so be careful 😉

Their vegan range is extremely popular, and with their classic clean styles, it is easy to see why!

Flamingos' Life

Price range | £114-123 ($161-186)
Shipping | EU, UK, USA
Perfect for | everyday life, skaters

Flamingos’ Life were one of the first vegan brands that we knew about and actually Lucy’s first pair of vegan trainers!

They are super comfy and they look great! We have found them to be the perfect replacement for Nike SBs (Lucy’s fave brand pre-vegan).


Price range | £40-130 ($70-145)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | relaxed leisure time

Avesu also have a wide range of shoe styles, but we particularly love their canvas shoes. They are great for hotter countries and more of that relaxed surfer look!

They also have some cheaper offerings.

vegan shoes by SAYE


Price range | £113-136 ($160-192)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | trendy eco-warriors

SAYE are all about recycling! They use a mix of corn and bamboo.

We love the range of styles and their ethics. I (Lucy) have owned a pair of Sayes for over 1 year and they are very robust and comfortable. It is just a shame they also stock leather shoes.

The Best Vegan Boots

Koi Footwear

Price range | £40+ ($55+)
Shipping | UK, EU, USA
Perfect for | standing out

Looking for something a bit more fun and different? Then you’ll love Koi Footwear. Everything is colourful and will be sure to turn heads!

The shoes are well made and every purchase helps to plant a tree!

wills vegan shoes

Will's Vegan Shoes

Price range | £70-120 ($100-170)
Shipping | UK, USA, EU
Perfect for | going to work

One of the OGs, Will’s Vegan Shoes have been making vegan shoes since before most even knew what veganism was.

We love their timberland style boots, but beware, they can be harder to break in than animal-based material boots.

We are also big fan of their classic boot styles, like the Chelsea boot.

Dr. Martens

Price range | £149
Shipping | available internationally in many stores
Perfect for | grungy look

Everyone’s favourite boot, but a vegan version! Dr. Marten’s vegan boots are super popular, particularly with the alternative grungy looks.

They are very comfortable. And they even have sandal versions that look amazing!

viron vegan shoes


Price range | £129-189 ($182-237)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | trendsetters

Another company making the most of corn, they create these super trendy out there sneakers and boots.

We could imagine these on the feet of many Berliners. 

The Best Vegan Sandals and Heels


Price range | $200+
Shipping | US, & international
Perfect for | special events

VEERAH are doing something that many of the other companies aren’t, and that is vegan heels.

They promise comfort whilst still being dressy. So we think they are perfect for those special events, think weddings and birthdays.

Nae Vegan

Price range | £60+ ($80+)
Shipping | international
Perfect for | summer vibes
Discount | 15% off with code: NAEVEGSIS15

We are big fans of the cork look on the Nae shoes. They go really well with our summer wardrobe.

You’ll also find other incredible sustainable materials in their shoes, like cork, pineapple, and recycled plastic.

We recommend their sandals for your next summer holiday!


Price range | £35-60
Shipping | stocked in many stores internationally
Perfect for | comfort

Another firm favourite, veganised.

The vegan Birkenstocks are well made and comfortable, just like their non-vegan versions.

The Best Vegan Shoe Marketplaces

Immaculate Vegan

Price range | £200+
Shipping | international
Perfect for | trendy shoes

Immaculate Vegan is an online vegan marketplace with a focus on high end fashion items, so you could be spending £200+ on a pair of shoes here.

But all items they advertise on their store are vegan and they are focused on stocking sustainable materials, like cactus leather.

Immaculate Vegan stocks shoes that are made to last and help you to look like you’ve just walked off the catwalk, vegan style. So those extra pennies are so worth it! Plus you’ll get to discover new vegan brands.


Price range | £70
Shipping | UK
Perfect for | those looking for a wide range

Wearth is one of the largest vegan and ethical online marketplaces.

They have a great range of vegan shoes from UK brands, meaning you can shop local, online!

Think of Wearth as the vegan ASOS.

Lucy Johnson

Lucy Johnson

One half of the Vegan Sisters, she is the Founder of SHiDO, a vegan web design studio. She is an avid cook, sharing her recipes on Edible Ethics vegan food blog.

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