A Thorough Review of DR.VEGAN: Vegan Supplements & Nutrition


A Thorough Review of DR.VEGAN: Vegan Supplements & Nutrition



Vegan vitamins that are great for both you and the planet.



Out of all the gazillions of vegan supplements Lucy and I have tried (and believe me when I say we’ve pretty much tried them all), DR.VEGAN are by far our favourites.

A supplement brand you can truly trust to be 100% vegan, plastic-free and sustainably sourced. DR.VEGAN don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk!



What is DR.VEGAN?

DR.VEGAN is a UK-based nutrition company with a focus on people and planet. Their in-house expert nutritionists create unique formulas using natural, plant-based ingredients to support your health and well-being.

Zero additives. Zero plastic. Zero animal ingredients. Zero allergens. Zero palm oil…zero crap, basically! Remember to check the label for these ingredients when you buy supplements. 

Is DR.VEGAN eco-friendly?

In order to meet their goal of being a sustainable and eco-friendly brand for people and planet, all DR.VEGAN ingredients and formulas meet manufacturing criteria and standards, such as Organic Soil Association, ISO, BRCS, etc.

And of course, they’re all certified vegan and plastic-free!

Whoops, I’ve skipped ahead!

Is DR.VEGAN plastic-free?

The reusable pill tin you receive with your first order is made from aluminium and comes with a plastic divider insert. Aside from this, DR.VEGAN is plastic-free.

The supplements come in home compostable pouches and the postage packaging is made from cardboard, which you can reuse, recycle or even compost along with your biodegradable pouches!

Don’t have a compost? It’s super easy to set one up, here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t worm your way out of composting at home

drvegan sustainable supplement tin
Eco-friendly supplement tin

What supplements does DR.VEGAN do?

Oh my, all sorts! There are too many to list here and more supplements are added to the DR.VEGAN range all the time. But to give you an idea, they supply anything from Vitamin B12 to Vegan Omega-3 (DHA & EPA). 

DR.VEGAN also sells multi-nutrients that are targeted towards health needs or to deliver specific benefits. For example, we particularly enjoy their De-Stress & Sleep supplements and their PMS Hero® blend – make sure you check out our full review of PMS Hero®!

Oh, and for those of you interested in promoting a healthy balance of gut bacteria, DR.VEGAN’s gut health formula Gut Works® is a unique clinically studied prebiotic and probiotic, formulated by specialist nutritionists, that we’ve personally tried and tested. They certainly keep everything moving in the digestive department!

What supplements doesn't DR.VEGAN do?

Whilst there is currently not a solo iodine supplement (find out why iodine is important here), the nutrient can be found in their Daily Multi-Vitamin along with the skin-supporting nutrient selenium.

Selenium is also included in DR.VEGAN’s best-selling natural menopause support formula MenoFriend®. Dietary sources of selenium include Brazil nuts and soy milk. To learn more about skin-supporting foods we recommend reading the best foods and vitamins for glowing skin.

As we mentioned, DR.VEGAN’s range continues to grow and the team are super responsive to customers’ needs. There’s even a DR.VEGAN Healthy Living Community on Facebook, where you can chat to their expert nutritionists to discuss your specific needs.

plant and drvegan vegan supplement tin
DR.VEGAN's tin can fit all your different vitamins

How do you take DR.VEGAN supplements?

Most of the supplements should be taken at the same time as eating food. However, always check the packet to make sure your supplements don’t have different instructions.

I’m not the greatest at swallowing pills but almost all of the DR.VEGAN supplements come in standard-sized capsules, which are easy to swallow for the majority of people.

The capsules are also designed to be split open so, if you really are struggling, you can sprinkle the nutrients into your food…I’ve even used their (chewable) Omega-3 soft gels in my vegan fishcake recipe to give them an extra fishy flavour!

vegan omega 3 supplement review from DRVEGAN
DR.VEGAN's Omega-3 soft gels

Are DR.VEGAN supplements affordable?

I’m going to be honest, high-quality, eco-friendly supplements never come cheap. It’s a fact of life that sustainable purchases tend to cost more than a plastic bottle of multivitamins.

Nevertheless, DR.VEGAN supplements are competitively priced and are much more affordable than other vegan and sustainable supplement brands. Particularly when you opt into their subscription scheme or purchase one of their bundle deals.

DR.VEGAN supplements vary in cost but prices start at roughly 19p per capsule.

what else does dr.vegan offer?

Other features we love about DR.VEGAN include:

  • Diet profile (discover the nutrients you need)
  • Regular nutrition articles
  • Free Corporate Wellness (group-based nutrition programme for businesses)
  • Recipes blog that features plenty of nutritious and delicious plant-based meals and snacks

Vegan Sisters' Verdict

What’s not to like?

Affordable, certified vegan, plastic-free, sustainable and with a huge range of supplements to suit numerous health requirements, DR.VEGAN gets a big thumbs up from us!


Ease of use

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