6 Eco-Friendly Vegan Bathroom Products


6 Eco-Friendly Vegan Bathroom Products


Not only does single-use plastic make your bathroom look tacky and cheap, but it is also ruining nature’s bathroom, the ocean.

So it is about time that we started finding good quality eco-friendly bathroom product swaps that help to eradicate single-use plastic.

But it shouldn’t stop there, as it is also super important that these products be vegan-friendly. Because products which rely on the use of animals, are also relying on an industry which is heavily contributing to the world’s pollution problem.

Fortunately, most eco-friendly products aren’t just solely focusing on being eco-friendly, but also being vegan. What’s more, there are more and more of these awesome eco-friendly vegan bathroom brands popping up all the time. And they are getting better, and better.

So, let’s get to it. Here are my favourite eco-friendly vegan bathroom products that will be the last you should ever have to buy!

eco friendly vegan bathroom cleaning products by homethings


Okay, this may sound crazy but I have fallen in love with cleaning products. Specifically, Homethings cleaning products.

Their branding is fun and their products are both vegan and eco-friendly. You buy a refillable bottle, made from either plastic or glass, and they send little tablets (inside compostable packaging) that you mix with water inside the bottle.

The bathroom cleaner has left my bathtub sparkling and my toilet squeaky clean. And this is made much easier with their magic sponge that expands when wet.

I believe that this is the last ever eco-friendly vegan cleaning product you’ll ever need. Buy yourself a bottle and let the tabs do their magic.

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Ethosa vegan eco-friendly bathroom product


This is the shower gel product we’ve all been waiting for, a completely plastic-free and natural alternative that is enjoyable to use. Ethosa leave the water out of the product so that they don’t have to package it in any single-use plastics.

Their starter kit includes a refillable aluminium bottle and pump as well as a konjac sponge and packets of shower gel powder ingredients. This bottle can truly last you a lifetime!

This bathroom product is plant-based and chemical-free. And it smells and feels great on your skin.

Lucy holding cheeky panda eco friendly vegan bathroom product

The Cheeky Panda

No eco-friendly bathroom is complete without these amazingly soft and strong bamboo toilet rolls.

They come packaged in a recyclable paper wrap and the toilet rolls themselves are made entirely of bamboo, a very sustainable crop.

I seem to remember as a kid that toilet roll always came wrapped in paper. When did everything start switching to ridiculous unrecyclable plastic packaging?! Fortunately, companies like The Cheeky Panda are making it easy to go back to buying a more eco-friendly toilet roll.

These eco toilet rolls feel really soft on your bottom. They are also really strong and hard-wearing.

Wype vegan eco-friendly bathroom product


It is time to get less embarrassed about our number twos as Wype is on a mission to get us thinking about what we are wiping our bums with. The brand wants to replace wet wipes with a more eco-friendly refillable gel solution. 

The gel is 100% vegan and comes delivered inside an aluminium tube. These can then be easily refilled.

Just wipe the gel onto your eco-friendly loo roll and glide it onto your bottom. You’ll leave the toilet feeling fresh and excited to share your new discovery.

I have been using Wype with my bamboo loo roll, and without going into too much detail, I can confirm that it works a charm!

vegan eco bathroom products by splash

Reefyll (Splash rebrand)

If you aren’t using a hard soap then you’ll likely be using single-use plastic hand wash. And we all know how important it is to wash our hands regularly. So this results in a LOT of waste.

But now we can wash our hands using these eco-friendly refillable soaps from Reefyll. They deliver you a reusable soap dispenser which you refill using their handy tabs and water.

They currently have two scents, juicy orange and tropical coconut.

If you’re wondering why the picture says “Splash” it’s because they’ve recently rebranded – still the same great refillable soap product!


For a long time I had been searching far and wide for an eco-friendly electric toothbrush but the closest I could get was a disposable bamboo toothbrush. That was until SURI came about.

They create their electric toothbrush using an aluminium body with plant-based heads made from cornstarch and castor oil. The heads can be composted, you just need to return them to SURI for processing.

The toothbrush isn’t just eco-friendly, it also works amazingly well. The travel carry case makes it easy to charge and pack, perfect for regular travellers.

I recommend buying this brush, it’ll be the last one you’ll ever need. And even if it does break, they have made it super easy to repair. 

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