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Living with Non-Vegan Parents: Creating a Happy Home

Living with Non-Vegan Parents: Creating a Happy Home

Vegan Family
Humans and animals live in harmony.
Humans and animals living in harmony. With thanks to Vegan Love on Tumblr for this picture.

Parents Know Best

One of the challenges we face when we decide to become vegan is living with non-vegan parents. Sadly, just because they care deeply about us, doesn’t mean that parents know what is best for us in terms of diet. For example, some parents attempt to get us to eat the food that they perceive is healthier than what we eat as vegans. However, having non-vegan parents does not have to be the hardest challenge we face.

Lack of Support

As a new vegan, I understand the struggle of going plant based when both our families and the majority of society do not support us. They can even try to put you in weird situations deliberately, so that you undergo high pressure. This leads to several issues, such as isolation, numerous arguments, and mental health issues, etc. Ultimately, this isn’t good for us, our family, society, or even for the lovely animals.

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Should We Fight Against Our Non-Vegan Parents?

As a result, since I am one of the strugglers that experience this pressure of being vegan, I really see the need to start convincing our parents to be on our side, by improving our social-self skills instead of fighting against them. In my opinion, when we win over our families, we can create a more stable environment, in which we can overcome the other difficulties from the outside.

Moalsa’s Tips for Creating a Harmonious Environment with Non-Vegan Parents:

1. Good Communication Skills

Communicating with your non-vegan parents
Communication is key! Thanks to Medical Daily for this photo.

It is important to be solid about our reasons for going vegan, but this does not mean we let our emotions blind us. In this type of discussion, what we need is clear communication so that we can explain our own beliefs and values. Having bad communication skills and a closed mind will not help us mentally, neither will they help us to express our beliefs. 

2. Educate Yourself and Your Non-Vegan Parents

At any free time in the weekend you can set a time to go out with your parents to some of the well fairs that target people to eat healthier by following plant based diets. You also can read more about the health benefits of going vegan and try to share it with your parents . Whenever I do this to my non-vegan parents, they often rethink what they will eat in their next meal, because I showed them the health risks of eating red meats.

Educate your non-vegan parents using documentaries and by taking them to vegan fairs.
Vegan Education. With thanks to Vancouver Weekly for this photo.

3. Be Friendly and Positive

Fury and impatience will only make people become more stubborn and you will keep them at a distance. If you do not take things smoothly, you will have a horrible relationship with your parents. Even if some people say you are old enough to move out of your parents’ house, this will not solve the problem. By moving out of your parents’ house, you are creating even more of a divide and will be more isolated than ever.

 4. Impress Your Non-Vegan Parents by Mastering Vegan Dishes

Amaze your non-vegan parents by cooking culinary delights.
Amaze your non-vegan parents by cooking culinary delights. Thanks to Acorn for this amazing picture.

As I said before, winning your parents over to your side is very important in order to stabilize the pressure. As a result, I really recommend that you learn how to cook delicious vegan meals, instead of just eating vegan junk food. Once you’ve mastered cooking, try to share meals with your parents. When they see that a lot of plant based meals can taste just as good (if not better) than non-vegan dishes, they may change their minds about the whole idea of veganism. Plus, I’m sure they will appreciate that you took the time to cook them a delicious dinner!

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5. Avoid arguing

It is very hard to avoid arguing when you get parents like mine; they always comment on what I eat or on what I cook, even if I try to avoid trouble. However, I have seen that by avoiding arguments, I can get the full satisfaction of what I do. I found when I confront my parents or answer back, then the situation always gets worse. Not to mention the fact that I get hurt by all those arguments and even my parents must experience pain. Furthermore, having disputes with my parents never gets me anywhere, so avoiding them at least prevents me from wasting my time.

Thanks to Moalsa for writing this blog:

Hi my vegan friends,
My name is Moalsa and I’m 21 years old.
I’m a vegan who has a passion for plant-based diets, traveling, and vlogging. I also really like blogging about vegans, because I am all about supporting our cruelty-free lifestyle.

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