Organic Basics Review – The Comfiest Vegan Underwear?


Organic Basics Review – The Comfiest Vegan Underwear?


Organic Basics Review

A vegan-friendly sustainable clothing company who don’t just mean good, they do good too.



Organic Basics are tackling the fast fashion industry head on with a vegan-friendly sustainable clothing range that is made to last.



Organic Basics are leading the comfort revolution, and making sure it is organic and eco-friendly all at the same time. Plus, the majority of their clothing is all vegan-friendly – win!

You may have seen Organic Basics already featured in our vegan sportswear guide, well guess what, they do loads of other amazingly comfy clothing and we are here to tell you all about it.

I’ve always been watching over Organic Basics with a keen eye but hadn’t yet committed to making a purchase. And yes, that is probably all thanks to the luring effects of the fast fashion industry. I never seem to learn, even though I end up having to regularly throw out 1 month old pairs of knickers due to things like holes in the crotch.

If I wanted crotchless underwear I’d be shopping in Ann Summers…

So we were happy when Organic Basics sent us a few items from their underwear range to try for free, in return for this honest review. So, let’s get on with it!

Can you get comfy vegan clothing?

It is time to wave goodbye to the days of cringey vegan messages plastered across polyester t-shirts. And let’s say hello to comfy organic cotton basics made to last.

This is all thanks to companies like Organic Basics.

They create their clothing with your body in mind. Might not sound like an earth shattering concept, but there really aren’t many clothing companies out there doing this. And when clothes are actually made to fit and work with our bodies, they are so much more comfy.

Organics Basics uses mostly organic cotton and recycled materials like TENCEL™ to make their clothes and they are manufactured in Europe in sustainable and fair factories.

This makes their clothing eco-friendly, extremely comfy, and (mostly) vegan-friendly, just watch out for their use of recycled wool and cashmere.

Who are Organic Basics?

Organic Basics was created with a mission to tackle the fashion industry. They put sustainability at the core of everything they do, and they actually put their values into action with full transparency of their materials and manufacturing.

In addition to this they are creating clothes for all shapes and sizes, putting comfort and body positivity at the forefront of what they do.

They are also a registered B Corp and all their vegan clothing is PETA approved.

Organic Basics make the most comfortable and long lasting sustainable clothing with vegan-friendly ranges. They have a good range of styles which aren’t swapped out every season, because there is no fast fashion here!

We love how supportive their underwear is. Plus it looks so great you’ll want to stage your own mini photoshoots.

Organic Basics can be found in many different independent shops both online and in store.

However, we recommend ordering directly from Organic Basics’ online store so you can make the most of their full range. Plus they have worldwide shipping. Make the most of our exclusive 10% discount on your next purchase: VEGANSISTERS10

What makes organic basics sustainable?

Sustainability at Organic Basics is twofold:

Organic Basics Materials

Organic Basics use a range of materials that come from different sustainable sources.

First of all, there is their organic cotton range (which is the material used for the pink underwear I am wearing in the pictures). As the name suggests, this cotton is organic and sustainable. 

They also have a TENCEL range which Alice was sent, these are made with recycled materials.

Organic Basics Manufacturing

Organic Basics make sure to manufacture all their garments in factories across Europe. We are yet to find a vegan-friendly clothing company that manufactures so close to home, which makes the price tag on these products more reasonable.

It is nice to know that the products haven’t been shipped half way round the world, multiple times, as is the case with so much clothing nowadays (even the ones which claim to be sustainable).

We appreciate how transparent Organic Basics are about this and it is great to see them using less air miles than most!

What vegan clothes do Organic Basics do?

Whilst we were sent a few of their vegan underwear collections, Organic Basics also do some amazing sportswear and basic clothing which we will be trying out ASAP! Oh, and they have plenty of options for all genders/much of their clothing is unisex.


Organic Basics have a great looking range of vegan-friendly sportswear. Including leggings, sports bras, and cycling shorts. Oh, and swimwear too.

Having tried their bras we are certain their sports bras will be just as comfortable and supportive.


As you have seen on this blog, Organic Basics have a good range of vegan-friendly underwear. What we really love is that they don’t overdo it, they have a few styles of bras and knickers and then show variety in colour. This means they can be more sustainable, not changing styles every season. Because who really needs to follow trends with their underwear?!

Everyday Basics

If you are looking for comfortable t-shirts, dresses, shirts, and more, then look no further. These vegan-friendly basics are made to last, plus thanks to their neutral colours and long-lasting styles, you’ll be able to pair these up with endless outfits. Hello sustainable wardrobe!

Where can you buy Organic Basics?

Organic Basics clothing is sold direct via their website but you may also stumble across their clothing in your favourite eco-friendly clothing store. We recommend heading direct to their own online store to browse their full range of vegan-friendly clothing.

Exclusive Discount

Use this code for 10% off your Organic Basic’s purchase: VEGANSISTERS10

Discount applies worldwide, no minimum purchase required.

The Vegan Sisters' Verdict

The very fact that I have been living in this underwear ever since Organic Basics sent them over to us is testament to how good they are.

They are soft and comfy, plus it feels great knowing they are made from sustainable materials not too far from home.

Organic Basics Review

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