Panda bedding review: softer than silk?


Panda bedding review: softer than silk?


Panda is here to make bedding sexy again!

But do their Lyocell sheets stand the test of time? Are bamboo fibres actually used to strengthen cement? And how soft and silky are their Signature+ Collection duvet covers, really?

Discover all this and more in my comprehensive Panda bedding review! Plus, get my cheeky take on their hybrid bamboo pillow.



These sheets are so sexy! I love how they feel against my skin – and they don’t get static! They’re breathable, cool and don’t really need ironing (if you’re not too particular). Plus, they’re naturally hypoallergenic. They are a bit pricey and I’ve noticed some minor discolouration where my head lies on the pillow but, in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t put face oil on just before I go to bed, and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

I also highly recommend pairing the bamboo bedding with the Panda Hybrid Pillow – I’ve had some of my best nights’ sleep with it.



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Why trust my Panda Bedding Review?

With my Panda Signature+™ Bamboo Lyocell Bedding washed and securely wrapped around my mattress, pillows and duvet, I spent a few weeks sleeping, snuggling, fidgeting, snoozing, apparently dribbling, relaxing and puzzling over a crossword or two in bed. Then I washed my bedding according to the care instructions and did all of the above all over again, and again – all in the name of a thorough review (and many good nights’ sleep). The bedding even survived an apartment move, bundled into the back of my mum’s car and transported across the city! So, I reckon my examination has been quite thorough.

Alice thoroughly examining the Panda bamboo Signature collection duvet cover whilst sat on her bed
Me thoroughly examining the Panda Signature+ collection duvet cover

My thoughts on Panda Bedding

Quality and value

When I say sexy, I mean sexy. Panda’s Signature+ Bedding collection feels so silky and luxurious. Vegan alternatives to silk are usually synthetic and never quite match the quality of the real thing. As someone who seems to build up a lot of positive ions, I find that synthetic bedding often gets charged up, sticks to my skin unpleasantly or even gives me electric shocks when I remove it for washing. Fortunately, Panda’s bedding does no such thing. Lyocell, made using a non-toxic, closed-loop manufacturing process, is an indulgent material that gently strokes the skin and wicks away moisture – perfect for those who love a cool and dry night’s sleep!

Since they’re made out of bamboo, they are also naturally hypoallergenic and breathable. At £175 for a complete double bedding set, they’re not the cheapest. But then you’re paying for luxury and sustainability – they’re made from ethically sourced organic bamboo, grown pesticide-free and delivered in recycled and recyclable packaging. Moreover, Panda offers a 30 night trial and a one year guarantee – get in!

The bedding close up. You can see the folds of soft silky material in the beautiful shade of forest green
Sexy silky folds - look at those strong fibres 💪🏻😍

Durability and fit

I was worried that these sheets wouldn’t be very durable since they’re so silky and delicate but they hold up pretty well in the wash. After several washes, they seem to get even softer without losing any durability. In fact, bamboo bedding is known to be more durable than silk or cotton if you follow the care instructions properly (cold delicate cycle). Bamboo fibres are so strong, they’ve even been suggested for use in cement blends!

Alice is stretching out the bamboo fabric to inspect it's durability and fit

As for the fit, Panda bamboo duvet sheets come with hidden loops inside the corners – genius! Well…if you happen to have loops on the corners of your duvet, that is. You can tie these together to prevent the duvet from misbehaving and bunching up. As someone who loves to snuggle and wriggle about with my partner, this is a game changer! Panda’s Cloud Duvet has the loops but if you already have a duvet, you can sew on some of your own. Honestly, it’s such a great feature! Moreover, the corner pockets on the sheet are nice and deep, so they should also fit around thicker mattresses.

A close up of the sheets showing the minor discolouration
That will teach me to wear face oil to bed in luxury sheets!

One thing I have noticed though is that the Forest Green shade can discolour slightly after a couple of weeks of use. For example, where my head lies against the pillow or (embarrassingly) where I’ve perhaps drooled (must have been having good dreams) on the sheet where I have been lying front down. I do wear face oil before going to bed 😉 so just be aware that you probably shouldn’t wear oily moisturisers/night creams when using this bedding.


Green is my favourite colour and the Forest Green is absolutely stunning. I also adore the Pebble Cream for its neutral yet dreamy tone. I’ve found that I don’t really need to iron this bedding set; it’s pretty crease-free and looks great when it dries naturally (which it does pretty quickly after a wash). The duvet cover also comes with cute little bamboo buttons that add to the natural forest feel. I do wish the button holes were a bit wider though because they can be quite a squeeze to fit in and end up lengthening the time I spend putting on the bedding (one of my least favourite chores 😅).

Cute little bamboo buttons on the forest green Panda bedding duvet cover
Cute as a button!

Panda Hybrid Pillow Review

I don’t know about you but I love a firm-ish pillow. Not too firm but better than those big squishy poofy things that swallow your head or those floppy flat pancakes that do nothing to support. Well, Panda’s Hybrid Pillow is just perfect for me!

Alice squeezing the Panda hybrid pillow like an accordion. She has a big grin on her face
Pretending I can play the accordion

I also like my pillow to remain cool, particularly during those hot summer months (not that we’ve had many of those in the UK this year) and it has a removable cover that you can wash to keep it fresh. I actually can’t think of anything I don’t like about this pillow. It did have a bit of an odd smell when I first got it out of the box but I’m assuming that was the CharcoCell Foam™ and it’s faded now (and not entirely unpleasant). Oh, and there’s a 10 year guarantee! Can’t go wrong with that 🤗

Where can you buy Panda Bedding?

You can buy Panda bedding, including their signature bedding sets, pillows, mattresses and toppers from their online store.

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Vegan Sisters' verdict

Overall, Panda’s Signature+ Bedding collection and Hybrid Pillow offer an exceptional combination of luxury, comfort and sustainability. The bedding, made from silky, breathable Lyocell and derived from ethically sourced bamboo, feels indulgent and stays cool, making it ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep. It is hypoallergenic and durable, becoming even softer with each wash, and features thoughtful design elements like hidden loops and deep corner pockets. Although slightly pricey, the quality and eco-friendly aspects justify the cost, in my opinion, and the 30 night trial and one year guarantee provide added assurance. The only minor issue encountered was the occasional discolouration of the darker bedding shades, which I believe were caused by my face oil. Stains might show up quite easily though!

The Hybrid Pillow complements the bedding perfectly, offering firm yet soft and comfortable support. It kept my cheeks cool and features a removable, washable cover. It did have a slight initial odour, likely from the CharcoCell Foam™, but this faded quickly. With a 10 year guarantee, the pillow is a solid investment.

Panda bedding and pillow reviews

Firmness (of the pillow)
This way for a good night's sleep

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