Symprove under the microscope: a Microbiologist’s review


Symprove under the microscope: a Microbiologist’s review


Did you know that approximately 500–1000 species of bacteria exist in your body at any one time? And most of these microbes (numbering in their trillions) live in your colon.

I’ve seen some of the little critters under a microscope; they’re so cute!

But, unfortunately, some of them are not always so keen on us. Whilst others get a little bit too keen…

Sometimes the microbiome (our very own personal army of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other teeny tiny creatures that live on and inside us) gets knocked out of kilter and causes us no end of issues. I can’t say that the numerous antibiotics I have taken (whilst undoubtedly lifesaving) did my gut any favours.

Anyhoo, probiotics can contribute to a more balanced microbiome and support a healthy vegan gut. But some are better than others and they’re not suitable for everyone.

So make sure you read my full Symprove review to learn more about this drink packed full of friendly bacteria and find out if it’s right for you!



Symprove, the stealthy probiotics in liquid form, bypass the stomach’s harsh environment to reach the gut, offering targeted support for those with imbalanced microbiomes. Lucy and I both experienced positive changes, though the daily morning routine shift was a minor inconvenience. Whilst the price and plastic packaging are drawbacks, the investment in a healthier gut makes it worthwhile. The plastic bottle and measuring cup are fully recyclable but we wish they didn’t include a cup with every single box.



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Probiotic supplement FAQs

The consensus among scientists is that probiotics have a positive impact on health. Studies have shown that probiotics can help treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and reduce bloating when containing L. plantarum bacteria. Additionally, probiotics can relieve colic symptoms in infants that may result from low levels of lactobacilli in the intestines.

Gut bacteria may play a role in weight management, making probiotics a potential solution for weight loss because of their ability to reduce inflammation, which is strongly linked to obesity. Furthermore, probiotics can replenish good bacteria destroyed by antibiotics, relieving antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.

Vegans can benefit from probiotics because they may support protein absorption, maximising the benefits of eating plant-based sources!

However, each individual’s microbiome is unique, making it challenging to generalise health impacts; probiotics can have different effects on different people. What’s more, repeatedly consuming the same type of bacteria can cause a decrease in diversity, which can lead to a condition known as dysbiosis. Therefore, it’s not advisable to keep using probiotics for an extended period, unless directed by a medical professional.

Having a diverse range of bacteria in our gut makes our microbiome more capable and resilient. Research has shown that individuals who consume a diverse range of plant-based foods have a more varied gut microbiome, so eat those veggies for a healthier gut folks!

In conclusion, a more customised probiotic approach may provide the most benefits. Regardless of whether or not you decide to take probiotic supplements, consuming a diverse range of naturally probiotic and prebiotic foods is recommended.

Why our Symprove review?

Both my sister, Lucy, and I started this process with Symprove because we had issues with our guts, making this a true before and after review. We took Symprove for the full recommended course of 12 weeks and we wrote this Symprove review after finishing our complete course. I have returned to update this review after taking a course to help my gut recover from a nasty kidney infection (and plenty of stress!).

What’s more, as a microbiologist who wrote her dissertation on gut bacteria, I know a lot about the science behind it.

Before we get started, let’s do some much needed pre-reading about Symprove, what it does, and why so many people are raving about it.

A fridge shelf full of Symprove
Yes. I have an entire fridge shelf dedicated to Symprove...

What is Symprove?

Symprove is a water-based gut supplement which delivers friendly bacteria to your gut to help support your microbiome.

Whilst not labelled as a probiotic or prebiotic, it works with the same purpose, but arguably is much more effective due to it being water-based.

Symprove is made up of 4 live bacteria strains which get delivered to your gut with every dose.

Why not watch this helpful video from Symprove themselves, because who best to describe their product.

What is Symprove used for?

Symprove helps to deliver friendly bacteria to your gut to improve digestion, build up your immune system and aid nutrient absorption.

Because of this, it may be beneficial to use Symprove after taking a course of antibiotics, as they can cause collateral damage to your gut. Symprove is also useful for individuals who experience issues with their gut, including indigestion, heartburn, stools, constipation and IBS.

Is Symprove good for IBS?

According to a scientific study, people suffering from IBS who took a 3 month course of Symprove saw a significant reduction in the severity of their symptoms.

Although probiotics may not cure IBS, they can help manage symptoms. Keep in mind that everyone responds to probiotics differently, as we discussed in our FAQs.

Alice is stood in her kitchen holding two bottles of Symprove. She looks happy because the probiotic supplement is improving the diversity of her microbiome.
Symprove comes in three different flavours. Here I am with two!

How long do you take Symprove for?

Symprove recommends you start with their 12-week programme to get the most out of their product.

However, some people choose to repeat their 12-week programme annually or after undergoing a course of antibiotics. It’s important to supplement your probiotic intake with a balanced diet that includes nutrient-rich fermented foods. Additionally, it’s important to maintain a diverse, healthy and well-balanced diet after completing the programme.

We did the 12-week programme and then stopped taking Symprove. It helped kickstart our guts and if we start to see symptoms of bad gut health again, we restart.

What bacteria strains are in Symprove?

Symprove is made up of 4 live bacteria strains. These are:

  • Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus NCIMB 30174
  • Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 30176
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus NCIMB 30175
  • Lactiplantibacillus plantarum NCIMB 30173

"The bacteria in Symprove have all been independently characterised by the NCIMB (The National Collection of Industrial and Marine Bacteria) using the latest DNA sequencing and mass spectrometry techniques. These methods have enabled characterisation of the genera, species and strains."

- Symprove

These bacterias collectively deliver 10 billion CFUs per 1 serving. Sounds like a lot, right?!

How do you take Symprove?

Symprove comes delivered to you in a bottle with a serving cap. Measure out your 70ml dose in the cap and then simply swig away.

You should take your dose first thing in the morning, at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything. Yes, that’s right, no waking up to coffee in bed.

Still confused? Watch Lucy and I swig away at our Symprove every morning.

Psst! Spot Coco the dog 🐶

Is Symprove backed by science?

Yes, this is one of the reasons why we love Symprove, it is science-led and regularly studied. They’ve collaborated with a bunch of respected universities and research organisations to demonstrate the effectiveness of their probiotic supplements, including their ability to reach the gut and improve immune response. You can download some of their research papers here if you’re a health professional. If not, check out this King’s College Hospital study, which shows a statistically significant
improvement in overall symptom severity in patients with IBS.

And guess what, Symprove has been tested on humans, making it a 100% vegan-friendly product!

Vegan Sisters Verdict

Symprove are probiotics in stealth mode. Its liquid form allows the friendly bacteria to sneak through your stomach and get to where they need to be! And the proof is in the (gut), since both Lucy and I noticed a positive difference.

It disrupted my normal morning routine somewhat since you need to drink it 10 minutes before consuming anything else but I really did feel like my digestive system benefitted from a 12-week course. 

Despite our initial concerns of Symprove being yet another gut product promising you the world, but offering you very little, we can confirm that this stuff actually worked for us.

Throughout the Symprove programme, we noticed our symptoms improving week-by-week. It was somewhat tempting to finish the programme early, but we were recommended to keep going to help provide the best future for our guts. After finishing, we both found our symptoms had eased, making our day-to-day lives easier, and eating was much more pleasurable again. 

Does Symprove Really Work?

Yes, Symprove really does work. We can confirm that 6 months on from doing the 12-week Symprove programme that our guts are still in great shape and we still no longer have any negative gut symptoms, well definitely none like before!

Please note: not all guts are made equal, so Symprove may not always deliver the same results to every person.

Our Symprove Ratings

Ease of use

Where can you buy Symprove?

Symprove can be bought in multiple places online, including Amazon and Holland and Barrett, but we’d recommend going direct to Symprove’s online store to make the most out of our exclusive 50% discount!

Buy Direct From Symprove

Symprove discount code

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Symprove on Amazon

Alternatively, get your hands on a smaller, 4-week pack on Amazon:



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