These Are The Best UK Vegan Protein Powders


These Are The Best UK Vegan Protein Powders


We have tried loads of different plant-based protein powders, so you don’t have to! And yes, that means we’ve drunk our way through many a gritty shake. Yum.

But there are vegan protein powders out there that taste great, blend well into smoothies, and that are packed full of good stuff.

Where possible, we like to buy from 100% vegan brands like Form Nutrition, but there are also some great brands who have made vegan product lines, like MYVEGAN, which is a subsidiary of MYPROTEIN.

Why do you need vegan protein powder?

Protein is an essential macronutrient (although not as much protein is needed as is always thought) and is especially useful for those are quite active. Protein helps to repair muscles, cells, bones and much more.

Vegan protein powders offer complete proteins, making them just as useful as non-vegan protein powders.

Read our complete guide on using vegan protein here.

What do we look for in a good protein brand?

Well, we are after great sources of all 9 amino acids, high-protein content, and sustainable ingredients. 

Plus, we like protein powders that are quite fine so they don’t clump up when you make them into a shake.

Not forgetting, flavour. We want them to taste great, of course.

Last of all, eco-friendly packaging is a big plus! Who needs all those plastic spoons… we all have spoons in our kitchen drawers, don’t we?!

Here are the best UK vegan protein powders

Form Nutrition

Form Nutrition are our firm favourite vegan protein powder company. Their protein powder blends the best and their flavours are the nicest tasting. No overly sweet fake tasting vegan protein powders here!

They have three kinds of vegan protein powders: unsweetened Pureblend powder, high protein Performance powder, and superfood Superblend powder.

Our favourite is easily the Superblend toffee flavour as it is very tasty and full of important nutrients like iron and B12.

Their Performance protein powder delivers 30g protein per serving. Their Superblend protein powder delivers 20g protein alongside a range of superfoods. And their Pureblend protein powder delivers around 15g. They have something for everyone!

Read our full Form Nutrition review.

Form Nutrition vegan Protein powder flavours

Form Nutrition are the most eco-friendly offering here with compostable packaging and zero plastic spoons – hurrah!

Alternatively, you can buy Form Nutrition at most high street Holland & Barrett shops.


MYVEGAN is a fully vegan protein company offering many different kinds of vegan protein products. They have both vegan protein powder blends, perfect for smoothies and shakes, and clear vegan protein powders, perfect for water-based drinks.

They have so many different flavours that it is almost hard to choose which to go for. We do find some of the flavours quite fake tasting. We recommend Chocolate Peanut Caramel.

You’ll get about 22g of protein per serving with MYVEGAN protein powder.

MYVEGAN Vegan Protein powder flavours

You can also pick up a few vegan protein cookies whilst ordering your powder. Yum!

MYVEGAN are making a conscious effort to create more sustainably friendly packaging.

Alternatively, you can buy MYVEGAN on Ocado.


Female nutrition comes first with jrny, which we love. If all the macho-ness surrounding protein scares you off, then this is the brand for you.

Rather than just containing protein, jrny is a multi-nutrient blend tailored towards female health and well-being! We love the addition of flaxseed, which we have always added to our protein shakes. What’s more, this company have now stopped stocking whey powder products and are 100% vegan! We love progressive companies 🙂

We found their powders to be more neutral than others with no strong sweetener flavour, they blend well, but can leave lumps if only shaking it up. 

jrny vegan protein powder flavours

If  you are missing the handy, but very environmentally-unfriendly, plastic spoon that you get inside most protein powders, jrny do a lovely wooden scoop that will last much longer and looks great!


Neat was founded by two British Olympic team swimmers, so they know a thing or two about nutrition. Unfortunately, Neat isn’t a fully vegan company as they sell Whey Protein. But their vegan protein powder is still well worth a mention, and hey, if we all support them enough maybe they’ll decide to ditch the whey…

Neat’s vegan protein powder is packed full of 26g protein per serving.

Neat Protein powder flavours

Neat Nutrition have a fully plastic free delivery and try to ensure that the majority of their packaging is also fully recyclable.

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Lucy Johnson

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