Jenah St Vegan Leather Bag Review


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Jenah St Vegan Leather Bag Review

Table of Contents

Join the plant-based revolution

With the vegan designer handbag company Jenah St.

You won’t see any cheap looking plastic-y fake handbags around here. They are championing plant-based materials to make the most beautiful designer bags. 

Jenah St. kindly sent us along their Bucket Bag in light blue to test out and review. So make sure to carry on reading below. We are sure you are going to love this ethical company!

vegan leather bag by jenah st.

What is Jenah St.?

Jenah St. is a compassionate designer handbag brand, they make their bags with compassion and durability in mind. Meaning they are fully vegan and on a mission to become 100% circular.

They have a good range of designs and styles of handbags to suit different looks and requirements, from belts, to card wallets, and laptop bags. 

What materials do they use?

Jenah St. pride themselves on the materials that they use. The bags are made with plant-based materials, including undyed linen, organic cotton, and Appleskin™. They have also used Certified PU in their original collection.

Are their bags sustainable?

Not only are the plant-based materials sustainable, Jenah St. also offer a circular program for you to return your 6-month+ old vegan bag in return for 30% off your next purchase.

They then either freshen up the bag and resell, or re-use parts of it in a new design. This helps to increase the lifespan of your bag and the materials massively.

What sets Jenah St apart?

Not only are Jenah St. a vegan and sustainable brand, they also support some really important causes, including a women empowerment project in Pakistan.

With every Jenah St. order you’ll receive a keychain which is made by the women in the project. These keychains are providing the women with work, healthcare, and the opportunity to learn valuable skills.

Where can you buy Jenah St.?

If you are in Berlin you can visit the Jean St. showroom located at Sredzkistraße 57, 10405 Berlin, Germany.

Alternatively, you can buy Jenah St. bags direct from their online store here.

They ship worldwide. See here for their shipping rates.

You will also find their products stocked on Immaculate Vegan.

How much do their bags cost?

Their card holders start at €75, their laptop sleeve is €109, and their other bags range from €200-500.

The high quality materials, solid build, and durability of these bags make the cost 100% worth it!

jenah st vegan leather bag on some rocks

Vegan Sisters Verdict

We are absolutely in love with the bucket bag! The one thing that hit us when we first received it was the quality of the material. The outside of the bag looks like leather, and unlike many vegan bags, it doesn’t have an overly plastic feel and look to it. This will be down to the high quality materials they use!

The colour is amazing and goes perfectly with any summer outfits. Plus the light blue material doesn’t look like it will mark or fade easily, meaning you can wear it outside without fear of it getting ruined in seconds.

In terms of size, you could fit loads inside this bag. We personally have been able to hold our laptops in here (MacBook Pro) alongside a purse, hand sanitiser, sunglasses, notebooks, and some other little items. And our phones (iPhone 11 Pro) sit nicely in the inside pockets.

Even with all our stuff in the bag it feels really sturdy. Plus, the strap can be lengthened easily by clipping it to the top metal slots, meaning you can change the way it sits on your shoulder. We found this to be useful when you have more or less belongings in here, or if you want to change up the style slightly.

vegan leather bag by jenah st with insides

Next up, we’ll definitely be looking at getting ourselves a laptop sleeve, and one of their shopper bags (which can turn into a rucksack also).

We’d recommend also checking out their latest Lune collection.

Jenah St Review


Buy Jenah St Online

Looking for a beautiful vegan leather bag?

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