Vegan Fashion Guide (For a Sustainable You)


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Vegan Fashion Guide (For a Sustainable You)

Table of Contents

For us, vegan fashion is more than just about the animals, but also about our planet.

So, whilst there are many companies who claim to supply vegan fashion, there are still many of these which make their vegan products using unsustainable materials.

We are on a mission to provide you with the most up to date and extensive vegan and sustainable fashion guide.

Luckily, we live in 2021, where we have a wide range of vegan fashion on offer, covering clothing, accessories, shoes, underwear, sportswear, and childrenswear

Even slow fashion can move fast, so if you think we are missing something from this guide then drop us a message.

Vegan Fashion


What do Vegans Wear?

Vegans wear clothes. Well, vegan-friendly items of course. 

Vegans choose to wear fashion items that are not made using animal-based materials. 

This includes their clothes, shoes, accessories, sportswear, and underwear!

What vegans don’t wear is animal leather, suede, and any animal by-products used in glues.

Sustainable vegans also choose to avoid fast fashion, buy recycled materials, and avoid plastic.

What is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan fashion is the creation of fashion garments, shoes, and accessories, that avoid the unnecessary use of animal-based materials, like leather and suede.

This means that vegan fashion is cruelty-free and kind to animals. 

There are surprisingly many fashion brands that use animal-based materials. 

Is Vegan Fashion Sustainable?

The simple answer, no.

Vegan doesn’t always equal sustainable. Although, there are many vegans that do believe that being vegan should also include being sustainable. Protecting our planet is incredibly important.

Because of this, you will find that most vegan fashion brands do also have a sustainable ethos.

Watch out for fast fashion brands and most popular fashion brands who cash in on the vegan trend, but don’t make sustainable clothing.

Non Vegan Materials

Non-vegan materials are prevalent in the fashion industry, but if you know what materials to look out for you can avoid making any mistake purchases.

Here are the non-vegan materials:


fashionable woman wearing vegan sustainable fashion

Vegan Materials

There are plenty of incredible vegan-friendly materials that are already being used in fashion, and many more that are emerging month by month!

Here is our ever-growing list of vegan materials:

Organic Cotton
Pineapple Leather (pinatex)
Mushroom Leather
Grape Leather

Non-sustainable materials can include: polyester, acrylic, cotton (conventional), rayon, nylon

pineapple floating in the sea

The Vegan Fashion Guide

Vegan Clothing

From frocks to jumpsuits

Vegan clothing has come a long way in recent years. With a wide range of vegan fabrics and materials available, there are vegan versions of all your old favourites.

Like the look and feel of leather pants? No fret, there is vegan leather.

Like cow print? Moo happy, as there are a vegan versions.

Like wearing nice clothes that bear no resemblance to animals? We got you, there’s plenty of vegan clothes for you!

Just check out our vegan clothing guide for our favourite vegan clothing brands:

vegan and sustainable clothing rails

Vegan Shoes

From trainers to heels

When it comes to shoes, it isn’t just the outer material that may be non-vegan, but also the materials used to make the shoes themselves, like the glue, that may be non-vegan.

This is why it is really important to do your research into individual brands and how they make their shoes. 

For instance, some of the big shoe brands are renowned for using non-vegan glues to put the shoes together. But this isn’t openly advertised when you go to buy the shoes. 

irene kredenets dwKiHoqqxk8 unsplash Vegan Fashion Guide (For a Sustainable You)

Vegan Accessories

From Watches to Bags

Even the smallest of things can be promoting unnecessary animal cruelty and exploitation.

For instance, the leather strap on your watch, or the suede strap on your handbag.

Fortunately, there are many vegan-friendly alternatives out there that look great, are long-lasting and come in a variety of styles, to suit the cruelty-free you!

Check out our review of Jenah St.’s vegan leather bags here.

Vegan Accessories guide coming soon!

woman wearing vegan watch and accessories

Vegan Underwear

From bras to boxers

It’s time to get intimate with your intimates.

We should be wearing natural and sustainable materials not only for the benefit of our intimate areas, but also for the planet.

Vegan underwear guide coming soon!

woman wearing vegan underwear

Vegan Sportswear

From sports bras to swim wear

Sweat happy in sustainable vegan sportswear!

There has been a big focus on making sportswear more advanced, honing in on the use of more and more manmade materials. But we shouldn’t be supporting unsustainable sportswear companies just because we want our armpit sweat to absorb into fine plastics.

There are plenty of vegan sportswear companies, from swim and surf wear, to running and weight lifting gear.

Vegan sportswear guide coming soon!

two women wearing vegan sportswear

Vegan Childrenswear

From babies to teens

Don’t forget about the kids! They grow so quickly and think of all that unnecessary clothing waste that it causes when buying cheap temporary clothing for them.

But it can also get very expensive buying sustainable and vegan clothing for your kids when they grow out of them so quickly. So we recommend repurposing the clothes within your community, or joining a rental scheme.

Vegan kids clothing guide coming soon!

young girl wearing vegan clothes

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