Vegan Father’s Day gifts (ideas for all budgets)


Vegan Father’s Day gifts (ideas for all budgets)


Dads are incredible, especially when they embrace a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle (like my Dad)! This Father’s Day, show your appreciation for your compassionate dad with a gift that aligns with their values and interests.

Even if your dad isn’t plant-based, giving them a thoughtful and cruelty-free gift can be a great way to share your values and show them how delicious and exciting vegan options can be.

In this guide, you’ll find a variety of vegan Father’s Day gifts that cater to both their interests and your commitment to animal-friendly choices.

Whether they’re a food enthusiast, an adventure seeker, a fashion-forward individual or a lover of sustainable toiletries, there’s something here that will make them feel special while aligning with the vegan lifestyle.

Booze and alcohol-free beverages

Whether your dad drinks or doesn’t, here’s a list of snazzy beverages (with and without alcohol) to send their way this Father’s Day!

Jubel fruit lager gift box

With the sessionability of a crisp lager and the refreshment of a fruit cider, Jubel offers a delightful combination in a vegan, gluten-free and sociable 4% ABV brew.

Jubel’s perfect beer gift box comes with a six-pack and a branded Jubel stein, making it an ideal choice for Father’s Day.

Pentire alcohol free gin

For all those vegan fathers opting for alcohol-free, Pentire offer a range of gift sets with beautifully designed branding and exquisite tasting botanical 0% spirits.

Scorch liqueur with Scotch whisky

Expertly blended, Scorch combines the fiery flavours of blood orange and chilli with a Scotch whisky base, creating a unique and exhilarating taste experience.

Your dad can enjoy Scorch neat for a bold and intense sip or get creative by mixing it into cocktails at your next family reunion!

Dirty Cow Plant Based Vegan Cre*m Liqueur

*Say in a Glaswegian accent* Booze without the cows!

This creamy vegan liqueur is the perfect gift for Baileys lovers…the countless 5 * reviews say it all really.

Vegan chocolate

You can’t really go wrong with a box of chocolates…

Booja Booja

Indulge your dad’s sweet tooth this Father’s Day with Booja Booja chocolates. Each piece is carefully made using the finest organic and vegan ingredients, ensuring both taste and quality.

Whether your dad prefers classic flavours like Almond & Sea Salt Caramel or adventurous combinations like Raspberry Ripple Truffle, Booja Booja has a range of options to suit every palate. So good your dad will have to fight you for them!

Hotel Chocolat

I don’t know about you, but I think the vegan chocolate that’s made with rice syrup, flour or malt tastes cheap and grainy. Hotel Chocolat’s dairy-free range, however, is made using the highest quality finely milled hazelnuts. My oh my can you taste the difference!

Bit pricier than supermarket-bought but your dad will certainly taste the difference too with Hotel Chocolat’s Unbelievably Vegan H-Box.

LoveRaw M:lk Choc Nutty Balls

These choc nutty balls are the real deal…seriously good stuff!

Basically a vegan version of Ferrero Rocher, the variety box is the perfect Father’s Day gift for nutty chocolate lovers.

Plants & flowers

Whether your dad has green fingers or simply enjoys the calming presence of plants and flowers, this section is dedicated to finding the perfect botanical gift that aligns with the vegan lifestyle.

A bottle of vegan-friendly plant food and some blocks of coir compost made by the brand For Peat's Sake

For Peat's Sake compost and plant food

Your dad’s plants can be vegan too! Buy them some sustainable coir compost and cruelty-free plant food to help their house plants transition to a vegan diet…oh hang on, doesn’t feeding plants a plant-based diet make them plantivorous? Eeek!

BloomPost letterbox flowers and plants

Dads deserve flowers too!

Get flowers delivered through your father’s letterbox. Or trees…not sure how they would fit but there are some beauties on the BloomPost website. They even do air plants and 3D-printed pots. Go take a peek!

Eco & cruelty-free toiletries

Jungle Culture bamboo safety razor

The Jungle Culture bamboo safety razor is the perfect Father’s Day gift for zero-waste dads looking to add eco-friendly vegan products to their bathroom routine. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and bamboo, this double edge razor is built to last a lifetime, making it a durable and practical choice.

I have been using this same razor for the past few years and it’s bloomin’ amazing. Durable, sophisticated and unique; I love the design and the hemp travel bag it comes in!


Beer. Deodorant. Beer-odorant.

Yup, you read that right. Raise the bar on freshness with this brew-tiful collaboration between Fussy Deodorant and BrewDog.

Make every hour a happy hour and raise a toast to your dad’s underarm freshness 🍻

Fussy’s latest unconventional scent will have your dad exuding notes of hops, pineapple and grapefruit. Unsure if it can handle the challenge of your father’s unique aroma? Check out my comprehensive Fussy Deodorant review for the ultimate verdict!

Kitchen and cooking

Le Creuset casserole dish

Nothing says I love you like a brand new Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish…it’s a bit on the pricey side so, if your wallet is feeling a little light, you may wish to opt for one of their cute espresso cups – sometimes the best things come in small packages!

Shan Zu Chef Knife

 Give your dad the gift of culinary excellence with the SHAN ZU chef’s knife. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this knife boasts a Japanese steel core made of Damascus AUS-10 steel, ensuring exceptional sharpness and durability.

With its authentic Damascus pattern, formed through a meticulous layering and forging process, this knife is a true work of art. The comfortable and solid glass fibre handle offers a secure grip for effortless cutting of all sorts of plant-based ingredients!

Ninja air fryer

Air fryers are gamechangers! Seriously, these gizmos will change your father’s life.

I recommend frying up some seitan and tofu, or get your dad to try their hand at oil-free sweet potato fries!

Vegan experiences

Me eating a wild plant. I have long wavy brown hair with orange tinted ends, sunglasses on my head and a ribwort plantain seedpod in my mouth. I'm wearing a pink jumper.
A wild plant a day keeps the doctors away (unless you poison go buy your dad a foraging course!)

Foraging with Wild Food UK

Join professional foragers as they amble around the great outdoors, revealing what you can and can’t eat. I’ve been on a few of these courses now and I can safely say that they’re a great way for you and your dad to reconnect with nature whilst getting the opportunity to try some tasty morsels.

If the season is right, you may even be offered some elderflower champagne during the al fresco feast at the end!

Kelly Love's Ultimate Sushi Kit with various products including a bento box, rice vinegar, nori sheets, bamboo rolling mat, spicy mayo (which can be substituted), wasabi, sushi rice, etc.

Make vegan sushi together

My dad doesn’t cook very often but when he does, it’s a family affair and always great fun!

Kelly Loves does some awesome sushi products and they have an extensive vegan range, which you can buy direct or pick up the next time you visit a Waitrose with a sushi counter.

Their Ultimate Sushi Kit makes a fantastic gift set – the team at Kelly Loves is also happy to substitute the mayo for a vegan-friendly product! Send them an email beforehand and then apply a note at checkout.

DIY Father's Day gifts

Write dad a poem

You’re a poet! You just don’t know it yet…watch this video to release your inner romantic:

Wait on dad hand and foot

A bright yellow sunray background with clouds around the bottom edges. There is a big bold heading in the centre that says "I owe you one". It's supposed to represent the first page of a service vouchers booklet as a vegan Father's Day gift idea

This gift is all about giving your dad a break and pampering him with love and care. Start by creating a homemade “Service Vouchers” booklet, where you can include various tasks or services that you’ll perform for him. From cooking your dad’s favourite meal to putting up with their loud cheering and intense rivalries by attending the next local football match together, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure to personalise the vouchers with fun and creative designs, I love Canva for this!

I hope you enjoyed my vegan Father’s Day gift guide! For more animal-free ideas, head over to our Vegan Gift Guide!

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