Vegan Mother’s Day gift guide: thank her for being awesome


Vegan Mother’s Day gift guide: thank her for being awesome


Mums are pretty awesome anyway but, if yours is also vegan (like my Vegan Mum), then she definitely deserves your appreciation this Mother’s Day!

What can you buy a compassionate mum to show her your gratitude?

Well…she probably doesn’t expect anything, particularly if it means you have to spend money to buy a gift for her. Nevertheless, there’s something about gift-giving that creates such joy and happiness! Plus, giving presents can also be a way of expressing oneself, allowing us to share our tastes, interests and values with our mums. At least, that’s what I think 😉

Long story short, this vegan Mother’s Day gift guide features all sorts of present ideas for all the wonderfully diverse vegan mothers out there, from DIY and budget-friendly gifts to the more luxurious presents.

Vegan chocolate

You can’t really go wrong with a box of chocolates…

Booja Booja

If you’re looking for luxury (but value for money) chocolates, then Booja Booja should be your truffles of choice! My mum absolutely LOVES Booja Booja and has to fight me off them every time she has a box.

Some of them come in prettily designed boxes that can repurposed into a jewellery case or somewhere to store small trinkets.

Hotel Chocolat

I don’t know about you, but I think the vegan chocolate that’s made with rice syrup, flour or malt tastes cheap and grainy. Hotel Chocolat’s dairy-free range, however, is made using the highest quality finely milled hazelnuts. My oh my can you taste the difference!

Bit pricier than supermarket-bought but your mum will certainly taste the difference too with Hotel Chocolat’s Unbelievably Vegan H-Box.

Booze and alcohol-free beverages

Whether your mum drinks or doesn’t, here’s a list of snazzy beverages to send her way this Mother’s Day!

Pentire alcohol free gin

For all those vegan mothers opting for alcohol-free, Pentire offer a range of gift sets with beautifully designed branding and exquisite tasting botanical 0% spirits.

Dirty Cow Plant Based Vegan Cre*m Liqueur

*Say in a Glaswegian accent* Booze without the cows!

This creamy vegan liqueur is the perfect gift for Baileys lovers…the countless 5 * reviews say it all really.

Flowers and plants

A bottle of vegan-friendly plant food and some blocks of coir compost made by the brand For Peat's Sake

For Peat's Sake compost and plant food

Your mum’s plants can be vegan too! Buy her some sustainable coir compost and cruelty-free plant food to help her house plants transition to a vegan diet…oh hang on, doesn’t feeding plants a plant-based diet make them plantivorous? Eeek!

BloomPost letterbox flowers and plants

Other side of the world from your vegan mum?

No problem, get flowers delivered through her letterbox! Or trees…not sure how they would fit but there are some beauties on the BloomPost website. They even do air plants and 3D printed pots. Go take a peek!

Cruelty-free beauty and skincare

Feel Skin Collection

My mum gave this collection 4.8 stars in her Feel Skincare review! As her skincare model, I have also tried it out for myself and can vouch for its virtues. The range is extensive (there’s a cream for anything), the packaging is fully recyclable and mono-material (no greenwashing here) and is great for sensitive skin.

So, if your mum needs yet another cream to add to her skincare collection, Feel may be the vegan Mother’s Day present for you!

The Body Shop's Boost wellness range, laid out on a coffee table. The sugar body polish is open and you can see someone has had their fingers dipped in it. The other products include body and face wash, hair and body oil, and essential oil blend. There is a house plant in the background.

The Body Shop wellness range

Golden oldies, The Body Shop is a trusty anti-animal testing brand (although you need to watch out for their non-vegan products) that makes fantastic gift sets for mums. I particularly love their Boost gift set since it’s vegan and smells divine!

If you want to buy your mother a gift that keeps on giving, opt for their refillable Boost Hair and Body Wash; your mum will be able to reuse her aluminium container by taking it to her nearest participating store for a refill.

Get 20% off with our exclusive discount code: 14315

Kitchen and cooking

Le Creuset casserole dish

Nothing says I love you like a brand new Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish…it’s a bit on the pricey side so, if your wallet is feeling a little light, you may wish to opt for one of their cute espresso cups – sometimes the best things come in small packages!

Sustainable rustic chopping board

Olive trees produce the most beautiful wood but they take years and years to grow. Instead, opt for a sustainably grown acacia chopping board, handmade in the Cotswolds!

Acacia is naturally anti-microbial, which is great for when your mum next serves up her cultured vegan cheeses.

Ninja air fryer

Air fryers are gamechangers! Seriously, these gizmos will change your mother’s life.

I recommend frying up some seitan and tofu, or get your mum to try her hand at oil-free sweet potato fries!

Vegan experiences

Me eating a wild plant. I have long wavy brown hair with orange tinted ends, sunglasses on my head and a ribwort plantain seedpod in my mouth. I'm wearing a pink jumper.
A wild plant a day keeps the doctors away (unless you poison go buy your mum a foraging course!)

Foraging with Wild Food UK

Join professional foragers as they amble around the great outdoors, revealing what you can and can’t eat. I’ve been on a few of these courses now and I can safely say that they’re a great way for you and your mum to reconnect with nature whilst getting the opportunity to try some tasty morsels.

If the season is right, you may even be offered some elderflower champagne during the al fresco feast at the end!

Kelly Love's Ultimate Sushi Kit with various products including a bento box, rice vinegar, nori sheets, bamboo rolling mat, spicy mayo (which can be substituted), wasabi, sushi rice, etc.

Make vegan sushi together

My brother recently bought my mum and me a Dishoom vegan meal kit and we had such a good time cooking it together!

My next desire is to make vegan sushi together, to make use of all the sushi-making equipment I brought back from Korea that has been taking up space in my mum’s kitchen whilst I gallivant around the world 😜 – just kidding (kind of), making sushi together is a great bonding activity and you get to eat lots of tasty avocado nigiri at the end of it!

Kelly Loves does some awesome sushi products and they have an extensive vegan range, which you can buy direct or pick up the next time you visit a Waitrose with a sushi counter.

Their Ultimate Sushi Kit makes a fantastic gift set – the team at Kelly Loves is also happy to substitute the mayo for a vegan-friendly product! Send them an email beforehand and then apply a note at checkout.

DIY Mother's Day gifts

Write her a poem

You’re a poet! You just don’t know it yet…watch this video to release your inner romantic:

Wait on her hand and foot

My mother and I cooking naan bread. I'm taking a selfie whilst my mum is inspecting the three splodges of dough on the countertop. I may have enlisted my mum's help for this cooking session!

No, I’m not suggesting you serve her dinner whilst doing a handstand! Instead, bring her a cup of tea in the morning, make her breakfast, or bake her a delicious cake.

Here are some brilliant vegan baking recipes to get you inspired!

Better yet, why not cook together?

I hope you enjoyed my vegan Mother’s Day gift guide! For more animal-free ideas, head over to our Vegan Gift Guide!

Alice Johnson

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