Sweat in Style With These Vegan Sportswear Brands


Sweat in Style With These Vegan Sportswear Brands


Got yourself all hyped up to start that morning workout only to find your leggings have yet another gaping hole in the crotch?

I feel you.

No matter how many times you brave the sewing needle these leggings really don’t want to hide your modesty.

As much as I’d love to say let’s make this a trend and help save the planet, sometimes we just really need to top up our sportswear wardrobe.

So we have summarised all of our favourite vegan-friendly sportswear brands including plenty of sustainable options which should (fingers crossed) last long enough for you to learn how to sew.

Interesting fact

A lot of sports brands are very reliant upon plastic to create their performance clothing. Which is obviously very detrimental to the future of our planet. This is why you’ll find most vegan-friendly brands and ranges utilise recycled plastic.

organic basics vegan sportswear
Credit: Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Looking to purchase all the essential vegan sportswear? Then look no further. Organic Basics sell a whole range of organic activewear, from sports bras, to leggings and cycling shorts. All of their clothing range is certified vegan by PETA, just watch out for their SilverTech™ Active socks (made from recycled wool) and their Recycled Cashmere accessories.

The organic materials feel great on your skin and they also look amazing.

You may find their products more pricey than the others mentioned here, but the items last longer (wave goodbye to fast fashion) and are made closer to home.

Organic Basics produce all of their clothing in Europe, hurray to fewer air miles.

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tala vegan sportswear
Credit: TALA


TALA is the creation of vegan fitness influencer Grace Beverley. It is a fitness brand focusing on sustainable and recycled materials made for people of all shapes and sizes!

They sell leggings, cycling shorts, tops, and a range of comfy loungewear. Mostly budget-friendly as well.

Both Alice and I have a few of their items, including cycling shorts which I’d definitely recommend to anyone who is confident in showing off their curves.

A lot of their clothes are manufactured in Portugal. However, their new Skinluxe range comes from China. 

vegan sportswear by wolven threads
Credit: Wolven


The OG of recycled fitness wear, Wolven create their beautiful printed leggings, tops, and swimwear from plastic bottles.

We love how many of their items are reversible so you can wear the print or a block colour, depending on your mood. This helps to stop fast fashion by allowing you to make the most out of your existing clothing. You can even extend the lifespan of your Wolven pieces by buying or selling pre-loved via their website.

Alice adores her cycling shorts (with pockets!!!) and flared leggings, the material is so soft and flattering.

Wolven’s clothes are mostly manufactured in China but some pieces are created more locally in LA.

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vegan athletic vegan sportswear
Credit: Plant Athletic

Plant Athletic

Plant Athletic is a vegan and proud company. They make sure it is apparent on the majority of their sportswear, and we love it.

You’ll find most of their range is catered towards cyclists and runners. They have great cycling bibs and jerseys, and loads of options with vegan messages printed on them. So you can spread the vegan word whilst you go about your exercise!

Whilst Plant Athletic are transparent about their materials and process we are unsure at this current moment about where their vegan sportswear is manufactured.

bearhug vegan sportswear brand
Credit: Bearhug


Sportswear isn’t just about the clothing, it is also important to make sure that we are supporting and protecting our bodies where necessary using sleeves and wraps.

If like me, you have achey wrists (probably from all this blogging I do), then a wrist support will be very useful for any sports relying quite heavily upon your wrists. Same with knees and elbows. So I often wear a Bearhug wrist support when I do bench press in the gym, or for a session of yoga.

Their products are made using the sustainable material bamboo and they use no animal-based ingredients/materials in their production.

It appears that their products are all made in a renewable power factory in the UK.

girlfriend collective vegan sportswear
Credit: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective are another vegan-friendly brand championing recycled bottles.

We love their wide range of leggings, tops, and sports bras that come in block colours making them easy to mix and match with your existing sportswear.

They also have a repurposing scheme, so if you do get a slight rip or stain in your clothing you can send it back to them for money off your next order.

It is worth noting that they are a US-based company but their manufacturing is done in Vietnam.

reebok vegan sportswear shoes
Credit: Reebok


I know what you are thinking, you weren’t expecting to see Reebok mentioned here. But hear me out. They have in recent years been expanding their vegan offering, plus they have a large selection of sustainable and recycled clothing.

The reason I love Reebok is for their Nano trainers. They were originally created for Crossfit but I use them for strength training. They have a few variations of their vegan Nanos, I urge you to give them a go!

I’m all for supporting independent vegan sportswear brands but, when they don’t have exactly what you need, it’s great to have options from these larger companies. The more we show companies like these that their vegan-friendly ranges are in demand, then the more likely they’ll change for the good!

Reebok manufactures in many different countries around Asia.

adidas vegan sportswear by stella
Credit: Adidas


Adidas, like Reebok, aren’t exclusively vegan but they are continually expanding their vegan range. This is no surprise as both Reebok and Adidas are part of the same company. They do however offer separate ranges.

The main difference for Adidas is the incredible vegan sportswear range by Stella McCartney. Do expect a higher price tag for these items though.

Her swimwear range looks great and is effective for anyone doing lengths in the pool. Her gym clothing is very stylish and looks different to anything else I’ve found.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper, Adidas have a great range of their own vegan sportswear with a lot of it also using recycled plastic as part of their collaboration with Parley.

Just like Reebok, Adidas manufactures their clothing in many different countries across Asia.

Lucy Johnson

Lucy Johnson

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