Wild Deodorant Review (Does it Really Work?)


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Wild Deodorant Review (Does it Really Work?)

Table of Contents

Wild Deodorant Review

A natural vegan deodorant that actually works!


Our Verdict

Wild really lives up to its reputation. Not only does their vegan deodorant look good and protect the planet, it also really does work. This is now our main vegan deodorant of choice!



As a vegan, you’ve probably searched this countless times:

What is the best natural deodorant?

And you’ve probably struggled to find a deodorant that doesn’t leave your pits feeling stinky and muggy after just 10 minutes of applying it.

I have searched far and wide for a vegan deodorant that actually keeps your armpits smelling lovely at the same time as being eco-friendly and ‘natural’. That was until I stumbled across Wild Deodorant. 

I believe that Wild Deodorant is the best natural deodorant. Let me show you why with our Wild Deodorant Review.

What is Wild Deodorant?

Wild is a plastic-free, aluminium-free, compostable, and 100% vegan deodorant that actually works.

Buy a case, choose your scents, and keep those pits feeling fresh!

You can set yourself up with a flexible subscription so you can get deliveries of Wild refill packs straight to your door, delivered in sustainable packaging. No plastic in sight!

wild deodorant in eco-friendly package
Credit: Wild

Wild Deodorant


Is Wild Deodorant aluminium free?

Wild Deodorant is free from synthetic aluminium salts meaning that its formula is 100% aluminium-free.

Synthetic salts are used by many deodorant brands to stop you from sweating when in reality, sweating is good for us! It is a natural process that helps our bodies to regulate their temperature as well as allowing us to sweat out any nasty toxins.

Aluminium-free deodorants simply help to neutralise the smell, leaving your body to do its thing! Don’t worry though, Wild Deodorant still contains ingredients to keep your pits dry without blocking your sweat glands, including tapioca starch and baking powder.

Does Wild Deodorant stop you from sweating?

Because Wild Deodorant avoids the use of aluminium, no it doesn’t stop you from sweating. But, sweating is a very natural and normal process. 

What Wild Deodorant do instead is keep your pits smelling good whilst allowing your body to do its natural thing.

When we first started out with this Wild Deodorant review we were dubious that this would be enough to keep our pits happy, but a few months on and we are still swinging our arms about for the world to smell. And yes, we do still sweat, but this is good for us!

What deodorant scents do Wild have?

One of our favourite things about Wild is their range of scents. They have around 7 standard scents that are always available and then they regularly bring out limited edition scents. My favourite limited edition scent was Lemon Meringue – soo good!

Select your Wild scents:

  • Fresh cotton & sea salt
  • Jasmine & mandarin blossom
  • Lavender haze
  • Coconut dreams
  • Orange zest
  • Bergamot rituals
  • Mint & eucalyptus

Their latest limited edition scent is Wild Strawberry 🍓 

Check out all of the scents (including limited edition scents) here.

How long does Wild Deodorant last?

This depends on how often you like to apply your deodorant. But we’ve found on average that one compostable deodorant refill lasts us about 1 month. If you sign up to their subscription you can get 3 sent to you every 3 months.

The case itself will last for as long as you look after it. It is made using aluminium and can be sent back to Wild as part of their TerraCycle scheme.

Is Wild Deodorant suitable for men?

Wild Deodorant is definitely suitable for absolutely EVERYONE. They have a wide range of scents and colours of cases to suit all tastes.

My partner actually bought the black case with Bergamot Rituals refills a few months back upon my recommendation.

We found that the scent has quite a traditional smell which you find in many deodorants for men. Although, this doesn’t mean that Bergamot Rituals isn’t for all genders! He particularly loves the look and feel of the black case and has officially moved over from his usual anti-perspirant sprays.

His only problem is the white stains that it can leave on his t-shirts! But this is a small price to pay for great smelling natural pits.

How do you use Wild Deodorant?

To use your Wild Deodorant, you simply twist the bottom of the case and apply a few strokes on your armpits. It is really soft so it applies easily.

As part of our Wild Deodorant review I’ve been testing applying mine for a few months now and have already gotten into a great routine with it. I like to apply it at the beginning of the day straight after a shower. It easily lasts me through to the next day. Just make sure your pits are dry!

If you are quite a sweaty person, then the case fits nicely into your handbag or backpack, meaning you won’t ever be caught out.

How do you assemble Wild deodorant?

Here is a handy little video on how to assemble your plastic-free deodorant:

Where can you buy Wild Deodorant?

You can buy your Wild Deodorant case & refills directly from their online store here. They offer a handy subscription service that works out cheaper than buying one-off. Refill delivery dates and scent options are super flexible!

They also sell their cases and refills at Sainsbury’s.

Vegan Sisters Verdict

Is Wild Deodorant any good?

I put Wild Deodorant to the test and can confirm that it actually works. Not only does it make your pits smell great it actually lasts throughout the day.

I have been to the gym, gone out on the bike during a heat wave, and worn thick jumpers in the sun, and every time I lift up my arms and sniff my pits they smell glorious!

I turned vegan in 2015 and it has taken me this long (2021) to find a vegan and natural deodorant that actually works. I’ve tried Salt of the Earth’s salt rocks, Nuud, Lush, and many more. But I can now finally say that my search is over. Even a few months down the line it keeps me feeling fresh. 

I recommend occasionally mixing up your scents to keep things interesting. My staple is Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and I like to mix it up with Coconut Dreams and any limited edition scents that take my fancy.

Wild Deodorant Review

Ease of use

Buy Wild Deodorant

Where can you buy Wild?

Discount for Wild Deodorant

Get 10% off using code: AFFXY10

Have you enjoyed our Wild Deodorant review? Are there any other vegan products you’d love for us to review?

Drop your thoughts & ideas in the comments below!

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