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Afrikaans Phrases for Vegan Travellers

Afrikaans Phrases for Vegan Travellers

South Africa Vegan

Being Vegan in South Africa

The home of Afrikaans, braais, boerewors and biltong…South Africa doesn’t scream out veganism. However, don’t let that fool you – HappyCow has 332 listings for vegan- and vegetarian-friendly food establishments and more places are being added all the time. The country is a melting pot of different cultures and consequently, there is plenty of potential for vegan food in South Africa.

Furthermore, due to the country’s diverse population, the majority of its people will speak English – making it easy to divulge your dietary requirements.

Do I Need Afrikaans Phrases?

What is the point in knowing vegan phrases in Afrikaans if everyone speaks English? To impress your mates of course! Plus, sometimes people just don’t understand veganism and our phrases come with handy illustrations to help demonstrate our food preferences.

I’m sure you will all agree, there are occasions where you order something in a restaurant and you’re certain that the staff have understood what you can’t eat. But lo and behold! Here comes your salad – drowning in a Caesar dressing and sprinkled with parmesan. By having our easy to understand diagrams, it might just be able to save you from similar situations.

Illustrations for Vegan Afrikaans Phrases

We have collaborated with the wonderful Johanna Vargas Sanchez, a vegan illustrator. She has created vibrant pictures to illustrate and visually support the phrases. We believe these will help guide anyone you present your vegan questions to.

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The phrases themselves are ones that Lucy and I have found very useful whilst on our own travels. We have tried to adapt them to each country, based on our own experience, as well as other vegans or local residents that we know and trust.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to view these useful Afrikaans phrases for vegan travellers! This handy guide includes 11 colourfully illustrated phrases, which you can keep on your phone or print out and carry around with you!

Afrikaans Vegan Phrases:

1. I am vegan.

Ek volg n vegan diëet.

Afrikaans phrase 1: "I am vegan"

2. I do not eat meat, fish, or eggs.

Ek eet nie vleis, vis of eiers nie.

Afrikaans phrase 2: "I do not eat meat, fish, or eggs"

3. I do not consume dairy products.

Ek eet geen suiwelprodukte nie.

Afrikaans phrase 3: "I do not consume dairy products"

4. Sorry, but I don’t eat any animal products (even honey, milk, butter, egg, fish and seafood).

Jammer, maar ek eet geen produkte van dierlike afkoms nie. Insluitend heuning, melk, botter, eier, vis en ander seekos.

Afrikaans phrase 4: "Sorry, but I don't eat any animal products."

5. Excuse me, was this food prepared with animal fat?

Verskoon my, word die gereg met enige dierlike vet voorberei?

Afrikaans phrase 5: "Excuse me, was this food prepared with animal fat?"

6. Please use vegetable oil instead of butter for cooking.

Gebruik asb plantvette in plaas van botter in die voorbereiding van die gereg.

Afrikaans phrase 6: "Please use vegetable oil instead of butter for cooking"

7. Could you please remove the cheese from this dish for me? 

Laat asb die kaas uit die gereg.

7: "Could you please remove the cheese?"

8. Excuse me, do you have any vegan options? 

Verskoon my, het julle enige vegan opsies beskikbaar?

8: "Do you have any vegan options?"

9. Excuse me, do you have any plant-based milk?

Verskoon my, het julle enige plant gebaseerde melk?

9: Do you have any plant-based milk?

10. Do you know any vegan restaurants near here?

Weet jy van enige vegan restaurante in die omgewing?

10: "Do you know any vegan restaurants near here?"

11. Is this product made from animals (leather, wool, silk, cashmere, and fur)?

Bevat hierdie artikel enige produkte van dierlike afkoms (leer, wol, sy, kasjmier of pels)?

11: "Is this product made from animals?"
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  • South African waiters would NOT understand you. That Afrikaans is for people with a higher education, and those people are not waiters, great idea though

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