Is this the best vegan meal delivery? – Allplants review


Is this the best vegan meal delivery? – Allplants review


Allplants Review

Delicious, affordable and nutritious vegan meals delivered to your door may sound like the impossible, but thanks to allplants, it is a reality!

We were given the opportunity to taste and review a range of their plant-based meals, including a few of their breakfast dishes, a lunch dish, some dinner dishes, and a few desserts. Read on to find out what we really thought, in our allplants review.



If you are on the lookout for an exciting yet healthy vegan meal delivery service, then you’ll love allplants and their huge variety of plant-based food which will cater for your needs from breakfast through to post-dinner dessert.



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Sometimes when you finish work the prospect of staring gloomily into that bare fridge trying to conjure up a dish when you only have one red pepper, some vegan mayonnaise, and raspberry jam, is so depressing that you really just need to find a convenient alternative.

That is where vegan meal deliveries come in.

They’ve been cooked and flash frozen straight away, meaning they can be delivered directly to your door and stored in your freezer, ready and prepped for those exhausted evenings where cooking just really isn’t your priority.

And these aren’t ready meals like you remember them, these are tasty, vegan and nutritious allplants vegan ready meals. 

What is allplants?

Allplants is a fully plant-based meal delivery service. They are one of the original companies supplying fully vegan ready meals and probably one of the biggest. Because of this, they have an extensive range of dishes and meal types, catering for you from breakfast to post-dinner munchies.

How does allplants work?

Before we get on to our own thoughts and verdict, let’s go over some of your burning questions about allplants and how their vegan meal delivery service actually works.

Yes, allplants is a subscription service. It is very flexible, so you can set up a subscription for every 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks and easily change the dishes, skip weeks, or cancel if you need a break. This is all done through your allplants account which is set up on their website.

Yes, all of the allplants meals are delivered frozen. They are frozen straight after cooking and are preserved this way to enable longer storage whilst also keeping them as fresh and nutritious as possible, preservative free!

Some of the dishes can be both microwaved or cooked in the oven, but there are some dishes where it is only one or the other. But you will find this clearly marked under the cooking instructions for each dish on their website.

If you put your allplants meals in the freezer as advised you can keep them there for 6 months, but they’re so tasty and convenient we reckon you’ll eat them sooner than that! If you put any of the ready meals in the fridge then you’ll need to eat them within 24 hours.

They deliver to the whole of Great Britain except the following: Aberdeen, Argyll, Arran, Dundee, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Northern Highlands, Orkney Shetland, Jersey, Northern Ireland and Eire (Republic of Ireland).

What meals do allplants deliver?

You can have all your meals of the day catered for by allplants. And you can rest assured that they are all nutritionally balanced, filling, and tasty!

Here is an overview of some of the plant-based dishes that we have tried and that you can expect from allplants:

A spoon digging out some oats from an allplants breakfast meal pot
The winning flavour combination that fueled me for my morning gym session


We really enjoyed allplants’ range of plant-based breakfasts. They come delivered in a glass jar, which you can easily clean up and store in your kitchen for future use. Perfect for taking snacks to work, or for making your own little vegan puddings.

They have 6 different plant-based breakfast options at the time of writing this and whilst they all share a similar base of oats and/or chia seeds, the flavours are all very different which will bring some variation to your morning breakfasts.

Here are a few of their vegan breakfast dishes:

vegan tofu bowl meal delivery from allplants
A really filling lunch time option packed full of protein and healthy veg


Do you work from home? Or, do you have a microwave at work? Then you’ll love allplants’ lunchtime vegan meals. They can all be heated and up and enjoyed with time left to grab yourself a coffee before you head back to your desk. Oh, and they are full of nutritious ingredients which will fuel you through to dinner.

We found their lunch options to be really filling, but also full of the good stuff. So you’ll be filling up on grains, veg, and proteins like tofu. Perfect for getting you through the afternoon!

vegan Katsu curry dish from allplants vegan meal delivery
A great combination of crispy breaded vegan chicken, edamame, and curry sauce


Arguably the best meal of the day, so these dishes had to be good! Thankfully, allplants deliver with a wide range of vegan dinner options spanning different cuisines and utilising many different ingredients.

The plant-based dinners include at least 16 pasta dishes, 11 curries, 10 stews, 3 noodles, and 3 pies, alongside a range of sides if you are feeling that little bit extra.

The best bit: allplants offer an assortment of protein sources in their plant-based dinners, whether you have a preference for wholefood-based meals, primarily vegetables or delicious chicken alternatives and other vegan meat substitutes. So you can select the style of vegan dish you prefer and still enjoy variety OR you can mix it up!

We found their dinners to be exciting. I often found myself dreaming about the idea of them throughout the day. It was great to be eating a vegan meat alternative one night and then a mushroom-based dish the next. Some dishes were spicy and others not at all, and they advertise this clearly. Although, we’d argue for there being more very spicy vegan dishes for us chilli lovers, please! 

vegan desserts from allplants vegan meal delivery
These desserts were perfectly portioned and easy to prepare


Save yourself the faff of baking a whole vegan cheesecake (and then guiltily eating the whole thing by yourself within a few days) by adding some desserts to your allplants vegan meal delivery. 

Like the breakfasts, these come in glass jars and are perfectly portioned out so you can enjoy your pud and get back to that diet the next day.

As big pudding fans, we found these to be perfect for that post-dinner sweet fix without them being too bountiful.

How much does allplants cost?

This really depends on what plant-based meals you are buying and for how many people.

Most of their main meals start around £5.75 for one portion and £8.95 for two people (saving you 26%). A lot cheaper than those takeaways you’ve been ordering… 😉 Their single portion desserts are about £2.95 and their breakfasts are £3.95.

You can save yourself a bit of money by purchasing one of their bundles here.


Did someone say 25% off first orders? Heck yeah!

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Where can you sign up to allplants?

You can start your allplants vegan meal delivery journey by browsing their meals and bundles here on their online store:

The Vegan Sisters' Verdict

As big foodies who love to try out new dishes, ingredients, and cuisines, we have found allplants to be a great way to keep ourselves well fed but also well nourished.

You can tell that their meals have been properly thought out and their nutrients have been well calculated so you know exactly what you are consuming. They put no nasties inside their dishes and everything is flash frozen straight after cooking, which is noticeable when you try their food; it all tastes fresh and homemade, although it may not necessarily look it after it comes out of the microwave.

We have been really impressed by the variety of food and are excited to try all the other allplants plant-based meals. The meals that we did get to try were all so different and tasty. It was great to see them working alongside other vegan brands, like Meatless Farms, to bring new and exciting dishes to their menu.

What especially took us by surprise were their breakfasts. As a big fan of chia puddings, these were right up my street. It is an easy and tasty way of getting your vegan omega-3 dose for the day! The PB+J flavour was a winning combination that I could devour every breakfast time.

We have gone from ready meal sceptics to new customers thanks to allplants and their awesome vegan meal delivery service. And it is made all the better knowing that their packaging is upcycled and recyclable. We just hope that a plastic film alternative is discovered soon so these can be made fully plastic-free!


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