Fussy deodorant review: does it keep the stench at bay?


Fussy deodorant review: does it keep the stench at bay?


I would just like to clarify that, despite the title of this Fussy Deodorant review, my armpits don’t emit an awful stench…even au naturel (I hope 😬)

Anyway, my body odour aside, many people like to wear deodorant to keep the sweat and the smells at bay. But a deodorant that’s vegan-friendly, natural, sustainable AND effective is pretty difficult to come by.

Or at least it was.

Fortunately, there are now enough functional products out there that I’ve been able to create an entire comparison article on the best vegan deodorants! But I know you all want the juicy details about the brand that’s on everybody’s pits…

So here it is. In this Fussy Deodorant review, I will be taking a closer look at the top-rated refillable deodorant in the UK (according to TrustPilot).

How long does Fussy Deodorant last? Does it keep armpits fresh? How natural is it really? What does it smell like?

To find out, you’ll have to read this full review…or just read the quick summary 😉



If only you could smell my pits, you’d be instantly convinced.



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Yes, some natural deodorants can keep your pits smelling fresh! Unlike traditional antiperspirants that block sweat before it can ooze out of your sweat pores, natural deodorants work by absorbing the moisture and neutralising the odour-causing bacteria on the surface of your skin with ingredients like baking soda and essential oils.

However, not all natural deodorants are effective and, since everyone has unique pits and microbiomes, will have varying effects on different people.

Luckily, Fussy’s unique natural deodorant formula seems to work for the majority of people. Read our review below to find out how!

Oh natural oils all the way, chickpea! It’s like the difference between the smell of walking through a pine tree forest after a fresh spring rain compared to the smell of a pine scented car freshener…they just don’t compare!

Not only do natural oils smell amazing, but they’re also better for you and the planet. Artificial scents sometimes contain harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause environmental damage. Natural oils, on the other hand, are made from, you guessed it, natural ingredients like flowers, fruits and herbs. They smell divine and often have therapeutic benefits that can help you relax, focus and even boost your mood.

You betcha! One of the founders jumped out of a bin…but they still managed to secure themselves £50,000 and two Dragons 🐉🐲

You can watch the full Dragon’s Den pitch here.

Fussy Deodorant Review

How does Fussy deodorant work?

Fussy Natural Deodorant uses a unique formula that neutralises odours, absorbs excess moisture and soothes the skin.

Magnesium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate are the active ingredients used to absorb moisture and neutralise smells. Tapioca starch helps to mop up any remaining moisture and the shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower wax enable smooth gliding action whilst keeping the skin soft and moisturised.

But the real star of the show (in my geeky microbiologist opinion) is the addition of…


Lactobacillus, a type of probiotic, is what makes Fussy Deodorants really unique.

As a microbiologist, the inclusion of a probiotic as an ingredient in deodorant makes me incredibly excited! Probiotics (also known as “good” or “friendly” bacteria) are sexy little organisms you can’t see with your naked eye; they can be added to your diet or skincare routine to improve health and hygiene.

I’ll do my best not to go off on a geeky tangent here but, depending on your armpits’ microbiomes (the community of tiny organisms living on your skin), the likelihood is that you’re disturbing their delicately balanced compositions every time you take a shower.

Now, I’m not telling you to stop taking showers…but maintaining that balance is the key to neutralising bad body odours, since it’s the good bacteria that keep the smelly bacteria at bay.

Lactobacillus are members of the friendly bunch; they fight off the smelly bacteria to rebalance your microbiome!

Lactobacillus fight off the smelly bacteria to rebalance your microbiome

It’s the addition of probiotics that made me switch from another popular vegan deodorant brand to Get Fussy.

Deodorising roll on inside a beautiful blue case with a dreamy cloud-filled design. It's stood up on a table in a garden. You can see trees and plants in the background.
Fussy is full of the good stuff, ready to fight off nasties in your pits 💪

How long does Fussy deodorant last?

In terms of refills, each Fussy Deodorant should last you between 4-8 weeks. I’ve found this to be true, even during the summer when I’m frequently going for a swim in the sea and reapplying Fussy after sweaty gym sessions, etc.

As for how long it keeps you smelling fresh, Fussy has conducted tests proving that its effects can last up to 24hrs.

Personally, I’ve found it depends on my activities that day. For example, factors such as whether I’ve drunk alcohol the day before, done a particularly hardcore vegan weightlifting session, or worn a synthetic close-fitting top on a hot day can all affect how long I stay fresh.

I’m a relatively active person and I find that Fussy natural deodorant lasts pretty much the entire day, with the occasional hint of body odour at the end of a particularly busy or stressful day.

The Get Fussy Marylou deodorant case on a brick floor next to the home compostable refill
Each refill lasts me about 6 weeks and keeps my pits smelling fresh pretty much all day

How to refill Fussy deodorant

  1. Wind the inner deodorant attachment bit all the way down.
  2. Take the lid off and squeeze the buttons on each side of the top section of the case to remove it.
  3. Place the refill inside and push it down so it firmly attaches.
  4. Replace the top section of the case.
  5. Wind the deodorant up until there is enough to glide on and it’s ready to go!


Ok, ok…here’s a video:

Is Fussy deodorant 100% natural?

Oh yes indeedy! All of the ingredients used in Fussy Deodorants are 100% natural, plant-powered, vegan and free from aluminium and parabens.

Even the fragrances they use are natural. Unlike many other deodorant brands, who use artificial scents, Fussy uses natural oils that adhere to safety guidelines set by the International Fragrance Regulatory Association (IFRA).

Fussy Deodorant standing upright on a tree branch. The case is designed by artist Marylou Faure. It's blue and there are half naked people hugging flowers and sitting in clouds.
So natural it grows on trees... 😉

Which is the best Fussy scent?

Scent preferences are so subjective but my absolute fave has to be Cloud Nine Fresh. It’s light, crisp and airy; it reminds me of freshly washed clothes.

All of the scents are great though! I was worried that Night Tales Flora might be a bit musky for me but the patchouli actually isn’t too overpowering.

Fussy even does an unscented deodorant, for those who prefer to smell like themselves! I actually think this is such a great option and I’m rather tempted to rock an eau de my own (I stole that pun from Fussy!)

Here’s a full list of Fussy scents:

  • Tropic Tonic Lime
  • Cloud Nine Fresh
  • Wide Eyed Citrus
  • Night Tales Flora
  • Sun Drunk Tropical
  • Wavy Days Mint
  • Forest Haze Woody
  • Bare All Unscented
  • Limited edition scents
Are you brave enough to rock an eau de your own?

How sustainable is Fussy?

So many companies claim sustainable credentials and don’t deliver, which is why I was so surprised when I looked into Fussy’s sustainability credentials.

B Corp pending, the natural deodorant brand seems to have thought of everything, from the recycled plastic case that’s 100% recyclable to the eco-friendly ink and water-activated tape (used on their packaging) made from paper and plant-based adhesive.

You might question why they’ve made their case out of plastic but they’ve thought of that too. The design would have required plastic parts to function regardless and using multiple materials and glue to stick it altogether would have made the case more difficult to recycle at the end of its life; using just plastic means that it has a lower footprint over the lifetime of the product.

The refills are plastic-free though! They’re made from a natural blend that includes waste sugar cane pulp, making them suitable for your home compost.

So yeah…Fussy is pretty sustainable and it makes a great addition to my growing list of eco-friendly, vegan bathroom products

How much is Fussy deodorant?

The cheapest option is the Fussy subscription starter pack, which costs £13 for one case and one refill. Future refills will then cost only £5 each. You can pause, change the frequency or cancel this subscription at any time.

The second option is the one-time purchase pack, which includes one case and two refills of your choice for £20. The third option is priced at £32 and includes one case and four refills.

Alternatively, you could opt for the one-time purchase of three refills, which costs £18.

Fussy has also announced that they will be doing travel-sized deodorants in the near future. I hope this option allows people to buy sample scents to try them out before they commit to buying a plastic case.

The Fussy deodorant case is lying open on a mesh table. The lid is next to it, as well as the biodegradable and sustainable refill.
The case is super easy to refill and subscription refills only cost £5 each

Where can you buy Fussy Deodorant?

You can buy your Fussy Deodorant directly from the Fussy Natural Deodorant website!

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Vegan Sisters verdict

Fussy Deodorant is a must-try for anyone in search of a high-performing, eco-friendly, cruelty-free deodorant option. It’s ideal for those who want to eliminate odour and control wetness.

One of the standout features is its use of probiotics to rebalance your armpit microbiome. I’m pretty sure that this is why Fussy has been the most effective natural deodorant for me. 

The unique scent options provide a long-lasting and refreshing aroma. Oh, and since it’s a solid formula, it’s possible to take it on the plane as hand luggage, which makes it ideal for vegan travel (great for digital nomads like me).

My one bugbear is that the older cases don’t stand up and are awkward to store in the bathroom. Looks like they’re changing this though, with their latest snazzy artist collab case by Marylou Faure.

Overall, Fussy Deodorant offers a great solution for those looking to make a positive impact on the planet whilst keeping their armpits super fresh!

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