Hip Pop Gut Lovin’ Soda review – will your gut love them?


Hip Pop Gut Lovin’ Soda review – will your gut love them?


Hip Pop has recently added a new beverage to its range of tasty kombuchas and living sodas: Gut Lovin’ Sodas.

These high-fibre, probiotic and prebiotic sodas aim to replace sugary fizzy drinks as a healthy yet lip-smackingly delicious alternative.

Do these Hip Pop sodas genuinely deliver on their promise of being environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious? And will your gut actually fall deeply in love with them?

All will be revealed in this Hip Pop soda review! We will delve into the world of Hip Pop, explain how their Gut Lovin’ Sodas differ from their natural sodas and explore the ingredients, taste, and eco-friendly claims.

Read on to discover whether these sodas are worth a try!



Tastes good and does good – for your wallet too! Hip Pop’s range of kombucha and living sodas are much more affordable than their widely available counterparts. It’s not often that you come across a craft product that beats its supermarket rivals in both price and quality.



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My quick answer is that soda is absolutely not good for your gut health. Fizzy drinks tend to be high in sugar that is damaging to our guts and they tend to encourage people to consume way above their recommended daily sugar intake because of how easy they are to drink. Fear not! You can instead opt for one of Hip Pop’s healthy natural Gut Lovin’ Sodas, which are high in fibre, low in sugar and contain no sweeteners – these are most definitely good for your gut.

Unfortunately, gut bacteria are sensitive and they need a lot of TLC so to speak. Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are just a few of the things that can disrupt the harmony within your gut.

Drink Hip Pop Gut Lovin’ Sodas and eat a healthy vegan diet of course! Read our step-by-step guide to a healthier gut to learn more.

Hip Pop Soda Review

Anybody who knows me knows that I consider myself to be a seasoned gut health veteran, which has in part been down to having both IBS and rosacea for many years now. My mum’s cure growing up was always, ‘Have you tried a mint and lemonade?’ To this day, we still tease her about this so you can imagine how happy I was when I opened my Hip Pop delivery and saw a Lemonade Gut Lovin’ Soda – the real medicinal kind of lemonade!

So enough about me, let’s talk about Hip Pop!

What is Hip Pop?

Hip Pop is a small family-run business, that used to go by the name of Booch and Brew. They brew magnificent gut-healing kombucha and living sodas on their farm in the UK.

They are making waves in the UK kombucha and natural soda market by offering good quality drinks at a much lower price than what is currently available in supermarkets.

What are living sodas?

Living sodas are fizzy drinks that contain live cultures of bacteria, usually Bacillus coagulans. Hip Pop’s Living Sodas and Gut Lovin’ Sodas also happen to be natural sodas, which means that they contain 100% natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners – meaning you can actually read and understand the ingredients list.

Cans of natural soda by Hip Pop in green, red and orange. There are lips with tongues sticking out on each can

How are Hip Pop’s natural sodas unique?

Hip Pop’s natural sodas are one of a kind – not only are they natural, but they are living sodas and if my research is correct…Hip Pop is currently the only company in the UK selling natural soda with live cultures that are available online!

Are Hip Pop’s living sodas vegan-friendly?

Yes, they are. Despite no official vegan certification on the label, Hip Pop sodas and kombucha are vegan-friendly and labelled as plant-based.

A hand holding a green aluminium can against a white background. It's a can of natural lemonade made by Hip Pop kombucha brand. THe branding shows a pair of licking lips.

I am on a diet, can I still drink Hip Pop?

When dieting, people often opt for diet drinks, but most diet sodas are full of nasty sweeteners, which when drunk in excess can have adverse effects. This is not something you have to worry about with Hip Pop Living Sodas because they do not contain ANY artificial processed sweeteners.

Each 330ml can is well under 100 calories and contains nearly 8g of fibre, which is over a quarter of your recommended intake making them a very diet-friendly drink.

What flavours do Hip Pop offer?

You can buy Hip Pop Living Soda in three flavours: trusty ginger turmeric, tropical peach and pink grapefruit.

Hip Pop also has a brand new range of Gut Lovin’ Sodas, which come in three different flavours: lemonade, orange and cola.

What is the difference between their living sodas and their gut lovin’ sodas?

The Living Sodas contain a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar, whereas, the new Gut Lovin’ sodas contain chicory root fibre.

My best comparison of the two types of sodas is that the Gut Lovin’ Sodas are like the Living Sodas, but on steroids (all-natural, healthy steroids, of course).

Two people are cheersing with their cans of Hip Pop sodas. You can only see their hands and the sodas as they clink together.

What do the new Gut Lovin’ sodas taste like?

They are mild, light and don’t make your teeth feel furry in the same way that a certain brand of not-so-natural cola does. You can expect delicate real flavours that are easy to devour!

My favourite Hip Pop Gut Lovin’ Soda turned out to be the lemonade, which has a lovely hint of vanilla to it.

Next on my Hip Pop list to try is their Ginger and Yuzu Kombucha because I am a little bit obsessed with anything yuzu flavoured.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! Once you’ve finished your beautifully packaged can of natural soda, it can go straight into your normal household recycling.

Once upon a time, Hip Pop offered bottles of kombucha so kudos to them for switching to cans, which are more eco-friendly! This is a great move that we have seen from many kombucha producers in recent years and I would love to hear more about what Hip Pop has got lined up in terms of preservation of the environment, as they continue to grow and make more of an impact.

Three Hip Pop drinks all in a row. They look like a beverage rainbow in many different colours. In the background, you can see plants and a terrarium.

Where can you buy Hip Pop gut lovin’ sodas?

You can buy your living sodas directly from Hip Pop’s website.

Or if you live near a Booths or a Harrods then you can get an on-the-go fix. Hip Pop Kombucha and Living Sodas are also stocked in tonnes of independents with more to be added across London very soon.

Vegan Sisters verdict

Hip Pop’s Gut Lovin’ Sodas are tasty, low sugar and vegan friendly. The use of chicory root fibre means each can packs a healthy dose of fibre, which combined with live cultures makes for a unique soda that can be relied on as a healthy alternative to regular soft drinks. Hip Pop offer all of this at an affordable price, setting them aside from other kombucha and natural soda brands.

We would love to see more of Hip Pop’s drinks in supermarkets and independent shops so people are able to make healthy, natural and sustainable choices. We definitely recommend getting yourself your very own medicinal lemonade!

Hip Pop review



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