Ocean Bottle review: good enough for your fave brew?


Ocean Bottle review: good enough for your fave brew?


Ocean Bottle Review

As the world becomes more aware of the importance of sustainability, the market for eco-friendly products has exploded. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which products truly live up to their green claims.

In this Ocean Bottle review, we will be taking a closer look at drink bottles and brew flasks made from ocean-bound plastic.

Does this brand live up to its eco-friendly promise? Will their bottles and flasks provide the durability and practicality that you need on the go?

You’ll have to read on to find out…or just read our quick summary 😉



Flasks and bottles that put your money where your mouth is, Ocean Bottle is a great addition to any eco-warrior or vegan nomad’s rucksack!



The ocean plastic crisis refers to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. It is estimated that millions of tons of plastic are ending up in the ocean every year, causing harm to marine wildlife, ecosystems, and even human health. This plastic waste can take hundreds of years to break down and can persist in the environment for a long time, causing ongoing damage.

To address the ocean plastic crisis, Ocean Bottle are removing ocean-bound plastic from rivers and waterways before they reach the ocean! They use some of this to make their reusable bottles and reusable flasks. The stuff they can’t use (non-recyclable plastics) are sorted for co-processing, a recovery process utilising plastic to create energy.

Ocean Bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel that is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates, which can be found in some types of water bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles also have several advantages over plastic and aluminium bottles. They are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion, and they don’t retain tastes or odours from previous drinks, making them easy to clean and reuse.

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that has frequently been used to manufacture plastic water bottles and food containers. It has been shown to leach into food and drink, which has raised concerns regarding adverse health effects, particularly for infants, children, and pregnant women.

BPA-free plastic is now the preferred alternative but it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the potential health effects of long-term exposure to these plastics. When possible, it’s recommended to limit the use of plastic that comes into contact with your food and drink. Whilst Ocean Bottle uses BPA-free plastic, the inside of their bottles are made from stainless steel, which mitigates exposure to your brew!

Which materials are ocean bottles made from?

Ocean bottles are made from 90% recycled stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone rubber, and ocean-bound plastic recovered from waterways and rivers.

You can find out more about their plastic collection campaign here.

Are Ocean Bottles leak-proof?

The silicone rubber I mentioned above? It’s used to make a seal that keeps Ocean Bottles from leaking.

I’ve tried and tested it by jumping up and down and shaking it. I also placed it upside down in my bag, which I then threw around the room for a minute…I know, I should have been a professional product tester 😅

Just make sure you’ve closed the lid!

How well does it keep coffee hot or cold?

Whatever your brew of choice (flat white, cold brew, tea, Form vegan protein shake, whisky on the rocks…hey, no judgement here 😉), Ocean Bottle will keep it at the optimal temperature for hours!

Their website states that their entire bottle range can keep drinks hot (40-50 degrees if you want to get down to specifics) for 6 hours and I can testify that my coffee was still too hot for me to keep my finger in it after this amount of time.

The liquid stays hot/cold thanks to vacuum thermos insulation technology, which ensures ideal temperatures for any liquid – keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold 🙌

The lid is deliberately not insulated, to ensure your brew reaches an optimal drinking temperature (don’t you just hate it when you get a fluffy burnt tongue?). Therefore, if you want to maintain heat for as long as possible, try to keep your bottle upright to ensure the heat doesn’t escape through the lid (it won’t leak though!)

Alice and her eco-friendly thermos made out of stainless steel and recycled plastic saved from the ocean. She's stood in front of a brick wall and she has a big grin on her face.
Ocean Bottle: keeping my coffee hot for when I most need it

Are Ocean Bottles easy to clean?

I love my Chilly’s bottle but it’s a pain in the backside to clean…you need a special brush that fits down the narrow neck and you can’t see if you’ve cleaned the inside properly.

Ocean Bottles, on the other hand, have a double opening that is wide enough to fit a normal scrubbing brush (and narrow fists), so you won’t need to travel around with a bottle brush!

Oh, and Ocean Bottles can be washed in the dishwasher…

Are Ocean Bottles dishwasher safe?

Oh yes indeedy! For everyday use, the brand recommends hand washing with warm water and vegan washing-up liquid. But for that deeper clean, you can pop your Ocean Bottle in the dishwasher!

Unlike heaps of other thermos bottles, Ocean Bottles are dishwasher-proof up to 60ºC  🥳

A sustainable thermos flask made from recycled plastic and stainless steel in the top drawer of a dishwasher

How large is the brew flask and what is its capacity?

The perfect size for an oat milk latte from Pret A Manger!

At 350ml capacity, you can most definitely fit in a flat white but you’ll struggle to squeeze in a large Americano from Costa…who drinks that much coffee anyway?!

And with 68mm in diameter and 170mm in height, I find the brew flask fits snuggly inside my bag amongst all the other stuff I seem to lug around everywhere as a vegan digital nomad.

They also have a range of different bottle sizes and capacities, so make sure you check out their website to find your perfect size!

My deadlift-battered hand with a fern tattoo grasping an open Ocean Bottle. There is a beautiful green fern in the background.


Umm…I had to Google standard cup holder sizes and it turns out that the word ‘standard’ is one that should be used loosely.

The majority of search results claimed that a standard cup size was somewhere between 50-76mm in diameter. Ocean Bottle Brew Flasks are 68mm in diameter, so they definitely fit some standard cup holders 😅 the Original Ocean Bottle is also the same diameter, so this would fit as well.

Does it come with a warranty?

I never knew drink bottles could come with warranties, but they do! And so they should since they’re supposed to replace disposables and be reusable for a long time.

Ocean Bottles come with a 10-year warranty…that’s way more than most electrical appliances! So, if you ever have an issue with your bottle (which I doubt, since they’re pretty durable), they’ll either repair or replace it, including for manufacturing defects and parts that have been accidentally broken.

Can you recycle Ocean Bottles?

You shouldn’t need to until at least 10 years after you’ve bought it but, if it gets to that point, yes you can!

All of the Ocean Bottle’s components can be separated and recycled via your local council’s collection facility. If this is a challenge, the brand runs a closed-loop recycling system, so you can just send an email to with the subject line “Recycle” and they’ll tell you what to do next.

My review of the Ocean Bottle app

The Ocean Bottle app is a useful tool for anyone looking to reduce their plastic waste and promote sustainability. The app provides a simple and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to find refill stations and fountains to fill up their water bottles on the go. The app also allows users to track their water intake and receive reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

One of the standout features of the app is its ability to help users save plastic from the ocean. Every time a refill is recorded on the app, Ocean Bottle save another 5 ocean-bound plastic bottles. This is a great way to see the impact that each refill has on the environment and to encourage users to make a difference.

A screenshot of the Ocean Bottle app setup. You can choose when you would like the app to remind you to refill your water bottle
You can set the app to remind you up to 7 times a week and see how much plastic this will help you save

However, the NFC feature, which allows users to connect their Ocean Bottle to their phones, is not compatible with every device, which can be frustrating for those who are unable to use this feature. Additionally, while the map of refill stations is constantly growing, it is currently very bare in areas outside of central London.

A map from the app showing a couple of refill stations in Cheltenham
A screenshot of the map of London on the Ocean Bottle app. It shows over 80 refill stations and water fountains around central
A screenshot showing the information that comes up when you click on a water fountain locator mark. You can click on the word directions to find your way to the fountain

Despite these drawbacks, the Ocean Bottle app is a valuable tool for anyone who is passionate about sustainability and reducing plastic waste. And of course, the more users that suggest refill stations, the better the map will become.

While it is yet another app to add to our list of neverending phone apps, Ocean Bottle provides an easy and effective way for users to make a difference and promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Where can you buy Ocean Bottles?

You can buy your Ocean Bottle directly from – they even offer co-branded options for businesses!

Vegan Sisters verdict

A flask that puts your money where your mouth is, Ocean Bottle is a great addition to any eco-warrior or vegan nomad’s rucksack!

Aside from the environmental impact of preventing 1000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean, I love that it’s 100% leakproof, big enough to fit a latte from Pret, yet small and light enough to carry around with me all the time.

And it’s a gift that just keeps on giving (to us and to the planet). Download their app and each time you record your refill, you’ll save more plastic!

Ocean Bottle review

Ease of use

Buy your Ocean Bottle direct

Discount for Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle doesn’t offer general discount codes, so you won’t find any online or on any money-making discount code sites. However, if you’re a closed group, such as Blue Light Card or students, you can contact them to find out more.

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