Suri toothbrush review – my thoughts after 1 year


Suri toothbrush review – my thoughts after 1 year


Did you know that during the Victorian era, some women used to have all of their teeth removed to save their future husbands from costly dental procedures?

Tooth decay was rampant back then, thanks to the increased availability of sugar, and oral hygiene tools were far from ideal (think twigs and cloths).

Fortunately, toothbrushes have experienced a bit of an upgrade since then 😬 and now we’re presented with the problem of how to dispose of our brushes, rather than how to dispose of our teeth…

Whilst I’m relieved that I don’t have to resort to wooden dentures (ouchie!), I also want to minimise my impact on the planet; so, I’ve searched high and low to find sustainable toothbrush options that are both effective and eco-friendly.

And I may have found just the thing: the SURI toothbrush! 

In this SURI toothbrush review, I’ll dive into the sustainability features of this toothbrush and whether it lives up to its promise of keeping our teeth in tip-top condition.

Because, tooth be told, a good dental routine is the key to a grin-tastic day!



Slim, lightweight, sleek and powerful. The battery life is incredible, the self-cleaning travel case is super handy, the teeth clean is next level and the toothbrush is reusable, repairable and truly recyclable. Honestly, SURI is the best thing since sourdough bread.

The only issue I have is that the colour on the base chips away if you keep your toothbrush standing up. But that’s not a problem if you use the mirror mount or place it in its travel case for safe storage.



Dentists generally agree that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. This is because the rapid movement of the bristles helps to dislodge plaque more effectively.

Many electric toothbrushes, including SURI, come with built-in timers to ensure you brush for the recommended two minutes. What’s more, electric toothbrushes do most of the work for you, which is great for those with limited dexterity or mobility issues.

Both sonic and oscillating electric toothbrushes have been clinically proven to be effective, so the key is to use them properly and maintain consistent brushing habits for optimal oral hygiene. Ultimately, the better option depends on personal preference.

Why trust my Suri toothbrush review?

To provide an in-depth review of the SURI electric toothbrush, I did the following:

  • Used the SURI toothbrush for one year to observe its performance
  • Gathered feedback from hundreds of users to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their experiences
  • Reviewed the latest scientific papers and research by dental professionals about electric toothbrushes
  • Investigated the product specifications and additional features
  • Developed an exclusive rating system, harnessing key criteria such as battery longevity, durability, sustainability, plaque removal efficacy, repair options, affordability and warranty coverage (you can see what I scored SURI at the bottom of this review)
A hand with two fern tattoos that wrap around the thumb is holding a SURI electric toothbrush triumphantly in front of a plain yellow background
Wingardium leviosa!

What is the Suri toothbrush?

The SURI toothbrush is an award-winning sustainable electric toothbrush crafted from recyclable aluminium and featuring plant-based heads made from castor oil and corn starch.

SURI is not only fully recyclable, but it also boasts a brilliant modular design. Unlike traditional electric toothbrushes that are sealed shut, SURI was ingeniously engineered for easy repairs and hassle-free part replacements.

This is a biodegradable refill pack containing SURI's sustainable plant-based toothbrush head. It's lying on a wooden surface and it's all crinkled.
Even the packaging is biodegradable

Key features

My experience of using the Suri toothbrush

I was fortunate enough to snag a few SURI toothbrushes during their early bird sale, and my partner, sister, her partner and I have been putting them to the test for a full year now. Let me tell you, we’re all thoroughly impressed.

I was a bamboo brush user for years, so the sonic vibrations took a bit of getting used to but, once I had used it for about a week, my mind was made up: SURI will be my toothbrush of choice for life.

Here’s what we love and don’t love about the SURI electric toothbrush:

What we love about SURI

1. Simplicity

Our very first impressions were that the SURI toothbrush was really really really ridiculously good looking. The slimline design is so simple and elegant and the earthy tones of the aluminium colours add a touch of natural beauty.

It’s also a simple electric toothbrush that comes without fancy apps or pressure settings. SURI prioritises functionality above unnecessary features, which I love because…well, who needs yet another app?

2. Sonic vibrations

Harnessing the power of 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, the SURI toothbrush delivers an exceptional clean.

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated that sonic toothbrushes are highly effective at plaque removal and reducing gingivitis compared to their manual counterparts.

Whilst oscillating heads have shown slightly better efficacy than sonic heads, SURI has opted for the latter since this has enabled them to create toothbrush heads and bristles from recyclable plant-based materials.

From my personal experience, I also find that oscillating heads can catch my gums, which can be painful. Moreover, since using SURI, I no longer suffer from bleeding gums.

As I previously mentioned, adapting to the sonic vibrations of the SURI toothbrush did take some getting used to, especially when I accidentally touched a tooth with the hard part of the head. However, with time and practice, I have grown to prefer the unique brushing sensation and have become much more skilled at manoeuvring it around my mouth!

3. Plant-based heads

I’m plant-based, SURI is plant-based. It’s a match made in heaven!

Plus, there are four stunning, natural, earthy colours to choose from.

The back of the SURI toothbrush head. There's a rough surface to clean the tongue. It's being held by a hand, of which you can just see the thumb and forefinger
The bristles are made from castor bean and the head is made from corn starch!

4. Suuuuuper long battery life

I’ve had SURI for a year and I can count the number of times I’ve charged it on one hand. It’s honestly amazing how long it lasts! Way better than the Oral electric toothbrush I used to have.

SURI promises 40+ days of battery and I can assure you that I’ve not had to charge mine for longer than that. My sister and our partners have also found the same.

What’s more, SURI’s superior battery can be easily replaced, unlike other toothbrushes, which have to be thrown away once the battery wears out. 

5. UV-C light travel case

Remote working has its pros and cons and I’ve encountered my fair share of toothbrush mishaps on some of my vegan travel adventures. Bristles getting bent, brushes getting dirty in transit…you name it.

That’s why I was overjoyed to discover that the SURI toothbrush comes with a travel case. Not only does it provide convenient storage, but it also doubles as a UV-C light cleaning case. In just one minute, this ingenious feature eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria, ensuring a clean and hygienic brushing experience wherever I go. It’s a game-changer for travellers like me!

6. Sustainability

It’s no secret that many companies out there make vague sustainability claims and engage in greenwashing. But we’ve finally stumbled upon a toothbrush that truly lives up to its eco-friendly promises.

The SURI toothbrush is a shining example of sustainability. It’s completely plastic-free, meaning none of its components contribute to the microplastic problem when recycled.

But here’s the best part: you may never need to recycle it at all!

SURI toothbrushes are designed to be easily repaired, giving them a much longer lifespan. And if you’re still within the one-year warranty period, repairs are done free of charge.

Even if your toothbrush needs fixing beyond the warranty, SURI offers affordable repair services at a reasonable fee. Though none of us have had the need for repairs yet, it’s reassuring to know that this option exists, ensuring our toothbrushes can stay out of landfills possibly forever.

Reduce your impact even further with these eco-friendly vegan bathroom products!

What we don't love about SURI

1. The colour chips away at the base

What would make SURI perfect is if the paint at the base of the toothbrush didn’t chip away so easily. Not that it really matters since you don’t usually see the base of the toothbrush…but we had to come up with something we didn’t like 😅

You can also prevent this from happening by storing your SURI on the mirror mount or by lying it safely into its travel case after use (just make sure it’s been wiped dry before you pop it in).

The SURI toothbrush inside the UV-C light travel case
The nifty travel case fits a USB C cable

2. Cost

At £95 for the brush, UV-C case, mirror mount and slimline charger, there’s no denying that SURI is not the cheapest electric toothbrush on the market. However, when you consider the exceptional durability, repairability, power, longevity and sustainability it offers, I believe it’s a truly worthwhile investment.

With its sleek and elegant design, SURI combines style and functionality in one package. Its modular design allows for easy repairs and part replacements, ensuring a long lifespan and reducing waste.

What are other customers saying about Suri?

With a whopping 2600+ reviews and counting, the SURI toothbrush is making waves! Garnering an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, this toothbrush is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Here are a few of the quotes I’ve pulled from various SURI toothbrush reviews across the internet:

“Leaves my teeth feeling super clean and the charge last so long”

“The toothbrush is absolutely brilliant, my teeth and gums feel so clean and healthy. I used to use an Oral B toothbrush and I thought that was good but this toothbrush is way better, even my dentist has noticed the difference.”

“I never expected to feel such love for a toothbrush”

“Thanks to the haptic indicator I actually spend less, but more effective, time brushing.”

An electric toothbrush is lying adjacent to a travel case on a wooden surface
My forever toothbrush <3

Where can you buy Suri?

You can buy a SURI toothbrush direct from the website!

The Vegan Sisters verdict

The SURI toothbrush truly stands out with its slim, lightweight and sleek design. But don’t let its elegance deceive you, this toothbrush is really powerful and its impressive battery life ensures that you won’t be searching for a charger frequently.

The toothbrush’s self-cleaning travel case is a game-changer, making it super handy for those who are always on the move. With the built-in UV-C light, harmful bacteria are eradicated in just one minute, ensuring that your SURI toothbrush remains pristine and hygienic wherever you go.

The teeth clean you get from SURI is undoubtedly next level; the sonic vibrations offer a fantastic clean, proving to be more effective in removing plaque and reducing gingivitis compared to manual toothbrushes. Plus, the toothbrush heads are made from recyclable plant-based materials, adding to SURI’s eco-friendly credentials.

Speaking of sustainability, SURI goes above and beyond to deliver a toothbrush that’s not only recyclable but also repairable. Its modular design allows for easy repair and replacement of parts, reducing waste and making it a truly eco-friendly bathroom product.

Overall, the SURI toothbrush has earned its place as the best thing since sourdough bread, elevating your dental routine to a whole new level. The only minor issue I’ve encountered is that the paint chips away a bit on the base of the toothbrush. Nonetheless, considering the exceptional battery life and all of the other benefits it brings, it’s a small sacrifice for a sustainable and eco-friendly toothbrush.

And the price? Well, I personally think it’s a worthwhile investment for an electric toothbrush that will probably last a lifetime.

SURI Toothbrush reviews

Battery longevity
Plaque removal efficacy
Warranty and repair options

I think this is the first product I’ve ever given a 5* overall rating 😱

Green up your grin

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