Surreal Review – you must try this protein cereal!


Surreal Review – you must try this protein cereal!


Surreal Cereal Review

For those days you just want to be a big kid (but without the collateral sugar intake), read our review and then grab yourself a box of this high protein cereal! Because breakfast is a great way to start your day more cheerio-fully 🥣



We cereal-sly adore Surreal! Even if you like to drown your cereal in plant milk, it will retain its crunch and we love the fact that each 32g serving contains a whopping 14g of protein. What’s more, a box of Surreal doubles up as a spot of morning entertainment thanks to its witty packaging.



Eaten straight out of the box, sprinkled over a chocolate sundae, crumbled over vegan cheesecake or doused in plant milk and slurped up with a spoon, there are endless ways to enjoy cereal!

But breakfast cereal is notoriously un-vegan-friendly and, quite frankly, full of shite! High in sugar and low in pretty much everything nutritionally important, conventional cereals frequently leave us unsatisfied. They’re the last thing any health- or eco-conscious individual would wish to consume, let alone want their children to guzzle for breakfast each day.

Despite the negatives, there are many positives to eating cereal; there’s something comfortable about eating a bowl of nostalgia, they can be super tasty and it’s a conveniently quick and easy breakfast!

We knew there had to be something out there that was suitable for vegans, nutritious and delicious. So Lucy and I have been searching all over the place for the best vegan cereals. And, lo and behold, we found a winner…

What cereal is high in protein?

The problem with conventional cereal is that the majority of them don’t fill you to satiety. That’s where protein cereal comes in; amongst myriad health benefits, protein plays a crucial role in helping you feel fuller for longer. That’s why we jumped at the chance to try Surreal, one of the most protein-packed cereals on the market!

So, what is Surreal cereal?

Sugar-free, protein-rich cereal that’s suitable for vegans (and everyone else) of all ages! Surreal is a gamechanger brand making plant milky waves in the breakfast industry.

Not only is Surreal cereal heaps healthier than conventional breakfast cereal, but the brand is also refreshingly witty and playful. From the moment we saw their humorous launch announcement on LinkedIn, we just knew we had to try and review Surreal cereal.

Lucy eating some vegan Surreal cereal
Pouting at cereal makes it taste even better

Is Surreal vegan-friendly?

Yes! Surreal cereals are all 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans. 

Is Surreal a healthy cereal?

In comparison to conventional cereal, Surreal is a shining beacon of health. Surreal cereal contains zero sugar, minimal carbs, plenty of fibre and lots of protein. It’s also gluten-free for all those avoiding wheat and grains; a cereal made with no cereal…bold!

How much protein is in Surreal?

Surreal cereal contains 14g of protein per 32g serving!

Let’s compare that to a popular cereal brand:

Cheerios contain less than 3g of protein per 32g serving.

Why choose a protein cereal?

Traditional cereals are made of sugar and grains, with very little nutritional value; they have you sniffing out your next sugar hit before you’ve even reached 11am.

In contrast, protein cereal provides nutritional value to your morning and keeps you fuller for longer. By opting for a protein-rich breakfast, you can make it through to lunch knowing you’ve fuelled your body with the energy it needs to win the day!

Is Surreal cereal high in fibre?

Yes, Surreal cereal is so high in fibre it’s like broadband…but tastier!

Why choose a high fibre cereal?

The inulin (a rich source of dietary fibre) content in Surreal promotes a healthy vegan gut; starting your day with a bowl of this delicious cereal can support healthy bowel movements and your gut microbiome will thank you for all the fermentable food. Fibre can also reduce our risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

Lucy pouring oat milk into her Surreal vegan cereal
Always make sure to pour your oat milk from a distance to increase splash opportunities

What flavours of Surreal cereal can you get?

From the classics to the more obscure, Surreal cereal comes in four fabulous flavours:

  1. Cocoa (Lucy’s fave)
  2. Frosted
  3. Peanut butter (my fave)
  4. Cinnamon

Each flavour contains 0g sugar, 5g net carbs and 14g protein per serving!

If you’re greedy (like us) and like the best of all worlds, you can also buy a Surreal variety pack, which contains all four flavours.

How many servings do you get of Surreal cereal?

Surreal contains 240g of cereal in a bag. That means, if you follow conventional cereal portion sizes (32g), you can squeeze 7-8 portions out of the box. Lucy and I love a large breakfast, so we found that 60g was the perfect amount for us.

Whilst 8 portions (or 4 in our case) doesn’t sound like a lot, we were pleasantly surprised by how much fuller we felt after eating Surreal compared to big brand cereals. Still concerned about servings? Take a look at our price review below to see how it compares to eating a protein bar.

Lucy asleep amongst surreal vegan cereal
Make sure to sleep close to your Surreal cereal because jealousy brings out the worst in people

Is Surreal eco-friendly?

Unlike many conventional cereals, Surreal is 100% vegan. What’s that got to do with being eco-friendly? Well, cutting out animal products has a huge impact on the environment. In 2006, the UN stated: “The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”

So the exclusion of animal products instantly makes Surreal a more eco-friendly option than the majority of traditional cereals.

What’s more, the brand is working on some plastic-free packaging to keep its cereal fresh inside the protective recyclable cardboard box. Why not repurpose the cardboard to make this awesome ecowarrior cereal box hat?

Is Surreal expensive?

That depends on your perspective. If you’re comparing it to the cheap crap that sells on supermarket shelves, then it is a little on the pricey side. However, if you’re prioritising convenient nutrition at breakfast, then Surreal is value for money, particularly when you opt for their subscription service.

Surreal cereal doesn’t rely on sugar to deliver flavour and is made up of high-quality ingredients. It’s nutritionally much closer to a protein bar than a conventional bowl of cereal and we find it much more satisfying than a simple snack. At £0.86 a bowl, Surreal is cheaper than a protein bar too!

Lucy reading the funny bits on the pack of Surreal cereal
Surreal cereal packs make for better reading than those awful newspapers

Is Surreal better than normal cereals?

Oh, for sure! The crunch, the protein, the flavours (did we mention they have peanut butter?!), the nutrition, the vegan-friendliness, the zero sugar, the playful branding…because who doesn’t enjoy a skateboarding anteater whilst eating their breakfast?

Where can you buy Surreal?

You can find Surreal Cereal in your local Holland and Barrett!

Or grab them on Amazon:

The Vegan Sisters' Verdict

Amongst the mundanity of our daily lives, we all need a bit of playful cereal to start the day; now we can enjoy a big bowl for breakfast without the accompanying guilt. From its high-quality vegan ingredients to its rich protein content, Surreal cereal gets a big thumbs up from us  👍🏻

And remember, big kids, cereal is for life, not just for breakfast!

Surreal Cereal Review

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