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the ultimate vegan gift guide

Looking for the best vegan gifts for a family member, friend, or loved one? Then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite vegan gifts that you can buy online.

We’ve even marked which vegan gifts are virtual and which ones are location based.

Luckily for all the vegans out there, we no longer have to hide our emotions as we open up yet another vegan cheese-making kit or we get another pair of socks that are actually made of wool.

We appreciate the thought and time gone into present buying. But it can go SO wrong! 


– online style!

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Looking for the best vegan gifts for a family member, friend, or loved one? Then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite vegan gifts that you can buy online.

We’ve even marked which vegan gifts are virtual and which ones are location based.

Luckily for all the vegans out there, we no longer have to hide our emotions as we open up yet another vegan cheese-making kit or we get another pair of socks that are actually made of wool.

We appreciate the thought and time gone into present buying. But it can go SO wrong! 


– online style!


We have over 20 amazing vegan gift ideas in this guide!

the ultimate vegan gift guide

The Best Vegan Gifts and Presents


Who is our vegan gift guide for?

You may have landed here for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a vegan friend or relative and you have no idea what to buy them
  • You are vegan and looking for gift ideas to send to your family and friends
  • You are looking to buy yourself a gift (go you!)
  • You are just generally clueless about gifting

The vegan-friendly presents listed here can be ordered online and sent to you from your loving friends and family. Send this blog post their way and give hints on your favourites 😉

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together our favourite gift ideas that will please any vegan, or non-vegan alike!

Can you have a socially distanced celebration?

It’s sad, we know, but the likelihood is that you probably won’t be able to spend special events with your loved ones right now.

Birthdays, Christmases, Valentines, and other events, are all about family and fun times, but we also need to prioritise our health and safety. 

Thankfully, we are in 2021 and we have the wonderful world of the internet to bring us closer together. 

In the spirit of virtual holiday & birthday celebrations, we’ve put together an ultimate guide of vegan presents that can be bought online, so you’ll be able to present them to your friends and family over Zoom…or via email, if you prefer not to see their face!

You can make anyone happy with these plant-powered gifts, but you’ll definitely make your vegan friends and family members VERY happy.

We’ve handpicked our favourite products and services that we believe any vegan will be happy to receive for any occassion.

Unsure what to buy your vegan giftee?

We’ve organised the presents into categories so you can find the ideal virtual vegan gift based on things they like or their personality. 

So have a think about your vegan giftee, what kinds of things do they enjoy doing?

Have they ever mentioned wanting to try something?

What makes them happy?

Are they a chocolate lover? A keen cook? Do they like wearing make-up? Are they always wearing the latest fashion trends? 

Whether they are into cooking, snacking, gaming, working out, sustainability, reading, beauty, or charitable causes, we have the perfect gift for you! 

You’ve come to the right place 😉

What are good gifts to buy online?

There are now SO many vegan-friendly presents that you can buy on the internet. 

Everyone is selling something. So how do we know what is worth buying? 

You can check out the reviews, but make sure to look out for websites that use an external review site for their products (like Trustpilot) as they are much more trustworthy and less likely to be rigged.

We’ve put a lot of time into building this virtual vegan gift guide for you and have only added products which we personally trust and have bought ourselves.

So you can feel safe knowing that these are GREAT vegan gifts to purchase online that your loved ones (or even you) will love!

Where can I buy vegan gifts?

We recommend buying directly from online vegan businesses, if possible.

You can usually do this from their websites, Etsy, Facebook shops, etc. Try to use Amazon as a last resort, because they take profit from smaller hard-working companies.

Our list below features plenty of vegan-online businesses as well as businesses who are helping further the vegan cause in their own way. 

We have avoided linking to big corporate sites like Amazon, because we want to give the vegan businesses a chance to show off their amazing vegan gifts. 

Try checking out a vegan directory for more local vegan businesses in your area.

What is a good gift for a vegan?

Well, let’s begin with what isn’t a good gift for a vegan – anything that contains animal products, or is made unethically, and/or unsustainably.

This includes food items that may contain dairy, eggs, honey, meat, etc.

And also, if you buy clothing that is made of wool, leather, suede, silk, animal-based glue, etc.

So, a good gift for a vegan is a vegan gift! 

But what do vegans like?

Well, vegans are just like everyone else! We like food, drink, clothing, beauty, and much more!

No matter what you (or your giftee) likes, there is a vegan gift to suit here. 

TOP TIP! Send this vegan gift guide over to your loved ones before the big day so they can get some ideas for presents!

Editors' Top Vegan Gifts

Our Favourite Vegan Gift Ideas

Don’t have time to scroll through our extensive vegan gift guide? Then check out our top picks:

Want to see ALL the gift ideas?

The Best Vegan Gift Guide

Here is our full vegan gift guide to make anyone happy!

Looking for fully virtual vegan gifts?

Look out for our (v) sign next to gifts that are completely virtual. In other words, you can buy them online and gift them online.

No physical product or delivery required.


Gifts for Vegan Valentines

Looking for the perfect vegan gift for your vegan valentine?

Or simply looking for the perfect gift for yourself? Because who says Valentines Day is just for couples?! 

Vegan Sparkling Wine (UK)

From Fox & Fox

Fox & Fox grow and produce vegan sparkling wines in Sussex, UK. They taste incredible – we know because we’ve tried them ourselves!

They remind us of a nice luxury bottle of Champagne, just without the air miles! 

We also love that they are certified with The Vegan Society – so no label checking needed here!

buy fox and fox vegan wines for the best vegan gift

Online Vegan Cooking Courses (v)

From Veecoco
Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school

Looking for a fun activity to do with your loved one on Valentines Day? 

Why not try a vegan cooking course?

Sign up for a membership to the Veecoco platform and choose from one of their 16 courses to cook with your loved one. 

You could even practice before the big day and cook up an incredible vegan meal to treat your partner. 

They even have a vegan pastry course, perfect for those Valentines Day Desserts. 

Exclusive Vegan Sisters Discount code for 10% off: VEE10

Check out our video review of Veecoco:

Gifts for Vegan Cooks

For all the budding vegan chefs and foodies

Online Vegan Cooking Course Gift Cards (v)

From Veecoco

Okay, okay. You’ve caught us out. We’ve already recommended Veecoco, but did you know they also do gift cards?

Making Veecoco the perfect gift for your vegan giftee!

With over 16 courses and 500+ lessons to choose from, your vegan giftee will be sure to love the Veecoco gift card.

Whether they are a budding cook, kitchen amateur, or wannabe vegan chef, Veecoco will have the class for them.

Exclusive Vegan Sisters Discount code for 10% off: VEE10

Review of Veecoco the online vegan cookery school

High-Powered Blender (International Shipping)

by Vitamix

When looking for a high-powered blender, you can’t do better than Vitamix.

Their blenders are simply incredible and the perfect gift for 2021. Vegans will love this nifty kitchen appliance because they will be able to make vegan cheese to their heart’s delight!

Gifts for Vegan Health & Fitness Fanatics

For all the vegan gym-goers, health fanatics, and wannabe athletes. And those who are just looking to improve their knowledge of vegan nutrition.

Beginners Vegan Fitness Guide With Recipes (v)

By Vegan Trainer JustFit

The JustFit jumpstart is the ultimate beginner’s fitness guide. It includes a 40-page guidebook, 16 workout routines (which you can do from home), 80+ exercises (with videos), and 8 healthy vegan recipes to support your journey.

justfit vegan body and fitness guide for beginners a perfect vegan gift

Tasty Vegan Protein Powder (UK, US, & EU)

by Form Nutrition

Form Nutrition is by far the BEST vegan protein powder and the perfect gift for any plant-based fitness fanatic.

Their products are 100% plant-based, super tasty, and even come in compostable packaging – with no plastic spoons in sight!

Any fitness fanatic will love this gift. It is so difficult to find a nice tasting, sustainable, and vegan protein powder, so you’ll also be giving the gift of discovering a new awesome vegan brand.

What’s more, their Superblend contains all of the vitamin B12 and iodine that you need!

buy the best vegan protein powder

Gifts for Vegan Activists

For all the passionate vegans who are looking to contribute more to the cause than eating tasty vegan food and talking to their mates about their diet.

Repurposed Vegan Activist Jewellery

by Tines for Change

Made using old seafood forks, Tines for Change create these beautiful repurposed pieces of jewellery. Perfect for your favourite vegan jewellery loving activists

vegan activist gift by tines for change

Gifts for Vegan Newbies

Looking for a gift for a new vegan, or someone who is thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet? Then these vegan newbie gifts are the perfect gift.

Vegan Transition Course (v)

by Thrive for Life

This 4-week vegan health and nutrition course is perfect for anyone looking to take control of their eating, learn more about vegan nutrition, and get coaching support from a vegan nutritionist!

It can even be bought as a virtual ‘gift card’ at checkout.

thrive for life vegan health and nutrition course for the best vegan gift guide to give your vegan friend or relative a vegan present

Vegan Starter Kit & Meal Plan (v)

by Nutriciously

Nutriciously have created the ultimate digital guide for any vegan newbies.

It includes a 2-week meal plan, cheat sheets, easy to follow steps for transitioning, and much more!

It is also a very visually appealing starter kit so it will make for a great gift!

go vegan with our vegan starter kit digital bundle

Gifts for Vegan Beauty Lovers

Beauty products are no longer just for non-vegans. We’ve seen a massive rise in vegan and cruelty-free beauty products in the last few years.

These vegan beauty gifts will be sure to impress.

Luxury Vegan Perfume (UK)

by Abbey Perfumery

If you are vegan you’ll understand the difficulties of finding luxury cruelty-free perfumes.

We’ve been searching far and wide and have now stumbled across Abbey Perfumery. They have a beautiful brand and are 100% vegan.

You can order their sample boxes which are FREE (just pay for postage and packaging)! So you can try out the perfumes before buying. Making it that bit easier to buy scents online!

meet the trader The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide of 2021 (to buy online)

Vegan Make-Up Subscription Boxes (International)

by Vegancuts

Vegan Cuts deliver monthly subscription boxes straight to your door. They make cruelty-free and vegan beauty easy. The perfect present for any vegan on any occassion!

Not only will your giftee be introduced to new vegan brands each month, they’ll also have loads of new awesome vegan beauty products to try.

The value of all the components within the VeganCuts beauty box is always greater than what you pay for your subscription. So this gift truly is the perfect way to discover new vegan beauty brands.

Get an exclusive $5 discount on your order by using code: Vegansisters

the ultimate vegan gift guide with vegancuts beauty box

Vegan Beauty Subscription Boxes (UK)

by TheVeganKind

The Vegan Kind deliver vegan and cruelty-free beauty subscriptions straight to your door in the UK!

With this gift you can discover new vegan beauty brands each month.

First time buying? Use code VEGAN at checkout for £5 off!

vegan sisters ultimate vegan gift guide with TheVeganKind Beauty Box

Gifts for Vegan Writers

For all budding writers and/or freelancers looking to start their new ethical writing career.

Ethical Content Writers Course (v)

by Vegancuts

Does your giftee want to use their voice for good?

Are they keen on making writing their career?

Then our very own ethical content writing course is the perfect gift! Taught online over 4-weeks with 1-on-1 support from us (two nomadic marketers + writers), this course will springboard any vegan freelancer’s career.

Use this code at checkout for 10% off: vegancareer

vegan sisters ultimate vegan gift guide with vegan virtual content writing course

Gifts for Vegan Animal Lovers

Many vegans make the transition because of the animals. And it often doesn’t just stop when they make the change to veganism. Animals are still suffering and they need our help.

Animal lovers will absolute love the following donation-based gifts.

Animal Sanctuary Donation (UK)

at Tower Hill Stables

Tower Hill Stables in the UK provide haven for over 600 animals. They are always in need of more help as they continue to rescue more animals, so a donation to Tower Hill Stables will go a long way!

Animal Sanctuary Donation (US)

in America

Looking for an extensive list of US-based animal sanctuaries?

Check out this extensive list here:

Gifts for Vegan Eco-Warriors

For all your sustainable champions, bamboo fork foodies, stainless steel straw sippers, and tote bag ballers, these eco-warrior products will make the perfect gift.

Plastic-Free Snacking (UK)


Vegan snacks that are gluten-free, come in recyclable, compostable, plastic-free packaging, and they are tasty?


Snacking just got planet-friendly with their roasted fava bean snacks.

Be careful though, once you buy one of these for your vegan giftee, they won’t be able to stop themselves from coming back for more.

pulsitos vegan snacks with plastic free packaging make the perfect vegan gift

Eco-Friendly Body Care Subscription Boxes (UK)

by Bluefyn

Give your giftee the gift of discovery. Send them new eco-friendly body care products every month with BLUEFYN’s subscription boxes.

All the products they send are 100% vegan, plastic-free, SLS & SLES free, and paraben-free.

Just choose ‘this is a gift’ at checkout to send the box as a present.

best vegan gift guide with bluefyn eco-friendly subscription box

Vegan Cork Leather Accessories (International Shipping)

by Corkor

Corkor make all their products from cork. It is a natural and sustainable alternative to leather.

Their products are high-quality and even look like leather.

Vegan & Plastic-Free Shampoo Bars (UK)

by Nut and Noggin

We LOVE shampoo bars. They cut out the need for plastic, they last much longer than liquid shampoo, and they are made of natural ingredients.

Nut and Noggin’s shampoo bars look and smell beautiful. Plus they’ve put together an eco-friendly gift set.

Gifts for Vegan Families

For gifts that are suitable for the whole family. No one will miss out with these!

Vegan Magazine Subscription (UK & US)

by VegNews

Buy a subscription to VegNews magazine for a gift that keeps on giving each month.

Their magazines are jam-packed full of vegan content, including product reviews, how-to guides, restaurant recommendations, vegan recipes, and much more!

Gifts for Vegan Fashionistas

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable too!

Vegan Leather Bracelets (UK)

by Every Soul Counts

Looking for a beautiful handmade product? Then these vegan leather bracelets, handmade using cork leather, are the perfect gift!

Vegan Fashion & Clothing (UK, EU & US)

With Vegan Online Stores

Check out the following online vegan-friendly fashion stores:

Shop like you give a damn

Immaculate Vegan

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Vegan Outfitters

Gifts for Vegan Bookworms

Your giftee can’t get their head out of a book? Then this will be the perfect present for them.

Animal Liberation (US, UK, EU, & AUS)

by Peter Singer

Peter Singer wrote Animal Liberation in 1975 and this is the exact book that inspired Lucy to go vegan back in 2015.

It is great for anyone interested in ethics, animal rights, and political thought.

Gifts for Vegan Pets

Gifting isn’t just for humans. Our little furry pals also deserve a special plant-based gift.

Vegan Dog Food & Treats (US)

by V-Dog

V-Dog have been making vegan dog food and treats since 2005!

Your dog will be sure to love V-Dog!

Vegan Dog Food & Treats (UK)

by Benevo

Our dog LOVES sweet potato, so these treats go down a storm with her.

The company is vegan and have been making cruelty-free pet food since 2005.

Unfortunately, they don’t sell directly through their website.

ultimate vegan gift guide by vegan sisters with benevo vegan dog treats

Gifts for Vegan Children

With vegan children on the rise, vegan gifts for children also are!

Vivi the Supervegan Children's Book (International Shipping)

by Tina Newman

Vivi the Supervegan is the perfect book for children. Written by Tina Newman, the book star Vivi, the Supervegan who is on a mission to create a more compassionate world and to protect the planet.

Gifts for Vegan Travellers

We may not be able to travel right now, but we can always plan for the future! Treat your loved ones to a vegan travel gift so they can dream ahead.

Vegan Hotel Stay (Mexico)

in Mexico

Vegan hotels, BnBs, and apartments are popping up all over the place. We particularly love this place in Oaxaca, Mexico. It has the style and feel of a classy getaway with the plus of it being 100% vegan!

Gifts for Vegan Drinkers

Love a drink? Alcohol, or alcohol-free? Then these gifts for thirsty vegans are perfect.

Vegan Sparkling Wine (UK)

From Fox & Fox

Yepp another second mention on our vegan gift guide. This time for our favourite UK grown & produced vegan wine by Fox & Fox, because their wines taste incredible – we know because we’ve tried them ourselves!

They remind us of a nice luxury bottle of Champagne, just without the air miles! 

We also love that they are certified with The Vegan Society – so no label checking needed here!

buy fox and fox vegan wines for the best vegan gift

Looking for a vegan wine in another country? Check out our blog on ’10 Countries 10 Vegan Winemakers’ here.

Vegan Wine Club (US)

by Vegan Wines

All wine is vegan right?
Well, no!

Just check out our article here on vegan wine to find out more.

Luckily, Vegan Wines have made it easy for you. Their vegan wine club makes tasty vegan wine accessible.

Enjoy our ultimate vegan gift guide?

Make sure to share with your friends and family.

the best vegan gift guide to give your vegan friend or relative a vegan present

What's your favourite vegan gift?

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