The Rise of the Vegan Hotel

A worldwide vegan hotel guide

Imagine relaxing by the pool with a chilled aquafaba-based cocktail in one hand and some tasty vegan grub in the other.


Oh and imagine being surrounded by likeminded travellers who won’t question why the meat on your plate looks mysteriously like tofu.

Well, it’s your lucky day. Vegan and vegan-friendly hotels are popping up everywhere around the world – making plant-based travel that bit easier!

And we’ve undertaken in-depth research, chatting with vegans around the world, and locating all the plant-based hotels that we can find, so we can put together the ultimate vegan hotel guide for you.

We even spoke with some of the vegan hotel owners and a few put together some extra special discounts for you, our readers. So make sure you have a good read.

But where are these vegan hotels? Well, let us show you!

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Imagine relaxing by the pool with a chilled aquafaba-based cocktail in one hand and some tasty vegan grub in the other.


Oh and imagine being surrounded by likeminded travellers who won’t question why the meat on your plate looks mysteriously like tofu.

Well, it’s your lucky day. Vegan and vegan-friendly hotels are popping up everywhere around the world – making vegan travel that bit easier!

And we’ve undertaken in-depth research, chatting with vegans around the world, and locating all the vegan hotels that we can find, so we can put together the ultimate vegan hotel guide for you.

But where are these vegan hotels? Well, let us show you!



Vegan Hotels Around the World


What is a vegan hotel?

A vegan hotel is a hotel that chooses not to use or serve any animal and animal by-products in its establishment.

This means that any on-site restaurants and breakfast options are all 100% vegan. It also means that all the decor will be vegan.

For most self-catering options, it also means that you are not allowed to cook any of your own non-vegan food on the establishment.

Why stay in a vegan hotel?

As a vegan, it is much nicer to know that the hotels you spend your money on are using that money for good and supporting the same cause as you. 

Plus, sitting in a hotel restaurant surrounded by people eating local seafood and local meat ‘delicacies’ is always a massive put off when you are trying to relax on your holiday.

Moreover, vegan hoteliers will be way more likely to help you with any vegan enquiries about the local area.

Can non-vegans stay in a vegan hotel?

Anyone can stay in a vegan hotel as long as they respect the hotel owner’s wishes and beliefs.

Staying in a vegan hotel doesn’t mean you will be restricted in any way, it actually means you get to explore new ways of eating and discovering food. 

Vegan dishes can be interpreted and created in many exciting ways by different cultures.

Editor Top Pick

Our favourite hotels

For long stays:

We recommend visiting the eco hotel Finca Victoria in Puerto Rico. We would live here permanently if we were allowed.

Make sure to give their morning yoga by the pool a go.

For the trendy traveller:

The Koukoumi hotel in Greece is an extremely popular choice amongst our readers, and that comes at no suprise!

The hotel is beautiful and the food equally so.

You’ll want to Instagram the hell outta this place.

Vegan Resorts

What is the difference between a hotel and a resort?

A vegan hotel is a place where you can stay overnight and it has at least one vegan restaurant on site. You will mostly use the hotel as a base to explore the surrounding area.

Whereas, a resort, offers more than just accommodation and may include amenities like pools or spas – as well as the usual facilities of a traditional hotel.

We have a mix of hotels and resorts here to show you, but if you’d prefer to just jump straight to the vegan resorts, then follow these links:

The Vegan Hotels

Simply click on a link to take you to vegan hotels in that part of the world.


Canary Islands

Casa Vegana Arucas
Gran Canaria

The beautifully tranquil Casa Vegana Arucas is situated on one of the Spanish Canary Islands – Gran Canaria.

With single rooms from €69 per night, Casa Vegana Arucas is an affordable destination even for solo vegan travellers.

woman eating vegan food at Casa Vegana Arucas


Bean Me Up
Goa, India

With yoga at dawn, fresh juices and chilled out mantra music later on to soothe your soul, you’ll be left feeling renewed after a stay at Bean Me Up.

They have a popular on-site vegan restaurant with an extensive menu.

vegan restaurant and hotel in goa india
Vegan Minshuku Sanbiki Neko
Kyoto, Japan

Vegan Minshuku Sanbiki Neko is a vegan bed and breakfast facility located in Kyoto. It is a fusion of traditional Japanese tatami style rooms with a western style dining room and social area. It is a purpose built design created from their experience of travelling around Japan.

We spoke with the owners Helen and Craig about their inspiration to open a vegan hotel in Kyoto:

“During our first visit here we found it somewhat difficult finding vegetarian food, as fish stock is in nearly everything here. We had learnt how to say we were vegetarian in Japanese, but we realised quite quickly that they didn’t understand vegetarian as a concept, and that no meat or fish also meant no stocks, etc made using animals. In fact it is still somewhat difficult to explain things like no gelatine. Suffice to say we lost a lot of weight during our first visit here, and learnt a lot. The next time we came we were better prepared!

Once we decided to move here, we thought it would be fantastic to set up an accommodation facility which was Japanese in style but was specifically set up for vegetarians and vegans. As such, we made the decision to be a fully vegan establishment and subsequently became fully vegan ourselves. We knew we would be able to help tourists staying here really enjoy their stay without having to be too concerned about wondering where their next meal would come from. We also have a very good knowledge of Japan, how to get around, and places to visit based on the guest’s personal interests.”

vegan hotel in kyoto japan

Sri Lanka

Green Peace Inn
Weligama, Sri Lanka

Green Peace Inn believe in a holistic way of living and eating. They offer on-site yoga classes and locally-sourced plant-based food.

We spoke to the owners:

‘Green Peace Inn is more than just another retreat centre, it is a place which offers you all kind of tools to find your balance again. We know that life can sometimes be challenging, which makes it even harder to stay present and in harmony. That’s why we genuinely care about helping you to find your balance – different meditation & breathing techniques to calm your mind, yoga to strengthen your body, and healthy food to lift your spirits.

The south of Sri Lanka shares a beautiful coastline, tropical jungles and warm-hearted people. The local community provides us with fresh fruits & vegetables for our plant-based cuisine. Our rooftop is the ideal overlook for breathtaking sunsets, and the yoga shala provides space for your personal practice, chillout time and moments to just be.’

Exclusive Discount

Green Peace Inn would like to offer you, our readers, 10% on all their retreats for the year 2021. To claim your discount you just need to write to them and say that you found them on

20November 19 The rise of the vegan hotel (a worldwide guide)

The Philippines

The Farm at San Benito
Batangas, The Philippines

The Farm at San Benito is not like other vegan hotels, this hotel comes with its very own on-site doctors and health programs. Meaning you can return home from this holiday feeling like a whole new person.

The hotel is set on beautiful grounds with stunning villas nestled amongst tropical forest.

a swimming pool at the vegan hotel in the philippines


Landhaus Furth 8
Furth, Austria

A vegan and organic establishment offering 5 medieval style rooms with breakfast served each morning.

They are nestled at the foot of Göttweiger Mountain meaning there are plenty of fun adventurous activities to do during your stay, including cycling and hiking.

vegan hotel in austria LANDHAUS FURTH 8
Loving Hut
Lake Klopein, Austria

We all know Loving Hut, our favourite vegan chain restaurant serving up tasty plant-based Asian food all around the world.

Well, in Austria, they even have a vegan hotel.

The hotel boasts private beach access to the lake and an on-site Loving Hut restaurant.

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Vegan b&b Bruges
Bruges, Belgium

This vegan b&b in Bruges has a futuristic style and clean finish.

They are located in the heart of Bruges and are dog-friendly – win-win!

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Loaf b&b
Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

Located on the riverside in Berwick, Northumberland, this self-contained apartment with its own kitchen and dining area is a perfect getaway for vegan families. They can accommodate 1-5 people.


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Peasholm Park Vegan b&b
Scarborough, England

Located in the coastal town of Scarborough, the Peasholm Park Vegan b&b is the perfect getaway for plant-based families in the UK.

We recommend trying their vegan full English breakfast!

vegan bnb in scarborough
Penzance, England

Located in the beautiful Cornwall, this b&b is a PETA award winning establishment with a green attitude.

vegan bnb in cornwall


Take this list of handy French vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

La Maison du Vert
Normandy, France

With 3.5 acres of garden to explore, La Maison du Vert in Normandy is the perfect getaway for countryside lovers.

They have vegan hotel rooms or a cottage to choose from plus an on-site plant-based restaurant.

la maison du vert vegan hotel in france
La Cheval Blanc
St Antonin-Nobel-Val, France

Part plant-based cookery school, part Bed & Breakfast, you can learn to cook as the French do!

This vegan B&B is situated in a gorgeous French town.

vegan hotel in france
Paris, France

We love the artsy feel of HOY. Located in the bustling romantic city of Paris, HOY is sure to win your heart.

It is a concept hotel with a plant-based kitchen and florists. They even have on-site yoga classes.

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Take this list of handy Greek vegan travel phrases on holiday with you and read our blog on surviving Greece as a vegan.

Hotel Archontiko Angelou
Leros, Greece

Located on the small island of Leros, Hotel Archontiki Angelou is a gluten-free and vegan hotel set within a beautifully tranquil courtyard.

Their on-site restaurant will provide you with fresh tasty plant-based food with raw and gluten-free options.

vegan hotel in greece
Koukoumi Hotel
Mykonos, Greece

The stunning Instagram-friendly Koukoumi Hotel in Mykonos is the perfect vegan getaway. With an on-site spa, gym, pool and vegan restaurant, you will have everything you need at this hotel.

The rooms are tastefully decorated. The hotel is truly ‘a breath of fresh air’.

Exclusive Discount:
Get 10% off your booking if you book directly via email here.

vegan hotel in greece


Take this list of handy Italian vegan travel phrases on holiday with you and discover some beautiful vegan Italian food before you go.

La Vimea
South Tyrol, Italy

La Vimea is a luxury vegan hotel nestled in a beautiful Italian valley.

They hold daily yoga classes and have on-site spa facilities. Plus their restaurant serves up both vegan and organic food.

vegan hotel la vimea in italy
Agrivilla I Pini
Tuscany, Italy

The little sister of La Vimea, Agrivilla I Pini is a vegan eco-hotel nestled in the rolling Tuscany hills.

They are committed to being 100% plant-based and environmentally friendly.

The villa is surrounded by vineyards, pines, and olive groves.

vegan eco hotel in tuscany italy


Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

Villa Vegana
Selva, Mallorca

We love Villa Vegana, not only for its beautiful surroundings but because you get to share your holiday with their amazingly cute pigs.

The hotel is situated on a large area of land which they have set aside for conservation.

vegan villa in mallorca


Saorsa 1875
Pitlochry, Scotland

Saorsa 1875 brings luxury to vegan holidays. The building’s Victorian Gothic origins help to assert this hotel’s dominance.

The rooms are beautifully decorated and the food is decadent.

the saorsa 1875 vegan hotel in scotland
The Field Shelter
Perthshire, Scotland

A place for both humans and animals to stay, The Field Shelter is part animal rescue, part B&B.

They offer a free Scottish breakfast every morning.

the vegan field shelter bnb in scotland


Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

Casa Albets
Lladurs, Spain

An organic luxury vegan hotel nestled in the Spanish countryside, Casa Albets is a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy local fresh food in beautiful surroundings.

casa alberts vegan hotel in spain

The Netherlands

Multiple Locations, Holland

With multiple Vegotel locations, you won’t struggle to find a great vegan place to stay in Holland. They are also expanding their enterprise outside of Holland so keep an eye out on their website for more hotel destinations coming soon!

We spoke with the owners about their vegan inspiration:

“The Vegotel branch means: 100% vegan. So not 99%, if an B&B/Hotel owner also serves eggs from his own chickens, honey or for example a local animal based cheese from time to time and the rest is vegan we don’t cooperate. We assure that there is no risk of sitting next to someone who is eating animal based products. We are very strict about that. 

We use solar/wind energy, ecological cleaning and care products, second hand furniture, reuse of rainwater, self sustaining accommodation etc.”

Exclusive Discount:

When booking with Vegotel, mention that you found them through Vegan Sisters to get an exclusive 5% off your stay!

vegan hotel in holland


Robin's Realm
Carmarthen, Wales

Robin’s Realm is a vegan farmhouse and cottage with its very own hot tubs. Situated in the Welsh countryside, this is perfect for anyone looking to hike and explore throughout their holiday.

We love that the owners offer a pay as you feel meal for the holiday makers.

robins realm vegan farmhouse in wales

Costa Rica

Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Take yourself back to nature at the Mother Earth Vegan Hotel, located in Tamarindo Beach. The rooms are beautifully designed, each featuring their own bespoke energy painting. They even have their own on-site yoga studio.

Make sure to enjoy a beautifully plated plant-based lunch from their on-site Off The Grid restaurant whilst relaxing by their salt water pool.

A note from the family-run establishment:

“The vegan community is growing and with it the need for a hospitality experience that caters to them. Costa Rica is a predominantly meat-centric country and as vegans we struggled. With such an abundance of fresh ingredients at our doorstep, we were driven to create a plant-based destination for like-minded travellers visiting this beautiful country.”

Exclusive offer: quote Vegan Sisters upon booking and get one free Mother Earth Cocktail per guest – the perfect way to ease yourself into holiday mode.

beautiful mother earth vegan hotel in costa rica
Waterfall Villas
Dominical, Costa Rica

There is not one, but two vegan hotels in Costa Rica. We are beginning to think that this may be vegan paradise.

Waterfall Villas are as you may guess, surrounded by waterfalls. Wake up every morning to a vegan breakfast and go out exploring the water park by day.

They have loads of on-site activities and options for wedding packages. Who wouldn’t want to get married here?!

waterfall villas nestled in the costa rican countryside


Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you and make sure to read our guide to travelling Mexico as a vegan here.

Casa Mauna
Oaxaca, Mexico

Book yourself into a suite at the vegan hotel, Casa Mauna, and enjoy the stunning views of the sea from the on-site plant-based restaurant.

The suites come complete with a mini kitchen space and plenty of space to lounge in.

swimming pool of the vegan hotel casa mauna in mexico


Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

Apoyo Lodge
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Apoyo lodge is a health and wellness hotel and the only vegan hotel in Nicaragua.

They hold yoga classes on site and offer massages also.

They focus on providing nourishing plant-based food.

the apoyo lodge vegan hotel in nicaragua

Puerto Rico

Take this list of handy Spanish vegan travel phrases on holiday with you.

Finca Victoria
Vieques, Puerto Rico

Finca Victoria is the hotel we all want to live in, forever. Luckily for us, they offer residency packages so we can pretend that we actually do.

They have a communal living space, snack bar, medicinal garden and onsite yoga classes every morning.

It is an actual paradise and a digital nomad haven.

swimming pool at the vegan hotel in puerto rico

The United States of America

Gray Barn
High Falls, New York

Gray Barn isn’t like any other vegan holiday rental, it is situated within an animal sanctuary. Meaning you can support their rescued animals whilst also enjoying your vegan holiday.

They provide volunteering opportunities during the day and offer a free private tour.

inside of the vegan barn
Stanford Inn
Mendocino, California

Set amongst the hills of a historic farm, Stanford Inn is the perfect escape. With organic breakfasts each morning and the on-site nationally acclaimed plant-based restaurant, you won’t go hungry here!

We spoke with the owners about their inspiration to go vegan:

‘The Inn generally reflects our lifestyle and values, which evolve. When we began serving food, we were vegetarian. We didn’t know the realities of dairy and hatcheries. When we learned about dairies, we personally became totally plant-based and began converting our restaurant recipes to vegan and turned the restaurant into plant-based and then moved toward a generally whole food, plant-based menu.’

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The Treehouse
Bel Air, California

An award winning getaway winning the best eco boutique hotel for California at the Global Hospitality Awards by Luxe Life, as well as TripAdvisors Travelers’ Choice awards. 

This is one for all the spiritual vegans out there looking for a healing stay and a reset.

the treehouse vegan resort in bel air

What's your favourite vegan hotel?

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