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vegan sisters is a vegan editorial for vegan travel, lifestyle and food articles

A Vegan Writer Guide

So you want to become a vegan writer?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

From bloggers to freelance writers, content marketers, journalists, and even creative writers, we’ve helped plenty of vegans achieve their dream of becoming a writer!

Whatever your preferred writing style, Lucy and I will help you get your voice out there.

But first, why not join our community of ethical writers on Facebook?

Join us for plenty of support, feedback, job opportunities, and memes…lots of memes!

what type of writer are you

First, you must decide what type of vegan writer you want to be.

If you haven’t already figured this out, you should be asking yourself some questions, such as:

Do I want to earn money as a vegan writer?

Would I enjoy helping ethical and sustainable businesses grow?

Does plant-based news appeal to me more?

Do I want to write for myself or for others?

Is my writing style casual or formal? Opinion piece or interview? Fact or fiction?

Figuring out your preferences will help you decide your next steps to becoming a vegan writer.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll be contributing your voice towards the vegan cause so we urge you to give it a go no matter what!

not sure if your writing is good enough

Hey gorgeous, you’ve got this!

Your story is worth telling.

At Vegan Sisters, we believe that promoting diversity is the key to shaping a more positive future and what better way to empower people than by giving them the opportunity to contribute their voices and be heard?

Or in this case, be read.

More vegan voices means higher representation and that can only spell good news for the animals and the environment.

Every voice deserves to be heard, you just have to find the right platform for your style of writing.

Join our online community of vegan writers for feedback and support!

become a writer with the vegan sisters content writing community

can I earn money as a vegan writer

Yes, yes, yes! It’s entirely possibly to make money as a vegan writer.

There are so many ways to earn an income, including journalism, printed literature, and content creation for ethical businesses.

So how you can align your career with your values and earn enough money to live a life of luxury?

Well, let me tell you how I did it…

my career as a freelance vegan writer

How I did it

Trying and failing (at first)

When I quit my job to travel the world in 2017, I desperately tried to find work as a remote writer but it was a struggle to find any paid work at all, let alone jobs suitable for a vegan.

I thought that finding work would be a piece of plant-based carrot cake; I was a decent writer and I’d had plenty of work experience in communications and journalism.

Silly me for being so naive.

I rarely got a reply to my job applications and competing against other writers on Fiverr and Upwork was incredibly draining.

I mean, who offers their writing services for 0.01 cent a word?! How can I compete with such low fees when I need to earn a sustainable income? 

Besides, I knew I was worth more than that.

learn how to become a vegan writer with the vegan sisters

I realised that I needed to take matters into my own hands and find another way into freelance writing.

It took a while but I eventually found my path and now I have more work than I need! Plus, I get to work entirely for vegan businesses.

Content strategies

Ok, you can stop bragging now Alice, how did you do it?

With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…well, minus the blood.

It was hard work because I was entirely self-taught and, in the beginning, had no idea what I was doing.

But after a lot of graft, Lucy and I developed a tried and tested technique that has successfully found us our ideal vegan clients.

And now we want to share it with you.

Yes, you!

Why? Because we want to empower more vegans to help change the world.

Plus, vegan businesses are popping up everywhere and Lucy and I can’t write for them all!

These businesses need YOUR help to make them grow their online presence and to connect with more vegans across the world.

Keep reading to find out more…

how to become a vegan content writer

There’s no right or wrong answer to this but our advice would be to just start writing so you can build up a portfolio.

After that, learn everything you can.

Read articles, take out a book from your local library, network with professionals and ask them how they did it, take online content writing courses, and practice, practice, practice!

learn how to pitch to vegan editorials

Lucy and I regularly run live Q&A sessions on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for vegan writers. So, if you’re asking questions like:

  • How to pitch vegan editorials
  • How to cost yourself as a vegan writer
  • How to find ideal clients
  • How to write content that sells
  • Etc.

Then make sure you check out our lives by following/subscribing to our social media channels.

We even have special guests, such as Lucy Danziger (Editorial Director at The Beet), sharing their experience and advice.

how to win high paying clients

Are you struggling to find well-paid work as a freelance writer?

Then we want you to know: you’re worth SO MUCH MORE than 5p a word! Seriously. Stop wasting your time hustling on Fiverr and Upwork. Stop trying to compete with other freelance writers to write 2,000 words of boring copy for $50.

Stop :clap: undervaluing :clap: yourself :clap:

It doesn’t have to be this way. Honestly, we know because we’ve both been there. We tried everything we could think of to find clients that valued our time and paid us for what we were worth. And, in the end, we cracked it. Now both my sister and I regularly earn more than $1.5K per client each month. In fact, we’ve discovered that online businesses are crying out for writers and we need you guys to help them grow!

Which is why we’re opening up our FREE masterclass to demonstrate:

5 Simple Ways to Win Your First Freelance Clients…
Without hustling on Fiverr or Upwork

Learn how to find clients who will pay $1K+ for your content packages so you can hustle less and spend more time doing what you love!

We’ve only got a few seats left for our next webinar so go grab yours now!

And remember…if we can make it big as professional writers, you can – you’ve got this!

training courses for vegan content writers

Want to skip the years of blood, sweat, and tears?

Training to be a content writer will help you to quickly forge your own career; one that aligns with your values and gives you the option to work wherever, whenever, and for whoever you want.

Whether you desire the life of a nomadic writer or simply want the freedom to create vegan content from the comfort of your own bed, then our High-Earning Ethical Content Writing Course is for you.

FREE 5-Day Ethical Content Writing Challenge

And, for a limited time only, we’ve boiled our training course down to 5 easy-to-follow steps in our FREE 5-Day Ethical Content Writing Challenge.

This challenge is designed to see if you have what it takes to become a vegan writer, freelance and in-house.

In 5 days, we will teach you the basic steps we take to win high-paying vegan clients.

And it’s completely free!

Are you up to the challenge?

High Earning Ethical Content Writing Course (with 1-to-1 coaching)

Ready to launch your vegan content writing career straight away?

Our paid Vegan Content Writing: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom Course teaches you how to create winning content strategies in-depth.

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive job opportunities, group coaching, and our…

BONUS MODULE: How to find work

Oh, and as another added bonus, we’re giving away all of our templates, spreadsheets, and pitch deck (which took us YEARS to perfect) for free!

write for us at Vegan Sisters

Lucy and I started the Vegan Sisters editorial in 2019 and have been providing a platform for vegan writers to showcase their content work ever since.

Fast forward to 2021 and we’ve built a fantastic community of ethical writers who are passionate about sharing their voices to promote positive change.

Whilst we can’t currently offer paid work for our writers, we do offer backlinks to personal websites/blogs, a personalised author’s profile, and a special discount for our content writing course.

Plus, you get to join an awesome vegan community and start building your online portfolio!

Find out more information by heading on over to our ‘Pitch Us’ page.

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