21 of the Tastiest Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


21 of the Tastiest Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


Cooking the perfect vegan Christmas dinner could be intimidating, especially if this is your first time.

It might be that your favorite recipes your family used to eat were very meat-centric. You might even be cooking your first vegan meal this holiday for your special vegan guests.

Need help dealing with non-vegan family and friends? Check out our Holiday Survival Guide!

The array of foods being set on the table has to be done with some planning as holiday dinners are also supposed to add a touch of beauty, and smells, to the room. 

But don’t worry, I’ll provide you with the perfect recipe ideas to use to make a lovely and memorable vegan Christmas dinner you and your loved ones will never forget.

Want veganized classic recipes you used to eat? Need recipes that save on time? How about recipes for health-conscious guests? Don’t worry, I got you covered in this list of plant-based dinner recipes.

And a lot of these recipes are also gluten-free or can be adjusted to be easily!

Vegan Christmas Drinks

Mulled Wine

Warm your holiday season with this homemade traditional European mulled wine. This sweet and warming drink will definitely bring the holiday spirit out this festive season.

This is the best and most recommended vegan drink to add to your Christmas dinner. Bring the joy out and have a fun time with your family while sharing this over family stories, funny jokes, or light conversation.

This wine can also be known as hot or heated wine. It has a history of keeping people warm during the cold or winter season when tea wasn’t available then. 

21 of the best vegan christmas dinner recipes

With this drink’s cinnamon and ginger, you and your family can enjoy the good taste it gives you and will be beneficial to your health at the same time.

The level of sweet or fruit in this drink can be entirely up to you as each recipe is adjustable. You’ll find that the level of these ingredients tends to differ based on what the family or your guests might prefer. 

Having this wine simmer all day, whether you choose a classic wine or the non-alcoholic version, will surely add an alluring, comforting aroma to your home.

Vegan Mulled Wine Recipes


Be prepared for your more mature guests this season with a drink option that is common in European tradition, but I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love trying this. This is a perfect cocktail of wine, spirits, fruit, and spices. You can only taste the flavors when you drink this rather than the alcohol. It doesn’t matter how much I make of this recipe – it’s always gone by the end of the night! A cozy, hot drink always works wonders. 

mulled wine is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
non-alcoholic mulled wine is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


Some say the non-alcoholic version is even better than the original! The recipe replaces the wine and spirits in favor of fruit juices that balance each other out.

Vegan Christmas Appetizers & Snacks

There’s no better way to kick off your lovely Christmas dinner than with appetizers that are colorful, fragrant, and full of flavor. If you’re entertaining guests for long periods of time, it would be a great idea to have snacks ready to hold them over until dinner as well.

Here are a few of the best starters and snacks for your perfect Vegan Christmas Dinner.

Vegan Appetizer & Snack Recipes


This delicious spread or dip is great as a snack or dip. It not only tastes great, but it also looks festive. Serve as a spread for a formal hors d’oeuvre on your favorite bread or cracker topped with sprouts. If served as a snack, consider making double the amount for a dip and top it with more garnishes as mentioned in the recipe. Pomegranates added on top really highlight the festive colors of the season and add a nice crunch!

christmas guacamole is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
spicy corn soup is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


Spice up your Christmas dinner with this tasty and delicious corn soup as an appetizer. What a lovely way to add a touch of beauty to your vegan Christmas dinner with this bright yellow soup. With its low calories and high nutrition, this soup can be enjoyed by any that are watching their weight this season.


This colorful appetizer will impress any guest but it’s surprisingly easy to put together. This vegan version of a beet and cheese terrine will add more beauty to your Christmas dinner feast by using a gorgeous array of red colors. The recipe itself tastes a little sweet because of the beets and they contrast a herby, creamy filling.

beet & cheese terrine is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
fried plantains (tostones) are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


While not a traditional food for Christmas, we think this crunchy snack is a great way to mix things up a bit. It can be eaten with various sauces like garlic dip, ketchup, ranch, and guacamole. Kids might like this vegan snack and it’s a great way to introduce plantains to those who’ve never tried them before. 

Vegan Dinner Entrées

Looking for the perfect main course meals to cook for your dinner can be confusing since non-vegan dishes tend to be meat-centric. We’ve compiled a few options, including one recipe for those who prefer not to eat anything that mimics cuts of meat, meatloaves, or meat roasts.


One of the best main dishes we can recommend is the seitan turkey. This seitan recipe uses cranberries to add color and a more common flavor found in the season. This homemade delicious recipe provides you with various nutrients and has been seen as a very good meal for your vegan Christmas dinner. This is great with gravy or a cranberry sauce smothered on top.

seitan turkey is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
chickpea meatloaf is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


This tasty, easy to make, and delicious main course is a must-have this season for anyone who needs to save a little time. With all the appetizers, side dishes, and desserts on your menu, this might be a great time saver. This gluten-free vegan recipe uses chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices for a hearty dish with great texture. It also holds additional gravy options well.


A main course option to add to your vegan Christmas dinner is the maple pecan roasted acorn squash. This fun-to-eat main course is not only delicious to eat but also adds a nice smell to your home. Perfect for the vegan who hates anything that resembles meat or foods they used to eat in their past life, it can be served with different toppings to make the recipe more savory, such as tempeh bacon, vegan feta cheese, or vegan bacon bits. This recipe is also one of the most nutritious recipes in this list. If serving for a guess who is concerned about their health, consider using half the butter and adding tempeh bacon on top.

roasted acorn squash is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Vegan Side Dishes

I tend to think that side dishes are more interesting and important than the entree. Maybe that’s just me, but I usually find that during a holiday family dinner, every guest wants to try every side dish option.

It’s essential to choose a bit of variety in dishes to serve. You’ll want a classic mashed potato, some gravy, something sweet, something very savory, and something unique. 

In this list of side dishes, I present you various options that will warm the hearts of any of your vegan and non-vegan guests for Christmas dinner.

Vegan Side Dish Recipes


The good thing about this meal is that it can be served as the main course and also the side dish. This works very well as a side dish since it is sweet, buttery, and full of moisture, complimenting any entrée that might be on the drier side. 

acorn squash is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
collard greens are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


Make your Vegan Christmas dinner healthier by adding very nutritious leafy greens. The best part of this recipe is how traditional it is, adding vegan bacon bits and smoked flavoring, it makes the greens taste very mild in flavor instead of bitter. Cook them until your desired tenderness, perfect for guests that prefer a softer vegetable. 


This easy to make classic side dish recipe is a must-have this festive season. The gravy can easily be made with gluten-free flour or cornstarch and doesn’t need strict measurements. The gravy can also be eaten as a whole food just by leaving out the butter in the recipe and cooking it with whole grain flour.

mashed potatoes and gravy are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
dinner rolls are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


Feel the joy this Christmas season by adding the best dinner rolls to your dinner menu. Served immediately after baking, they are warm, fluffy, and perfectly sized single portions. For bread lovers everywhere, this is the vegan recipe for you.


Flavors of apple, whole wheat bread, cornbread, and herbs make this a sweet and savory side dish perfect for any health-conscious guest, vegan or not.

whole food stuffing is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
hasselback potatoes are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


This traditional Swedish baked potato is very easy to prepare at home and is a crowd-pleaser for your vegan Christmas dinner. Enjoy your main course with these potatoes that have a crispy exterior and a soft, buttery interior. It can also be eaten with a sauce on top that better compliments your main course. 


This casserole is an easy to make vegan Christmas recipe which looks good on the table due to its colorful ingredients. Since this recipe uses a lot of store-bought ingredients, it’s perfect for saving time on other dishes. If you have guests that prefer their vegetables smothered in plant-based cheese, this is the recipe for you.

cheesy green bean casserole is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
sweet potato mash is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


This healthy and easy-to-make mashed sweet potato is mostly enjoyed by people seeking to have a healthy side dish. Because it doesn’t use plant-based butter or cheese, it’s considered a gluten-free, whole food side dish.


This delightful dish made with vegetables is a simple recipe that adds flavor to your vegan Christmas dinner menu. Made with different vegetables and consisting of multiple colors when ready, it’s a perfect dish to beautify your dinner table and it can also be eaten with vegan cheese to add something extra if needed. Perfect for those guests that enjoy roasted vegetables and very easy to make if you have a mandoline in your kitchen.

vegetable tian is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Vegan Dessert

The best way to finish your vegan Christmas dinner is with fantastic dessert options. Classic desserts for Christmas tend to differ based on family tradition, location, and preference.

When thinking about a traditional holiday, certain recipes come to mind: German baked goods, repeating Thanksgiving pies, cheesecakes, mousse, fruitcake, decorated cookies, roll cakes, or small hand-held desserts like tea cakes.

I comprised some classic options and added an additional healthier option to suit all preferences!

Vegan Dessert Recipes


The coffee walnut cake is a fantastic choice to end your vegan Christmas dinner. With its moist and delicious layering, this cake will mostly be appreciated by coffee lovers. Make it with caffeine if everyone is in for a long night of discussion or board games. You can also use decaffeinated coffee just for the flavor.

carrot cake is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
fruit cake is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


The classic Christmas fruit cake is another amazing dessert to finish off with. Enjoyed with your mulled wine or some coffee, you’ll enjoy a medley of textures, flavors, and warming winter spices. Choose the fruits, nuts, and flour that best suits your guests, and this cake will still turn out perfectly! Great recipe for beginners and perfect to have for breakfast the next day as well.


This vegan pumpkin pie recipe is easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser. No machine is required for its preparation, it uses a ready-made crust from the store, and canned pumpkin to save on time. This is the easiest dessert recipe that everyone adores during winter.

pumpkin pie is one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes
baked apples are one of the 21 Best Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes


For your health-conscious guests, consider making this baked apple recipe from the How Not to Diet Cookbook from Dr Greger’s Nutrition Facts. Considered a whole food, gluten-free recipe, these baked apples taste and smell just like apple pie without all the added sugar and fat.

What could be a better treat this holiday than making your vegan Christmas dinner with new and exciting recipes! So, did you try any of these recipes? Let us know what you think down below.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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