Who Gives A Crap review: just a flush in the pan?


Who Gives A Crap review: just a flush in the pan?


I wasn’t sure if this Who Gives A Crap review would ever come out…but I finally got to the bottom of it when I had the chance to try their Stack-A-Tree Limited Edition box.

Here’s my unfiltered take on whether you should give a crap about Who Gives A Crap (WGAC). I’ll be getting into all the filthy details and unravelling the truth about this bamboo toilet paper brand; from the softness of its sheets to whether or not we can wipe away any doubts regarding the sustainability of its products…I guess you could call me Shit Sherlock! 

Brace yourself for a flush of toilet humour – I just can’t help but let it out of my cistern.

Let’s get bogged down in the details!



A fun and playful toilet paper with lots of extra touches and bathroom activities. There’s a rather large upfront investment but worth it considering the longevity, all the perks and the positive social impacts. Durable, textured and soft; Who Gives A Crap is gentle on your behind and on the environment!



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Toilet paper FAQs

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, growing much faster than traditional hardwood trees used for virgin wood pulp, used in many toilet paper products. It requires less water, land and time to reach maturity. Additionally, bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, as it regrows from its own root system, making it more sustainable in the long term. However, the overall sustainability of bamboo toilet paper depends on factors like responsible sourcing, production methods and transportation.

To ensure the sustainability of their bamboo toilet paper, Who Gives A Crap sources bamboo from the Sichuan region in China, supporting community-based farming. Each village has its own bamboo co-op and sends its chipped product to local pulp factories, promoting a localised and sustainable supply chain. The company is actively exploring ways to enhance environmental sustainability, including investigating local production and alternative fibres, showcasing a commitment to ongoing improvement in their practices.

For example, Who Gives A Crap now sell recycled toilet paper. And no, it’s not toilet paper made out of used toilet paper…yuck! It’s made out recycled office paper from schools and offices located near the production facilities.

The choice between recycled and other types of toilet paper is a nuanced debate and one that deserves careful consideration. It’s not always as simple as the “closed loop system equals better for the planet” narrative. Factors such as the source, manufacturing process, used chemicals, and even absorbency (which influences usage frequency) must be taken into account.

Nonetheless, opting for recycled toilet paper carries various environmental advantages. Firstly, it contributes to resource conservation by reducing reliance on virgin wood pulp, thus aiding in forest and biodiversity protection. Secondly, the production of recycled toilet paper is generally more energy-efficient and water-conserving compared to its virgin paper counterpart.

If you’re trying to decide between recycled toilet paper and bamboo toilet paper, Who Gives A Crap have created a really useful comparison table:

Recycled vs. bamboo!

Not necessarily. If they’re wrapped in single use plastic, then yes. But Who Gives A Crap individually wrap their toilet roll in recycled paper.

Why wrap toilet paper in anything at all?

Well, it’s important for hygiene reasons and to keep the loo roll from getting…dare I say it…moist (I really hate that word 😂)! Wrapping multiple toilet rolls together would require much thicker paper, which would equate to the same amount of paper used to wrap them all individually.

Anyway, the wrapping paper looks fab and is really easy to remove without causing any damage, so you can use it for origami sessions, make a paper aeroplane or wrap birthday presents in it!!

What is Who Gives A Crap?

Who Gives A Crap, a toilet paper brand, had an amusing start when co-founder Simon refused to move his bottom from a toilet in a cold warehouse until enough pre-orders were secured in 2012, ultimately raising over $50,000 within 50 hours.

Evolving from its initial bamboo toilet roll, the brand now produces toilet paper, tissues, and kitchen roll from recycled office paper. They even offer reusable sponge cloths made from plant-based cellulose and repurposed cotton.

As far as I’m aware, they’re also, surprisingly, the first toilet paper brand that embraces potty humour as part of their brand voice. They also do incredibly funny and cute adverts:

Perhaps the most admirable thing about their brand is that they donate 50% of their profits to WASH charities and community-based initiatives. And their commitment extends to continuous improvement, as reflected in their rising B Corp score from 101.1 in 2016 to 125.5 today!

Oh and Who Gives A Crap are 100% vegan! Their glue is made from starch and water and they only test their products on human bottoms 🍑  

But what about their toilet paper, is it any good? And what qualifies me to review it?

But(t) why should you trust my review?

For starters, my commitment to a high-fibre, vegan diet ensures that I’m not just a casual user of toilet roll…

To provide an in-depth review of Who Gives A Crap’s bamboo toilet paper, I did the following:

  • Used the toilet paper for over a month to observe its performance
  • Researched feedback from the media and hundreds of users to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their experiences/feelings
  • Participated in all of the additional activities provided by the wrapping paper and delivery box, including making a TP Christmas tree!
  • Developed an exclusive rating system, harnessing key criteria such as durability, sustainability, impact, absorbency, delivery and packaging, affordability and joy (you can see what I scored WGAC at the bottom of this review)
Alice is kneeling in her living room and holding an open cardboard box full of Who Gives A Crap toilet roll. She's getting ready to do a review! It's Christmas themed

Alice's Who Gives A Crap Review

Quality, texture and performance

Don’t you just hate it when toilet paper disintegrates or tears mid-wipe? 

It’s a bit crap (or a lot of it, if you’ve just done a number 2)!

That’s why, regardless of its eco credentials, quality and texture of the toilet paper has to be up to scratch…or wipe! Fortunately, Who Gives A Crap delivers on both fronts. Soft, sturdy and reliable, the 3-ply bamboo toilet paper makes each wipe a smooooooth operation.

They’re certainly not as soft as some of the extra plush virgin tree pulp brands BUT they’re the softest eco-friendly brand I’ve tried. The gentle dimpled texture, which apparently increases the softness and absorbency, is not at all rough against the skin.

A roll of toilet roll. You can see the dimpled texture of the soft and absorbent layers of Who Gives A Crap's 3-ply toilet roll.

Talking of absorbency, this toilet paper does a pretty good job at soaking up all of those bodily fluids, from casual drips (number 1) to the more dramatic moments (number 2) and even stands up to the challenges of menstruating days.

The only thing it won’t absorb is your joy, which comes in abundance thanks to the quirky rhymes on the toilet wrapping paper and the amusing links shared at the end of a loo roll; this toilet roll is no party pooper!

An example of the toilet humour on the individually wrapped WGAC toilet roll. It says "Deck the halls with rolls of TP, Fa la la la la (altogether now) la la la la"


Aside from the recycled paper that individually wraps each roll (which I have addressed in the FAQs above), Who Gives A Crap gets delivered in a large recycled and recyclable cardboard box.

It’s a bit cumbersome if you have lots of stairs to carry it up in your home but it’s worth the effort. Once you’ve unpacked your toilet roll, you discover all of the additional features and activities that makes Who Gives A Crap so much fun!

Alice is opening her box of WGAC and has taken out a single loo roll. She looks happy because it's like a Christmas present!

Their Stack-A-Tree Limited Edition is packed full of cut-out Christmas decorations, including baubles and a wreath! Alternatively, you could just recycle it…but where’s the fun in that?!

An open recycled cardboard box that was used to deliver WGAC toilet paper. The box is green and festive, with cut-out Christmas decorations and little poems and messages full of festive cheer!

Whilst Who Gives A Crap have tried really hard to eliminate plastic from their products and manufacturing, they currently still use plastic packing tape. However, they are actively working on making their entire supply chain 100% plastic free. For example, in 2019, they removed their oxo-biodegradable plastic inserts from the top of their tissue boxes and stopped using this material to wrap their supermarket six-packs as well.

Cost (and longevity)

The only downside (at least for me) is the upfront cost of a bulk order of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper. However, whilst the initial investment might seem substantial, I find solace in the fact that this bulk delivery approach contributes to reduced transport emissions. Moreover, the cost per sheet isn’t significantly higher than conventional supermarket brands and the abundance of sheets per roll ensures long-lasting value.

Two rolls of toilet paper: one upright and one on its side so you can see its bottom. You can tell that the toilet roll is very thick, with lots of sheets.

You will need to work out where to store all of the toilet paper though  😂  Luckily, this edition could be transformed into a Christmas tree! I even made little mini trees in each of my bathrooms – complete with a cheeky gingerbread person bum 🍑 

A large quantity of loo rolls, all piled up on a bed with a fluffy bedcover. You can see an electric piano with a potted fern and some sheet music in the background. There's also some ivy hanging from the bed post, as well as a few photographs of Alice and her friends and family. The sunlight is sending beautiful beams of light through the open blinds.
A TP Christmas tree made out of stacked toilet rolls
A mini Christmas tree made from WGAC

Manufacturing and delivery

Who Gives A Crap faced criticism for producing their bamboo toilet paper in China. According to their FAQs, they assert a misconception about Chinese production and reassure their customers that they work closely with producers to maintain high standards and processes. This setup apparently allows for eco-friendly packaging materials and cost-cutting benefits.

More recently, the brand has begun to move production locally. They argue that their international growth has enabled them to explore new options to work with local supply chains and manufacturers to provide quality, environmentally responsible products at competitive prices.

It’s always challenging to discern greenwashing claims but my impression is that Who Gives A Crap clearly listen to and actively engage with the concerns of their customers, demonstrating a commitment to optimising their business for environmental impact reduction.

Brand personality and humour

I think what I love most about Who Gives A Crap is all of the little extra touches. From the cheeky jokes on the packaging to the ingenious end-of-roll activities, they’ve managed to turn the mundane act of replenishing toilet paper into a source of amusement. It’s a brand that doesn’t shy away from embracing humour in the most unexpected places, adding a touch of joy to an otherwise ordinary and ahem…crappy experience.

I mean, which toilet paper brand encourages you to make a tree out of toilet paper instead of making toilet paper out of trees?!

Alice is building her The Stack-A-Tree Limited Edition Who Gives A Crap rolls into a Christmas tree just outside of her bathroom.

Where to buy Who Gives A Crap

You can buy Who Gives A Crap direct from their website and set up flexible 24 and 48 roll subscriptions, which can be changed at any time.

Get £5 off your first toilet paper subscription with this discount code: TP4EVA
T&Cs: One-time discount valid for new subscribers. Offer can’t be used together with any other discount codes

Vegan Sisters verdict

A fun and playful brand that gets the little things just right; it’s all the extra touches that make Who Gives A Crap so awesome, be it the end-of-the-roll activities or the build-your-own toilet paper Christmas tree!

The upfront investment is a little on the pricey side but, when you take into account the impact of switching to a sustainable toilet paper brand AND you discover that they donate 50% of their profits, those extra pennies seem more like a wise investment in a better world. Plus, the cost per sheet isn’t significantly higher than conventional supermarket brands and the abundance of sheets per roll ensures long-lasting value.

The thickness and quality of the toilet paper is fabulous. Durable, textured and soft; Who Gives A Crap is gentle on your behind and on the environment! Plus, I rather enjoy the umm…regularity of a toilet paper subscription.

Enjoyed my review? Why not check out my favourite eco-friendly bathroom products?

Who Gives A Crap review ratings

Social impact

Do your bit for the environment...and your bum!

Who Gives A Crap Discount Code

Get £5 off your first toilet paper subscription with this discount code: TP4EVA
T&Cs: One-time discount valid for new subscribers. Offer can’t be used together with any other discount codes



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