Here Are The 9 Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes


Here Are The 9 Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes


Burnt your baked beans again? Put that saucepan down, right now… Try one of these incredible online vegan cooking classes!

We’ve scoured the internet and pulled together all of the top virtual vegan cooking courses we could find and reviewed them, just for you! Well…also to feed our insatiable appetite for new vegan cooking skills and recipes. 

Let us first answer some important questions about online vegan cooking courses…

For all round vegan cooking we recommend following Forks Over Knives vegan cooking course where you’ll learn everything from knife skills to meal planning. If you are planning on becoming a vegan chef then you may want to consider Rouxbe’s Plant Based Certification which is taught by Chad Sarno (one of the Wicked Healthy brothers)! 

What we love about all the cookery courses that we have covered here is that they are 100% vegan, meaning you get to support actual vegan businesses and/or chefs whilst learning to cook delicious plant-based food. 

Moreover, we’ve chosen these particular courses based on their good reputation, popularity, and range of skills and cooking techniques they will teach you. We are sure you will find something you love on our list of virtual vegan cookery courses!

Here are the best online vegan cooking classes

forks over knives online vegan cooking course
Photo credit: Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

The courses on Forks Over Knives will take you through everything from knife skills, to cooking methods, and meal planning. 

Forks Over Knives, known for their documentary aired on Netflix alongside What the Health and Cowspiracy, have created their own online recipe platform and online vegan cooking classes.

If you are looking for courses that feature more well-known chefs from around the world, with the ability to receive credits from the American Culinary Federation, then this is the course for you. 

Features of Forks Over Knives Course

How much does it cost?

Their most comprehensive course costs $249.99 and their essentials course is just $99.

vegan food made on veecoco online vegan cooking courses
Photo credit: Veecoco


Veecoco has one of the widest ranges of cuisines that you can learn out of all the online vegan cooking courses that we’ve found.

With over 400 lessons, they will take you through cuisines from vegan Italian to plant-based Korean. And will teach you skills such as how to cook tasty raw food, bake sourdough, or create delicious and decadent vegan desserts

The best part?

You don’t have to pick just one course! Once you pay for your access you can take any of the courses that you’d like, whenever, and wherever you want! You’ll elevate your vegan meals in no time.

Read our full Veecoco Review here.

Features of Veecoco’s Online Vegan Cooking Courses:

How much is membership?

Only $297 per year or $35 per month for full access to all of their courses.

Veecoco Discount Code

Get 50% off eligible Veecoco offers with discount code: ALICE

vegan gyoza made on rouxbe plant based certification course
Photo Credit: Rouxbe

Rouxbe Plant Based Certification

This course is led by Chad Sarno (one of the Wicked Healthy brothers) and is used by food establishments all over the world to train their plant-based chefs.

Rouxbe has a very big reputation and is well-known in the cooking industry. Not all of their courses are plant-based, but the plant-based certification course is 100% vegan.

It’s VERY THOROUGH and highly revered. What’s more, it is taught by one of the biggest vegan chefs out there!

So what you’ll learn with Rouxbe is professional vegan cooking, perfect for anyone beginning their cheffing journey.

Features of Rouxbe Plant-Based Certification

How much does it cost?

As it is a fully accredited culinary school-style course, it is pretty pricey, at $1,299.99. But worth it for budding chefs and you can pay in instalments!

untitled 1 768x512 1 Here Are The 9 Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes
Photo Credit: Rouxbe

Rouxbe Vegan Desserts

Do you enjoy baking? Well, this sweet and delicious vegan online cooking course is taught by the fabulous Fran Costigan and focuses in on baking incredible plant-based desserts. Fran has been instructing vegan home chefs and professionals for over 20 years, so you’ll be safe in her (virtual) hands!

Based on Fran’s Vegan Baking Boot Camp, the Essential Vegan Desserts is a 90-day online course. It aims to give you the know-how to create quality egg- and dairy-free desserts with confidence!

Features of Rouxbe Vegan Desserts

How much does it cost?

The course is priced at $499.99

vegan sandwich made on brownble course
Photo Credit: Brownble


My Brownble is a plant-based cooking and lifestyle program with over 350 videos.

They have been on the virtual vegan cooking scene for quite some time, so it is no surprise how large their library of plant-based recipe learning is!

You can learn anything from vegan cheese fondue to seitan fajitas and tofu lasagna. They also have breakfast and brunch recipes, alongside staples and side dishes. 

Features of Brownble

How much does it cost?

You can buy lifetime access to all their courses for a bundle price of $329 (or split payments of $87 per month for 4 months). Individual courses are cheaper than this.

shojin now
The Japanese Ramen Master. Photo credit: Shojin Now

Shojin Now

Guess what…now you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to be taught how to make traditional ramen – veganised!

Shojin Now has launched their online Japanese vegan cooking school so we can all learn how to cook delicious plant-based Japanese food.

They currently have courses on vegan ramen, sushi, and miso soup. They range from 1 to 14 day courses.

And who doesn’t love vegan ramen and sushi!

Features of Shojin Now's Online Courses

How much do the courses cost?

A 1-day course will cost around $22.80 and the 14-day courses cost $236.40.

a colourful plant based asian dish by the happy pear
Photo Credit: The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear

This well known Irish duo, The Happy Pear, are two plant-based brothers with their own restaurants, YouTube cooking channel, and large social media following. We are sure you’ve probably stumbled across a half-naked photo of them holding a cute puppy somewhere on Instagram.

Anyway, they are super popular in the plant-based world and so it is no surprise that they’ve got their own online vegan cooking courses

They now have a number of different courses aimed toward different chronic health problems, addressing areas such as gut, heart, and skin health. Each course takes you through the cooking basics and will teach you a bunch of suitable tasty vegan recipes, including burgers, pasta dishes, quick easy dinners, and baking. 

Features of The Happy Pear Course

How much does it cost?

Their course is just €150

a beautiful vegan pasta dish by food future institute online learning platform
Photo Credit: Food Future Institute

Food Future Institute

The Food Future Institute is the brainchild of Matthew Kenney, master of raw food, named America’s Best New Chef by Food and Wine Magazine and twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the James Beard Foundation. Having eaten at a phew of his restaurants we can confirm that you’ll want to learn his secrets!

FFI’s Foundation: Phase I Culinary Program aims to teach participants to enjoy cooking food that is good for their bodies whilst being in harmony with the planet.

With over 100 visual lessons, including videography, photography, infographics, and unique recipes, there’s plenty of great stuff to learn on this online plant-based cooking course.

Features of Food Future Institute

How much does it cost?

The course is $350 for lifetime viewing access, although students will have 1 year to take advantage of the student support, feedback, and grading

a vegan kid making a dish for tiny green chef
Photo Credit: Tiny Green Chef

Tiny Green Chef

We’ve mentioned a lot of online vegan cooking courses and programs here, but we’ve yet to mention one that is catered 100% to kids!

Tiny Green Chef is perfect for anyone looking to teach their kids great eating habits and get them to love cooking and eating tasty vegan food!

They teach kids the basics of vegan cooking with the help of Azizi’s children, Kaja and Kamilla. They also have kitchen skills lessons and fun science experiments to take part in.

Features of Tiny Green Chef

How much does it cost?

The program is priced at $99 (normally $249)



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