Italian Vegan Travel Phrases (Make Travel Easy!)


Italian Vegan Travel Phrases (Make Travel Easy!)


Print these out or copy and paste them into Google Translate to hear the pronunciation!

The Italian Vegan Travel Phrases

1. I am vegan.

Sono vegano (m). Sono vegana (f).

2. I do not eat seafood, fish or meat.

Non mangio frutti di mare, pesce o carne.

3. I do not eat eggs or dairy products.

Non mangio uova o latticini.

4. I do not eat any animal products (no honey, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, fish or seafood).

Non mangio nessun prodotto di derivazione animale (non mangio miele, latte, burro, formaggio, uova, carne, pesce o frutti di mare)

5. Please remove the ________.

Per favore, potrei averlo/averla senza:

  • Cheese
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Egg
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seafood
    Frutti di mare
  • Mayonnaise
  • Animal fat
    Grasso animale, strutto (lard)
  • Gelatine
    Colla di pesce (isinglass)

6. Is there any ________ in this?

Questo piatto contiene ________ ?

7. Do you have any vegan options?

Avete delle opzioni vegane?

8. Please use vegetable oil instead of butter/animal fat for cooking.

Per favore, potrebbe usare l’olio vegetale al posto del burro.

9. Do you have any plant-based milk (soy, almond, oat, coconut, etc.)?

Avete del latte vegetale (soia, mandorla, avena, cocco)?

10. Do you know any vegan restaurants near here?

Conosci ristoranti vegani qui vicino? (informal ‘you’)
Conosce ristoranti vegani qui vicino?
(formal ‘you’)

11. Is this product made from animals (leather, wool, silk, cashmere, fur, etc.)?

Questo prodotto è fatto con pelli o tessuti animali (pelle, lana, seta, cashmere, pelliccia)?

12. Is this made from fake fur?

È di pelle sintetica?

13. I only want vegetables, please.

Voglio solo le verdure, per favore.

14. No (whipped) cream, please (when ordering ice cream or espresso)

Senza panna, per favore

Eco-Friendly Phrases

15. Could you please pack the leftover food in this container?

Potrebbe incartare gli avanzi in questo contenitore, per favore?

16. Please do not give me a straw.

Senza cannuccia, per favore.

17. I would like to use my own cutlery, thank you.

Vorrei usare le mie posate, grazie.

18. Please could you fill my bottle with drinking water?

Per favore, potrebbe riempire la mia  bottiglia con acqua potabile?

19. I would like to use my own cup/bottle, thank you.

Ho la mia tazza/bottiglia, grazie.

20. I would like to use my own bag, thank you.

Ho la mia busta, grazie.

Giulia Milazzo

Giulia Milazzo

Giulia doesn't remember a time in her life where she hasn't loved animals, but she only started her plant-based journey quite recently. Originally from Rome, Italy, she moved to London over a year ago to pursue a career in book publishing. She spends her days trying out new vegan recipes and raising awareness on climate change.

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