Serbian Vegan Travel Phrases (Navigate Serbian Cuisine)


Serbian Vegan Travel Phrases (Navigate Serbian Cuisine)


I’m vegan

Ja sam (m) vegan/(f) veganka [pronounced: ya sam veh-gan-kah].

I do not eat…

Ja ne jedem… [pronounced: ya ne yeh-dem]

…meat – meso [pronounced: mess-oh]

…fish – ribu [pronounced: ree-boo]

…eggs – jaja [pronounced: ya-ya]

…dairy products – mlečni proizvodi [pronounced: mlech-nee proyz-voh-dee]

Do you have plant-based milk?

Imate li biljno mleko? [pronounced: im-mah-tay lee bil-nyoh mleh-koh?]

Does the pasta contain egg?

Ima li u testu jaja? [pronounced: im-mah lee oo test-oo ya-ya?]

Does the soup contain meat?

Ima li u supa mesa? [pronounced: im-mah lee oo soo-pah mess-ah?]


Da/ne [pronounced: dah/neh]

Excuse me, is there animal fat in this food? 

Izvinite, da li u ovoj hrani ima životinjske masnoće?

Please use vegetable oil instead of butter or fat for cooking. 

Molim vas da za kuvanje koristite biljno ulje umesto putera ili masti.

Can I have this dish without cheese or with vegetable cheese?

Da li mogu dobiti ovo jelo bez sira ili sa biljnim sirom?

Do you know any vegan restaurants near here?

Da li znate za neki veganski restoran u blizini?

Excuse me, do you have any vegan options?

Izvinite, da li imate nekih veganskih opcija?

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