Dress in Style With Our Vegan Clothes Guide


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Dress in Style With Our Vegan Clothes Guide

Table of Contents

Most high street clothing shops are now home to ‘fast fashion’, meaning their clothes are made quickly and cheaply, often by low paid staff in third world countries.

The demand for new clothing every season is taking its toll, so it is now even more important to buy sustainable vegan clothing. 

See below for some of favourite and most amazing vegan clothing brands to support!

Is our vegan clothing guide behind the trends? If you think we are missing something from this guide then drop us a message.

Vegan Clothing


What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing doesn’t use any animal-based products or materials. For example, leather, or suede.

Vegan alternatives to these will use natural materials derived from plants and fruits. 

Moreover, vegan clothing can also include clothing that has a message on it. For instance, a t-shirt with a vegan brand name on it, or a slogan like ‘plant-powered’.

Sometimes these items of clothing also help to contribute to a vegan cause, like animal activism.

Are high street clothes vegan?

The unfortunate truth is no, high street clothes most often are not vegan even if they say they are.

Why’s that?

Well, not only do most high street stores underpay their workers, they are all using ‘greenwashing’ techniques to get consumers to turn a blind eye to what is really going on.

By following trends and providing ‘vegan’ clothing, doesn’t always mean they’ve aligned their values 100% with veganism. They are often in it for the profit. Just take a look at the accusations towards H&M.

Is Vegan Clothing Expensive?

It can be, but that depends on where you shop and what kinds of materials you want to buy.

Organic materials are better for you and the planet, but they do come at a higher cost.

There is a lot of vegan clothing that relies heavily upon cheap plastics or non-organic materials, this can be a lot cheaper. But not sustainable.

It is important to invest more into less, wear clothes for longer, and do swaps where needed, rather than contributing to fast fashion. The brands we discuss here are sustainable and vegan.

The Best Vegan Clothing

Wolven Threads (International)

Recycled Boho Fashion

We LOVE everything about Wolven Threads, from the designs to the materials.

The clothing is really trendy and eye catching, but the biggest plus for us is that they do all of this whilst using recycled plastic materials.

Who knew you could look so good in plastic?!


WAWWA (International)

Recycled Unisex Streetwear

What we really love about WAWWA is how inclusive it is, all of the clothing is modelled on both women and men and isn’t bound to one gender category on the website.

This streetwear is both cool and great for the planet.

SSXXIecom 91 1800x1800 Dress in Style With Our Vegan Clothes Guide

Vegan Outfitters (UK & EU)

Clothes With A Message

This is for all the vegans who love putting themselves out there. Vegan Outfitters are THE online clothing store for clothing with a message.

They have a wide range of clothing options, from t-shirts to hoodies, all with vegan messages written on them. We love the Herbivore t-shirt below for more subtle messaging.

Nakota Tuwa (International)

Socially Responsible Clothing

Designed and made in Sri Lanka, these clothes are lovingly handmade by local seamstresses. They are paid a salary that they deserve, plus their profits help to feed local villagers.

The clothes are made using earthy colours and can fit all sizes and shapes. We love how adaptable each piece is, they can be worn in many different ways to suit different occasions. 

vegan clothing by nakota tuwa

Nudie Jeans (International)

Organic & Sustainable Denim

There’s two kinds of people in this world. Those who wear their jeans even though they have a gaping whole in the crotch, and those who throw the jeans straight into the recycling as soon as a tear emerges.

Well guess what, now you don’t have to be either of these! Nudie Jeans are embracing a circular economy, they’ll repair your jeans for FREE!

Plus, their jeans are truly made to last. They use organic and sustainable materials to make their jeans, and each pair comes with a vegan patch!

Wearth (UK)

Online Eco Marketplace

Wearth is one of the largest vegan and ethical online marketplaces.

They have a great range of vegan clothing from UK brands, meaning you can shop local, online!

Think of Wearth as the vegan ASOS.

Immaculate Vegan (International)

Luxury Fashion Marketplace

Much like Wearth, Immaculate Vegan is an online vegan marketplace. But they focus much more on the high end fashion items, so you could be spending £200+ on a handbag here.

But all items they advertise on their store are vegan and they are focused on stocking sustainable materials, like cactus leather.

Immaculate Vegan stocks items that are made to last and help you to look like you’ve just walked off the catwalk, vegan style.

neu nomads cropped tencel vegan silk palazzo trousers multiple colours 28072116256881 1000x Dress in Style With Our Vegan Clothes Guide

Plant Faced Clothing (International)

Ethical Streetwear

Another online store that is spreading the vegan message on its clothing items.

Plant Faced Clothing have a streetwear style, meaning you can look trendy and cool whilst doing your bit for the animal activist cause.

vegan clothing t shirts plant faced clothing kale em with kindness tee black 100 organic cotton t shirt 24937364621 grande Dress in Style With Our Vegan Clothes Guide

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