A Vegan Gift For Every Occasion


A Vegan Gift For Every Occasion


Looking for the best vegan gifts for a family member, friend, or loved one? Then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite vegan gifts that you can buy online.

Luckily for all the vegans out there, we no longer have to hide our emotions as we open up yet another vegan cookbook by some Z-list celebrity or we get another pair of socks that are actually made of wool.

We appreciate the thought and time that goes into present buying. But it can go SO wrong! 

Therefore, we present the ultimate vegan gift guide.

– happy gifting!

Who is our vegan gift guide for?

You may have landed here for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a vegan friend or relative and you have no idea what to buy them
  • You are vegan and looking for gift ideas to send to your family and friends
  • You are looking to buy yourself a gift (go you!)
  • You are just generally clueless about gifting

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together our favourite gift ideas that will please any vegan, or non-vegan alike!

What are good vegan gifts to buy online?

There are now SO many vegan-friendly presents that you can buy on the internet. Everyone is selling something. So how do we know what is worth buying? 

You can check out the reviews, but make sure to look out for websites that use an external review site for their products (like Trustpilot) as they are much more trustworthy and less likely to be rigged.

Where can I buy vegan gifts?

We recommend buying directly from online vegan businesses, when possible. You can usually do this from their websites, Etsy, Facebook shops, etc. Try to use Amazon as a last resort, because they take profit from smaller hard-working companies.

Our vegan gift list below features plenty of 100% vegan businesses as well as businesses who are helping further the vegan cause in their own way. 

What is a good gift for a vegan?

Well, let’s begin with what isn’t a good gift for a vegan – anything that contains animal products, or is made unethically, and/or unsustainably.

This includes food items that may contain dairy, eggs, honey, meat, etc. And also, if you buy clothing that is made of wool, leather, suede, silk, animal-based glue, etc.

So, a good gift for a vegan is a vegan gift! 

But what do vegans like?

Have a think about your vegan giftee, what kinds of things do they enjoy doing? Have they ever mentioned wanting to try something? What makes them happy?

Are they a chocolate lover? A keen cook? Do they like wearing make-up? Are they always wearing the latest fashion trends? 

We’ve organised the presents into handy categories so you can find the ideal vegan gift based on things they like or their personality. 

Here are the best vegan gifts

We want to take the challenge out of vegan gifting with these simple gift categories. So, what does you vegan giftee enjoy?

Vegan food & drink gifts

For all the budding vegan chefs and those who are just keen foodies and drinks enthusiasts.

veecoco vegan cooking school

Online cooking course

You may have already read our Veecoco review and seen them come out top in our vegan cooking course guide. With over 23 courses and 800+ lessons to choose from, your vegan giftee will be sure to love the Veecoco gift card.

Whether they are a budding cook, kitchen amateur, or wannabe vegan chef, Veecoco will have the class for them.

Exclusive Vegan Sisters Discount code for $9 per month subscription: VEGANSISTERS

Christmas special offer: Get 50% off any gift card with the code XMAS2023

vitamix vegan blender gift

High powered blender

When looking for a high-powered blender, you can’t do better than Vitamix.

Their blenders are simply incredible and the perfect gift for 2021. Vegans will love this nifty kitchen appliance because they will be able to make vegan cheese to their heart’s delight!

Photo credit: Pentire

Alcohol free spirits

Alcohol is fast growing out of fashion and more and more companies are bringing out beautiful alternatives too our favourite alcoholic beverages.

A firm favourite of ours is Pentire. They use plant-based botanicals to produce this flavoursome alcohol-free spirit. 

Also make sure to check out CROSSIP alcohol-free spirits.

Perfect for vegan giftees looking to introduce more alcohol-free drinking into their routine.

Vegan Health & Fitness Gifts

For all the vegan gym-goers, health fanatics, and wannabe athletes. And those who are just looking to improve their knowledge of vegan nutrition.

Protein powder

Form Nutrition is by far the BEST vegan protein powder and the perfect gift for any plant-based fitness fanatic.

Their products are 100% plant-based, super tasty, and even come in compostable packaging – with no plastic spoons in sight!

Any fitness fanatic will love this gift. It is so difficult to find a nice tasting, sustainable, and vegan protein powder, so you’ll also be giving the gift of discovering a new awesome vegan brand.

What’s more, their Superblend contains all of the vitamin B12 and iodine that you need!

Vegan Activism Gifts

For all the passionate vegans who are looking to contribute more to the cause than eating tasty vegan food and talking to their mates about their diet.

animal liberation by peter singer the perfect vegan gift

Activist book

Peter Singer wrote Animal Liberation in 1975 and this is the exact book that inspired Lucy to go vegan back in 2015.

It is great for anyone interested in ethics, animal rights, and political thought.

vegan activist gift by tines for change

Activist jewellery

Made using old seafood forks, Tines for Change create these beautiful repurposed pieces of jewellery. Perfect for your favourite vegan jewellery loving activists

surge sanctuary donation the perfect vegan gift

Animal sanctuary donation

Many vegans went vegan for the animals, and even if they didn’t, they’ll have an interest in the protection of all non-human animals. Which means that a donation to an animal sanctuary will mean a lot to any vegan giftee.

Surge Sanctuary was built by everyone’s favourite vegan activist, Earthling Ed. 

They are always in need of more help as they continue to rescue more and more animals, so a donation to Surge Sanctuary will go a long way!

Vegan Beauty & Fashion Gifts

Beauty and fashion products are no longer just for non-vegans. We’ve seen a massive rise in cruelty-free beauty products and vegan fashion brands in the last few years.

fifth origins vegan soap gift box

Soaps and scrubs

‘Bathe in the richness and natural ingredients from the lap of the Himalayas’ with these beautifully handmade vegan soaps & scrubs from Fifth Origins.

They come in a variety of scents all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging. We love the little cotton pouch & loofah they include in the box – perfect gift material! 

vegan clothing gifts by vegan outfitters
Photo Credit: Vegan Outfitters

Vegan clothing

Check out the following online vegan-friendly clothing stores:

Vegan Outfitters for basic clothing wear with fun designs and messages.

Nudie Jeans for recycled denim wear, they even use a vegan patch on all their jeans.

Immaculate Vegan for high end vegan clothing.

the ultimate vegan gift guide with vegancuts beauty box

Make up subscription

Vegan Cuts deliver monthly subscription boxes straight to your door. They make cruelty-free and vegan beauty easy. The perfect present for any vegan on any occassion!

Not only will your giftee be introduced to new vegan brands each month, they’ll also have loads of new awesome vegan beauty products to try.

The value of all the components within the VeganCuts beauty box is always greater than what you pay for your subscription. So this gift truly is the perfect way to discover new vegan beauty brands.

Get an exclusive $5 discount on your order by using code: Vegansisters

Vegan Travel Gifts

Treat your loved ones to a vegan travel gift so they can explore the world safe in the knowledge that their vegan lifestyle will be maintained.

Photo credit: Casa Mauna

Vegan hotel stay

Vegan hotels are popping up all over the place. We particularly love this place in Oaxaca, Mexico. It has the style and feel of a classy getaway with the plus of it being 100% vegan!

Vegan Outdoorsy Gifts

Does that special vegan in your life LOVE the outdoors? Then this section of the vegan gift guide is for you!

Cruelty-free compost and plant food

Sustainable and zero-waste compost and plant food for your green-fingered friends. The compost is made from eco-coir and completely peat-free; because peat belongs in bogs, not in compost!

Lucy Johnson

Lucy Johnson

One half of the Vegan Sisters, she is the Founder of SHiDO, a vegan web design studio. She is an avid cook, sharing her recipes on Edible Ethics vegan food blog.

A penny for your thoughts

I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through some of the links on this page (see full disclaimer here). But don’t worry, I’ll use the money to fund more useful articles and resources, and of course, to buy more vegan snacks to keep me fueled up. I promise not to blow it all on vegan ice cream…I’ll save some for a cocktail or two. A girl’s gotta eat (and drink)!

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